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123 Dream
by Kim Krans Details
Drawings of creatures and natural wonders introduce numbers from one to ten. Includes a search-and-find activity.
Be Who You Are
by Todd Parr Details
Picture book encouraging kids to be proud of what makes them unique, where they come from, and how they express themselves and see the world.
Books Do Not Have Wings
by Brynne Barnes Details
Illustrations and rhyming text reveal many fantastic things that can be found in a book, if only a reader will take it from the shelf and open it.
Buddy's Bedtime Battery
by Christina Geist Details
A little boy gets ready for bed by pretending he is a robot and "powering down".
by Lisa Wheeler Details
Illustrations and rhyming text follow dinosaurs as they race against each other in dragsters, then off-road vehicles, and finally stock cars.
Dragons From Mars
by Deborah Aronson Details
Nathaniel loves dragons and wonders if any live on Mars, so he sends an email invitation and is surprised when Molly and Fred Dragon come to stay at his house.
Fairy Felicity's Moonlight Adventure
by Alison Murray Details
Felicity follows a snail that leads her through a greenhouse, an orchard, and a garden until she finds her surprise.
Hop Along Boo: Time For Bed
by Mandy Sutcliffe Details
Belle and her rabbit, Boo, follow ballerinas, cowboys, pirates, and others on the way to their own cozy bed.
Max Speed
by Stephen Shaskan Details
Tiny speedcar racer, Max, goes on the imagined adventure of a lifetime after cleaning his room.
Old Dog Baby Baby
by Julie Fogliano Details
A rhyming picture book about a lazy old dog and a playful baby.
by Anne Marie Pace Details
Setting out to find the North Pole, an imaginative pig receives a little help from his sister.
by Patrick McDonnell Details
Caveboy Tek is obsessed with his electronic devices and ignores the world around him, until his family and friends hatch a plan to get him to unplug.
The Magic Word
by Mac Barnett Details
Paxton discovers that by saying the word "alakazoomba," he can magically get whatever he pleases.
Updated 11/10/2016

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