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Amelia Bedelia Ties the Knot
by Herman Parish Details
When she is asked to be a flower girl in Aunt Mary's beach wedding, Amelia Bedelia helps plan and prepare before the big day.
Battle in the Overworld
by Winter Morgan Details
When a TNT explosion destroys the academy on graduation day, it's up to Lucy, Jane, and Phoebe to use their training to battle the evil force that is taking over the Overworld.
Cody Harmon, King of Pets
by Claudia Mills Details
Cody Harmon loves animals--he even has nine pets--so when the school holds a pet show fundraiser, it should be his time to shine.
Cotton Candy Sally Finds a Home
by Karen Belove Details
In Council Bluffs, Iowa she was a beloved, talented quarter horse. But when Cotton Candy Sally arrived in New York City, they started calling her a nasty, sour nag. The girls at Bernadettes riding school were afraid of her, and after bucking off her riders right onto the pavement, Sally started spending more and more time alone, with her head tethered to her stall. Couldnt anyone find a way to tame her?
Dumbness is a Dish Best Served Cold
by Jamie Kelly Details
Jamie and her friends Angeline and Isabella are studying "personal finance" in school, so they decide to put their heads together and come up with a way to earn serious money by creating some kind of food--the only trouble is none of them know anything about cooking.
Gryph, the Feathered Fiend
by Adam Blade Details
The frozen wastelands of Freeshor are a cruel place, and now a monstrous bird with feathers as sharp as blades is terrorising the land! Tom and Elenna face a deadly battle in an arctic world.
Lola Levine and the Ballet Scheme
by Monica Brown Details
A new girl has joined Lola Levine's second-grade class. When they get off on the wrong foot, they are forced to spend time together ... and learn they have more in common than they thought.
Series -
Lola Levine
Movie Madness
by Carolyn Keene Details
School is out for summer and the timing is great because a movie is filming in River Heights, and Nancy, Bess, and George along with a bunch of their classmates get to be extras in a scene shot at the playground!
Never Box With a Kangaroo
by Nancy E. Krulik Details
G'day, mate! Sparky's magic bone has kaboomed him to Kangaroo Island, Australia, where he meets a puppy with no family. Wanting to help his new friend, Sparky hops into action. They visit bats, penguins, bees, and of course, kangaroos. But can Sparky help the lost pup find a real home?
Series -
Magic Bone
Return to the Ice Palace
by Erica David Details
Anna and Elsa are hosting very important guests - and what better way to impress than to show them the beautiful ice palace Elsa created high in the mountains? But their visitors get a big surprise when the ice palace is taken over by Elsa's tiny snowgies!
Series -
Anna & Elsa
Revenge of the Roach!
by Todd H. Doodler Details
When Crazy Cockroach and two dung beetle henchmen try to brainwash the children of Stinkopolis using video games, only Super Fly and his sidekick, Fantastic Flea, can stop them.
Series -
Super Fly
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