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Big Nate Lives It Up
by Lincoln Peirce
As his school's centennial is coming up, Big Nate is stuck showing the dorky new kid around.
Clones Vs. Aliens
by M.E. Castle
Twelve-year-old Fisher Bas and his clone work together to save the world after aliens disguised as twelve-year-old girls invade their town.
Series -
Lost Boy
by Tim Green
After a near-fatal car accident, twelve-year-old Ryder's mother needs an operation they cannot afford and while a new friend tries to raise funds, Ryder travels with a grouchy, disabled neighbor, from Yankee Stadium to Turner Field seeking the major league baseball player who might be Ryder's father.
Lucky Strike
by Bobbie Pyron
Nathaniel Harlow lives with his grandfather in a trailer park in Franklin County, Florida, and he has always been unlucky--but when he is struck by lightning on his eleventh birthday and survives, it seems like his luck starts to change.
Sleeping Beauty Dreams Big
by Joan Holub
Once upon a time, in faraway Grimmlandia... Sleeping Beauty who just goes by her middle name, Rose has always been a daredevil. But according to her fairy tale, after her twelfth birthday Rose must avoid all sharp objects. That isn't easy at Grimm Academy, where enchanted items can also be dangerous. Rose will have to stay wide awake to keep out of trouble-and to find her magic charm!
Series -
The Box and the Dragonfly
by Ted Sanders
Horace F. Andrews, armed with a strange wooden box, and Chloe Burke, wearing a mysterious dragonfly pendant, become entangled in a secret and ancient society striving to protect powerful devices from the evil Riven.
The Curious Cat Spy Club
by Linda Joy Singleton
Classmates Kelsey, Becca, and Leo have nothing in common--until they rescue three kittens and form a secret club to help animals.
The Curse of the King
by Peter Lerangis
Chronicles the adventures of Jack McKinley and his friends as they face their greatest challenge yet -- the long-lost Statue of Zeus.
Series -
Seven Wonders
The Secret Cipher
by Whitaker Ringwald
Jax and Ethan must decode an ancient Greek cipher to uncover the location of two magical urns before the urns are used to remove all faith and love from the world.
Series -
Secret Box Books
Witherwood Reform School
by Obert Skye
Siblings Charlotte and Tobias are trapped within a creepy reform school--and entangled in its dark secrets.
Updated 03/20/2015
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