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Child of Spring
by Farhana Zia Details
In India, young Basanta struggles to accept her role as servant to a temperamental rich girl while dreaming of having a beautiful ring of her own.
Lion Island: Cuba's Warrior of Words
by Margarita Engle Details
A biographical novel about Antonio Chuffat, a Chinese-African-Cuban messenger boy in 1870s Cuba who became a translator and documented the freedom struggle of indentured Chinese laborers in his country.
Mission Mumbai: a Novel of Sacred Cows, Snakes, and Stolen Toilets
by Mahtab Narsimhan Details
Dylan, an aspiring photographer, is spending a month in Mumbai with his friend Rohit Lal and his family, but knowing nothing of Indian culture, he cannot seem to do anything right (do not hit cows!)--and the situation is made worse by the tensions within the Lal family over whether Rohit should be raised in India, which Mr. Lal's wealthy sister is pushing for.
Moone Boy: the Fish Detective
by Chris O'Dowd Details
Martin's parents are strapped for cash: it's going to be a budget Christmas this year. So Martin plans to buy his own presents - and attempts, unsuccessfully, to get a job. Set in Ireland.
One Half From the East
by Nadia Hashimi Details
In modern-day Afghanistan, 10-year-old Obayda is a bacha posh, a girl dressed as a boy. She has more freedom than she would as a girl, and makes a good friend of another bacha posh, but must find a way to remain free when she returns to life as a girl.
Sea Change
by Frank Viva Details
Follows a young boy who is reluctantly sent to spend the summer in a remote part of Nova Scotia.
Sealed with a Secret
by Lisa Schroeder Details
In the beautiful Cartier makeup compact she bought at a flea market, Phoebe finds a letter written during World War II in London, from one sister to another, which contains a "spell" for bringing people closer together, a kind of treasure hunt around London--and Phoebe could really use such a spell, because her older sister, Alice, will be leaving for university soon, and just now she seems to be cutting Phoebe out of her life. Set in England.
Somewhere Among
by Annie Donwerth-Chikamatsu Details
Eleven-year-old Emma's life in Tokyo changes for the worse when she and her American mother, who is pregnant, must move in with her Japanese grandmother the summer before 9/11 changes the world.
The 52-Story Treehouse
by Andy Griffiths Details
Andy and Terry try to solve the mystery of: What happened to Mr. Big Nose? After all, it's hard to turn in your next book when your publisher has vanished. Set in Australia.
Series -
Treehouse Series
The Black Dragon
by Julian Sedgwick Details
Talented magician Danny, who is half-Chinese, half-British, and dwarf strongman Zamora try to find the connection between the disastrous end of the circus Mysterium, where Danny's performer parents were killed, and the disappearance of his guardian aunt, who is investigating sinister gangs in Hong Kong.
Series -
The Tin Snail
by Cameron McAllister Details
A thirteen-year-old French boy tries to save his father's job by inventing a special kind of car, but it isn't easy--especially when the Nazis are planning to steal his design.
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