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24 Hours
by Greg Iles Details
For five years in a row, a trio of child abductors has been successful at "the perfect kidnapping." They strike where the child lives, the parents do not tell the police, and the ransom is paid. Now, for the sixth time, they steal a doctor's child. This time, however, they have encountered a family to be reckoned with.
America: A Jake Grafton Novel
by Stephen Coonts Details
A nuclear powered submarine is hijacked by terrorists not long after an antiballistic missile defense system satellite disappears. An attack is launched on Washington, D.C., and New York City. Rear Admiral Jake Grafton heads the rescue team.
Black Sunday
by Thomas Harris Details
To protest American policies in the Middle East, a fanatical terrorist group plots the annihilation of 80,000 Super Bowl spectators. Their prime weapon is Michael Lander, a deranged ex-navy pilot seeking revenge, and his handler, beautiful assassin Dahlia Iyad. Some explicit descriptions of sex, some violence, and some strong language.
Blue Gold: A Novel from the NUMA Files
by Clive Cussler Details
When National Underwater and Marine Agency (NUMA) investigators Kurt Austin and Joe Zavala hit a pod of dead whales during a boat race, it sets off an inquiry that leads to an eco-extortionist's plot to control the world's fresh water supply. Book 2 of the Numa Files. Some strong language.
Deal with the Dead
by Les Standiford Details
Miami builder John Deal wins a large contract but later learns of organized crime connections. He also discovers that his late father had custody of a missing fortune. Now the mob, the owner's son, and a corrupt government official are demanding payment. Violence and strong language.
by Gregory Benford Details
ong before there was time, a black hole became a wandering entity, feeding on asteroids and planets and destroying everything in its path. When it reaches the edge of our solar system, three scientists must prevent it from annihilating Earth and its inhabitants.
Force 12
by James Thayer Details
Computer billionaire Rex Wyman designs a yacht to sail strictly by computer. His programmer girlfriend Gwen Weld joins him to cross the Pacific, but once in the Bering Sea they realize that a virus is sabotaging the system. Gwen e-mails Jess MacKay, an Alaska National Guard captain, for help.
Money, Money, Money
by Ed McBain Details
A lion almost kills Detective Steve Carella when he tries to remove a woman's body from the zoo den. Carella and Fat Ollie Weeks uncover drug smugglers, counterfeit money, hit women, and Arab terrorists while pursuing the case. They also face off with the treasury department. Violence and strong language.
The Cold Six Thousand
by James Ellroy Details
Las Vegas policeman Wayne Tedrow, Jr., son of a mob-connected union leader, goes to Dallas on November 22, 1963 to kill a black gambler. Things go awry, and for the next five years Tedrow is caught up in a web of conspiracies. Explicit sex, violence, and strong language.
The Kill Artist
by Daniel Silva Details
Israeli spy Gabriel Allon is retired when he is called in on one last case. His Palestinian nemesis, Tariq, is on a mission to derail the Middle East peace talks. Gabriel enlists his former lover, French supermodel Jacqueline Delacroix, to assist him. The Gabriel Allon series. Some violence and some strong language.
Series -
Gabriel Allon
The Lieutenants
by W.E.B. Griffin Details
This is a novel about the intertwined lives of professional army men and their families from the last years of World War 2 through 1950. The action revolves mostly around Lieutenant Robert Bellmon, a prisoner of the Germans, who later escapes. Brotherhood of War, Book 1. Strong language and explicit descriptions of sex.
The Mysterious Island
by Jules Verne Details
Adventure story about five men and a dog who are carried out to sea in a balloon and land on a mysterious island. The resourcefulness of the castaways is the theme of this ingenious work.
The Virginian
by Owen Wister Details
The story of the Virginian is told by an easterner who, while visiting a Wyoming ranch, is impressed by the slow-talking, quick-witted, southern cowboy. Things heat up when another easterner arrives on the scene, the new schoolteacher, young Molly Wood.
Warrior Class
by Dale Brown Details
General Patrick MacLanahan is ready to battle shady businessman Pavel Kazakov during a mission to rescue a spy from Russia. Kazakov wants to build an oil pipeline through the Balkans. But MacLanahan's hands are tied by a new American president, an avowed isolationist. Patrick McLanahan series, Book 8. Violence and strong language.
You Only Live Twice
by Ian Fleming Details
James Bond, in Japan, is indoctrinated into some native customs before undertaking the penetration of an island fortress ruled by a villain. He succeeds against impossible odds, but only after exposure to some horrors that are not for the faint-hearted.
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