Internet Sites for Seniors

General Internet/Computers
bullet Learn the Net: Internet for Beginners
  Learn to surf the net, download files, enjoy multimedia and other beginning Internet skills.
bullet Guide to Buying a Computer
  What you are going to do with your computer helps determine what you purchase.
  Free online tutorials
  Learn about almost anything!
bullet Beyond Google
  Some of the best search engines as selected by EDGE Staff.
bullet StartSpot
  Simplify your search for the best of the web. Links to sites on books, shopping and much more.
Helpful Sites
bullet AARP
  Lots of information for quality silver surfing. Provides links to information on Health and Wellness, Computers and Technology, Travel and Leisure and other senior topics.
bullet Do it Yourself
  Do it yourself home projects.
bullet Consumer Reports
  Offers consumer advice and comparisons
bullet Administration on Aging
  Your site for all kinds of helpful information on aging.
bullet Southwest Missouri Office on Aging
  The local office on aging website.
bullet The Weather Channel
  Get local and national forecasts along with information about how weather affects your health, travel, sports, recreation and your home and garden.
bullet Medicare MD
  Up-to-date Medicare and related information.
bullet Medicare
  Official Medicare site.
bullet Alzheimer's Association Online
  The place to go when you need information on Alzheimer Disease.
bullet Social Security Online
  The official web site of the Social Security Administration
bullet National Institutes of Health Senior Health
  One great site for all kinds of medical information.      
bullet My Optimum Health
  A site jammed with health-related articles, healthy recipes, nutrition and fitness.
bullet Love to Know Seniors
  Interviews with experts; fashion and beauty; arts and crafts for seniors—you’ll find a little bit of everything here.
bullet Festival Finder
  Find a music festival. More than 2500 music festivals in North America are covered at the Festival Finder Web site - everything from Bluegrass to classical.
  Lots of fun and informative links for grandparents including coloring sheets and activities for your grandchildren.
bullet Expedia
  Online travel service.
bullet Garden Web
  The Internet's Garden Community.
  Play sudoku on the internet for free.
  Play lots of games for free.
bullet Meals for You
  Lots of recipes, meal plans, nutritional information and customized shopping lists.
bullet Internet Movie Database
  A huge collection of movie information.
  A website that allows users to post their own videos..

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