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Racing to Read Pinterest Board

 Have you ever gone to a Library storytime, seen an activity and thought, “What a great idea! How’d they do that?” Are the kids going stir crazy and you need a fun activity you can do at home? Hop on over to the Library’s Racing to Read Pinterest page! There you’ll find ideas for art and craft projects, sensory play ideas, simple science experiments along with some of our favorite books that are just right for sharing with your children. Follow our Racing to Read board to stay up on the latest kid-friendly ideas!

Toads on Toast

 Toads on Toast by Linda Bailey has been a big hit in storytimes with school age children (preschoolers enjoy it immensely as well). Fox is bored with his usual, "Catch a big fat toad. Bring it home. Skin it. Boil it. Eat it." He visits a bookstore for new recipe ideas and learns small toads, young and tender, are a better ingredient. Yum! Fox gets to work, lots of work, rounding up toadlets, but Mamma Toad has a different recipe - Toad in a Hole! Check out the book and cook some Toad in a Hole with your toadlets.

Galaxies and Games

 Springfield might not have its own planetarium, but kids in kindergarten to grade 5 can still enjoy a similar astronomical experience! Join us at the Library Station on Tuesday, July 19 from 2 to 4 p.m. for "Galaxies and Games." Explore stars, planets and galaxies with a trip inside the StarLab, a portable planetarium, to learn about the stars in the night sky. Our presenter will lead groups into the StarLab every 25 minutes. We'll have lots of games that allow kids to exercise their bodies, brains and skills while they wait. Children ages 3-5 must be accompanied by an adult in the StarLab. Call 882-0714.

Experience Radio Theatre

 While most audiobooks are read by a single narrator, a select few employ a multiple narrator or radio theatre format. Multiple narrator audiobooks are books read by more than one person, where radio theatre productions are veritable movies without the visual. They are performed by a full cast of actors and often include a musical score and sound effects. Diary of a Mad Brownie by Bruce Coville is an example of a fun multiple narrator audiobook, while Focus on the Family Radio Theatre, BBC Children’s Classics, and Lamplighter Theatre set the bar for radio theatre productions. These can often be more engaging than a single narrator audiobook and make cleaning or long road trips a lot more fun!