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Are You Ready to Play Outside?
by Mo Willems Details
Friends Elephant and Piggie are playing outside when it starts to rain, and then they must decide what to do.
Series -
Big Leaf Pile
by Josephine Page Details
Cleo and Clifford can't resist jumping into the pile of leaves they helped T-Bone gather, but the leaves scatter and they try to get them all back before T-Bone returns.Lexile- 190L
Series -
Big Red Reader
D.W.'s Library Card
by Marc Brown Details
After finally getting her first library card, Arthur's little sister D.W. tries to check out her favorite book, with humorous results.Lexile- 180L
Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!
by Mo Willems Details
No matter how hard he pleads and begs, the pigeon is not supposed to drive the bus while the driver is away, but pigeon tries every persuasive trick a young child knows to get you to say, "Yes."Lexile-120L
First Graders from Mars, Episode 1: Horus' Horrible Day
by Shana Corey Details
As the school year begins on Mars, Horus the Martian gets off to a rocky start, but soon discovers that first grade is not really as bad as he thought.Lexile-150L
Fly High, Fly Guy
by Tedd Arnold Details
When Buzz, his parents, and his pet fly go on a road trip and get lost, Fly Guy comes to the rescue to help them find their way home.Lexile-170L
Froggy Goes to Bed
by Jonathan London Details
Froggy finds many ways to delay bedtime.Lexile-130L
Get Well, Good Knight
by Shelley Thomas Details
A Good Knight helps three little dragons who are in bed with a cold.Lexile-120L
High Rise Private Eyes: The Case of the Missing Monkey
by Cynthia Rylant Details
While having breakfast at their favorite diner, two detectives, Bunny and Jack, solve a mystery that is not what it seems.Lexile-160L
I Can Play Soccer
by Edana Eckhart Details
A simple introduction to soccer, describing the equipment used and how the game is played.Lexile-110L
Is Everyone Ready for Fun?
by Jan Thomas Details
Chicken's cow visitors try to jump, dance, and wiggle on his couch, which is much too tiny for such exuberant activities.Lexile- 120L
Ivan the Terrier
by Peter Catalanotto Details
A terrier named Ivan keeps interrupting story hour. Ivan loves a good story. Like that one about the three bears or those three gruff billy goats. Where else can a dog find such playmates action fun...or a cookie? Ivan's own good story lands him just where he loves to be. In your lap.Lexile- 180L
Jack and the Box
by Art Spiegelman Details
Science fiction comic bookLexile-100L
Luke on the Loose
by Harry Bliss Details
A young boy's fascination with pigeons soon erupts into a full-blown chase around Central Park, across the Brooklyn Bridge, through a fancy restaurant, and into the sky.Lexile-170L
Marvin K. Mooney Will You Please Go Now!
by  Dr. Seuss Details
Suggests in rhyme a number of ways for Marvin K. Mooney to travel as long as he gets going--now!Lexile-100L
Max and Mo's First Day at School
by Patricia Lakin Details
When Max and Mo, two class hamsters, return to school and are placed in the Art Room, they use supplies found there to spell out their names for the students. Includes directions for making a nametag using household items.Lexile-110L
Minnie and Moo Go to Paris
by Denys Cazet Details
Two cow friends, Minnie and Moo, find a bus and try to drive to Paris to see the Eiffel Tower.Lexile-140L
Minnie and Moo Meet Frankenswine
by Denys Cazet Details
During a thunderstorm, the farm animals are frightened out of the barn by a monster, and only cow friends Minnie and Moo are brave enough to investigate.Lexile- 190L
Nate the Great and the Big Sniff
by Marjorie Weinman Sharmat Details
Nate the Great follows the clues to find his lost dog, Sludge, in a department store.Lexile-110L
by Syd Hoff Details
Oliver the elephant looks elsewhere for employment after learning that the circus already has enough elephants.Lexile- 180L
Rosa Loves to Read
by Diane Shore Details
Rosa loves to read when everything is quiet.Lexile-120L
See Pip Point
by David Milgrim Details
When Pip the mouse floats off with Otto the robot's balloon, Otto and Zee the Bee go to the rescue.Lexile-150L
Story County: Here We Come
by Derek Anderson Details
A farmer and his animal friends--Dog, Pig, Chicken, and Miss Cow--join forces to build a farm that they can all enjoy.Lexile- 190L
Syd's Room
by Susan Blackaby Details
Syd has a hard time deciding what color she wants to paint her room.Lexile-170L
Series -
Read It! Readers
Teach Us, Amelia Bedelia
by Peggy Parish Details
The very literal minded Amelia Bedelia becomes a substitute teacher for a day.Lexile-100L
The Bears' Vacation
by Stan Berenstain Details
The bear family goes to the seaside for its vacation and Dad tries to teach his son the rules of water safety.Lexile-160L
The Missing Piece
by Shel Silverstein Details
A circle has difficulty finding its missing piece but has a good time looking for it.Lexile-100L
The Very Busy Spider
by Eric Carle Details
The farm animals try to divert a busy little spider from spinning her web, but she persists and produces a thing of both beauty and usefulness. The pictures may be felt as well as seen.Lexile-130L
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