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Disaster Diaries: Aliens!
by R. McGeddon Details
Three kids protect the town of Sitting Duck from an alien invasion.
Series -
Disaster Diaries
Fortunately, the Milk
by Neil Gaiman Details
While picking up milk for his children's cereal, a father is abducted by aliens and finds himself on a wild adventure through time and space.
by Tom Angleberger Details
When Max (Maxine Zealster) befriends her new robot classmate Fuzzy, she helps him navigate Vanguard Middle School and together they reveal the truth behind the Robot Integration Program.
House of Robots
by James Patterson Details
Fifth-grader Sammy Hayes-Rodriguez struggles to fit in when his inventor mother requires him to take her latest creation, a robotic 'brother,' to school with him to learn to become a student.
Series -
House of Robots
My Gym Teacher is an Alien Overlord
by David Solomons Details
Luke, disgruntled that his brother and friend have become superheroes, fails at solving crimes alone but when he discovers an alien plot to overthrow the world, only his sworn enemy will listen.
Space Rocks!
by Tom O'Donnell Details
Chorkle narrates the adventures of Earth children Hollins, Becky, Nicki, and Little Gus, marooned on his asteroid, Gelo, as he watches over them with his fives eyes, teaches them to fight a ferocious thyss-cat, and seeks a way to get them home.
Spaced Out
by Stuart Gibbs Details
In 2041 twelve-year-old Dashiell Gibson is a resident of Moon Base Alpha, and at the moment he is faced with a number of problems: coping with the nasty Sjoberg twins, finding out how the commander of the base has managed to disappear from a facility no bigger than a soccer field, and dealing with the alien Zan who communicates with him telepathically from afar--and who is hiding a secret which may threaten the whole Earth.
Series -
Moon Base Alpha
The Alien That Ate My Socks
by Brandon Dorman Details
Henry and his brothers Hank and Hector are simply trying to get in all the fun they can before school starts, when a purple alien monster shows up and messes up their plans.
The Junkyard Bot
by C.J. Richards Details
When George Gearing's personal robot Jackbot gets hit by a car, George rebuilds him into something amazing, only to have him disappear just as darkness threatens the town, leaving George and his new friend Anne Droid to find out what happened.
Series -
Robots Rule!
The Wild Robot
by Peter Brown Details
Roz the robot discovers that she is alone on a remote, wild island with no memory of where she is from or why she is there, and her only hope of survival is to try to learn about her new environment from the island's hostile inhabitants.
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