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A Most Magical Girl
by Karen Foxlee Details
"When Annabel's mother abruptly leaves her with her two mysterious aunts, she is thrust into a magical side of Victorian London she never knew existed and discovers that she is the key to saving it from an evil wizard bent on destroying all good magic"-- Provided by publisher.
by Katherine Coville Details
A young girl helps her grandmother care for magical creatures.
My Diary From the Edge of the World
by Jodi Lynn Anderson Details
Spirited, restless Gracie Lockwood, twelve, of Cliffden, Maine, living in a world where sasquatches, dragons, giants, and mermaids are common, keeps a diary of her family's journey in a used Winnebago as they seek The Extraordinary World in hopes of keeping her little brother, Sam, safe against all odds.
The Dastardly Deed
by Holly Grant Details
Anastasia has barely managed to escape the nefarious clutches of C.R.U.D. when they are brought to the undergrown Cavelands, where she finds out she is Caveland royalty and her family figures into a centuries old scandal that began with the disappearance of her grandfather.
The Girl who Drank the Moon
by Kelly Barnhill Details
A young girl is accidentally fed moonlight by the witch who raises her and develops extraordinary magical powers. She must use her magic to confront the evil that emerges.
The Hidden Oracle
by Rick Riordan Details
"After angering his father Zeus, the god Apollo is cast down from Olympus. He must learn to survive in the modern world until he can somehow find a way to regain Zeus's favor"-- Provided by publisher.
The Legends Begin
by Shane Hegarty Details
"Darkmouth is the only village in the world where the fierce magical creatures known as Legends still attack--and it's up to twelve-year-old Finn, the worst Legend Hunter in Darkmouth's history, to uphold his family's legacy and save his hometown"-- Provided by publisher.
Series -
The Sliver Gate
by Kristin Bailey Details
Elric and his mother secretly care for his mentally disabled sister, Wynn, whom the villagers consider a changeling, until their father threatens to sell her, so they flee into the forest, even though Elric does not share her belief in magic.
The Thickety : A Path Begins
by J. A. White Details
"When twelve-year-old Kara discovers her mother's grimoire in the dangerous forest, she must decide if she'll use it, even though such magic is forbidden"-- Provided by publisher.
Series -
The Thickety
The Wooden Prince
by John Claude Bemis Details
Desperate to save her father, Princess Lazuli, the daughter of the ruler of a magical kingdom called Abaton, enlists the help of the automa Pinocchio and his master, wanted criminal and alchemist Geppetto, who are trying to discover why Pinocchio seems to be changing from a wooden servant into a living, human boy.
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