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Angry Birds Transformers: Age of Eggstinction
by John Barber Details
When the Transformers lose their powerful Allspark, it ends up on Piggy Island and the world of Angry Birds turns robotic! Prepare to meet the Autobirds and Deceptihogs!
Babymouse: Bad Babysitter
by Jennifer L. Holm Details
Babymouse discovers that babysitting is not as easy as it sounds
Garfield. Vol. 6
by Mark Evanier Details
This collection follows Garfield as he celebrates a New Year, ships Nermal around the world, and gets into other seasonal shenanigans!
Garfield: The Big Cheese
by Jim Davis Details
Head honcho Garfield takes charge in this latest collection of comics. The fat cat is up to his usual funny business--pestering Jon, punting Odie, and pounding down pasta--and it's a true labor of love.
Hello Kitty It's About Time
by Giovanni Castro Details
Hello Kitty and her friends are off on adventures near and far!
Minions. Banana!
by Renaud Collin Details
Minions tells the story of the loveable henchmen before they entered into Gru's employ, and charts their story through the centuries as they search for the ultimate evil mastermind to serve.
My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic. Vol. 7
by Katie Cook Details
Applejack's great granduncle, Chili Pepper, has mysteriously disappeared from his ranch, so the group heads out to Canter Creek to investigate.
Scooby-Doo Team Up Vol.1
by Sholly Fisch Details
The Dynamic Duo Batman and Robin team up with Scooby-Doo and his mystery busting friends the Mystery Inc.! Holy overactive imagination! When Scarecrow attacks using his fear gas, only humans are affected, leaving Batman, Robin and the Mystery Inc. gang trapped facing 'monsters' from their own imaginations. Now, it's up to canine crusaders Scooby-Doo and Ace the Bat-Hound to save the day!
Stinky Cecil In Operation Pond Rescue
by Paige Braddock Details
The hilarious tale of a group of amphibians (and one free-range hamster) who set out to save their tiny pond home from one very large steamroller.
VeggieTales Supercomics: Vol. 1
by Aaron Linne Details
VeggieTales presents lessons on sharing, self-esteem, bravery, and pride.
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