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1 Big Salad
by Juana Medina Details
Count from 1 avocado deer to 2 radish mice and all the way up to 10 clementine kitties - which all add up to one big, delicious salad.
20 Big Trucks In the Middle of the Street
by Mark Lee Details
Count the trucks getting stuck in a traffic jam in this rhythmic read-aloud sure to draw in kids who love everything on wheels.
Absolutely One Thing
by Lauren Child Details
Charlie and Lola choose a single treat at the store, count ladybugs, note the lateness of the time, and are introduced to other simple math concepts.
Bear & Hare: Where's Bear?
by Emily Gravett Details
Friends Bear and Hare play a game of hide and seek, counting from one to ten each round.
Bear Counts
by Karma Wilson Details
As friends Bear and Mouse share a day together, Bear counts various objects, from one to five, and the reader is invited to do the same.
Series -
Bear books
by Jan Whiten Details
Two little chooky chicks pulling at a worm. Clucky cluck, worm's stuck. What should chookies do?
Count on the Subway
by Paul DuBois Jacobs Details
Illustrations and rhythmic text describe the sights and sounds of a subway ride in New York City as a mother and child go uptown, counting their way from one to ten and back again.
Counting Crows
by Kathi Appelt Details
The reader is invited to count hungry crows as they hunt for savory snacks.
Numbers Everywhere
by Elliott Kaufman Details
A follow-up to Elliott Kaufman's Alphabet Everywhere, Numbers Everywhere reveals how digits and mathematical symbols can be revealed in the world around us. Kaufman's photographs discover numbers unintentionally created by architectural details, shadows, light and natural elements. In addition to pictures of the individual numbers, the last section includes simple math equations using the photographs to create the formulas.
One Family
by George Shannon Details
In this story that introduces numbered groups from one to ten, we realize that families can be many things.
Ten Pigs: an Epic Bath Adventure
by Derek Anderson Details
One pig looks to take a relaxing bath in private, but he is soon joined by another pig, then another, until there are ten pigs--and number one has to come up with a plan so that he can actually enjoy his bath.
The Very Cold, Freezing, No-Number Day
by Ashley N. Sorenson Details
All the numbers have frozen! Children must trace, blow on, and count the numbers to unfreeze them, and in the process, they will learn colors, seasons, patterns, and numbers.
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