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Woof, Purr, Squeak: Books from an Animal's Perspective

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A New Arrival
by Anna Alter Details
The animals who live in the apartment building on Sprout Street have a new neighbor, Lily, who just moved in from Hawaii.
A New Friend
by Poppy Green Details
Eight-year-old Sophie Mouse is excited to return to school after the long winter break, but there is a new student--a snake--and Sophie and the other animals are afraid to sit near him, much less ask him to play with them, because they have heard snakes are awful.
Daisy the Kitten
by Jane Clarke Details
In Daisy the Kitten the little animals are taking part in a bake-off when Daisy suddenly complains of a sore mouth and paws.
Series -
Dr. KittyCat
Gnawing Around
by Marcie Colleen Details
When a few beavers come to town, the Grumpy Woods are even more grumpy than usual. These beavers are chewing down the trees and drying up their river water with a dam. For Grades K - 3. Lexile 760.
by Chris Hill Details
Lucky is a young red squirrel who was rescued from a hawk, and now must somehow make his home among the Cloudfoot clan of the larger, gray squirrels who live in the city park--and trouble is brewing for the rival gray squirrels known as the Northenders are planning an invasion.
Make a Difference
by Sarah Dillard Details
The Mouse Scouts are back for another badge. Violet, Tigerlily, and their friends are determined to earn their "Make a Difference" badge.
Series -
Scout and the Sausage Thief
by Gill Lewis Details
Meet the students at Puppy Academy a team of plucky puppies learning to be working dogs. Scout wants nothing more than to be a police dog, just like her mom and dad. But when she fails her test, Scout isn't sure she'll ever earn her badge until, that is, a sausage thief strikes. It's up to Scout to catch the culprit and save the day.
Series -
Puppy Academy
by Kate Klimo Details
A firedog from the Maxwell Street fire station tells the story of the Great Chicago Fire.
Series -
Dog Diaries
The Original Adventures of Hank the Cowdog
by John R. Erickson Details
Hank the Cowdog, Head of Ranch Security, is framed for the murder of a chicken and becomes an outlaw with the coyotes.
Series -
Hank the Cowdog
The Oval Office Escape
by Lindsey Leavitt Details
When Ava and Dean are sent to bring lunch to the mice who work in the Situation Room, they discover that the president's cat, Clover, is going to be spending a lot of time in the West Wing.
Updated 10/28/2016

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