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Appleblossom the Possum
by Holly Goldberg Sloan
A young possum strikes out on her own and winds up trapped in a human house before her brothers can rescue her.
Captain Underpants and the Sensational Saga of Sir Stinks-A-Lot
by Dav Pilkey
George and Harold and their doubles, Yesterday George and Yesterday Harold, have been taking turns going to school, but when the doubles fall prey to their gym teacher, Mr. Meaner, and his method of mind control that turns students into attentive, obedient, perfect children, it is up to original George and Harold to strike back.
Clayton Stone, at Your Service
by Ena Jones
Twelve-year-old Clayton Stone gets a taste of life as a special agent when he goes undercover as a decoy in a high-stakes kidnapping operation.
Fuzzy Mud
by Louis Sachar
Two middle-grade kids take a shortcut home from school and discover what looks like fuzzy mud but is actually a substance with the potential to wreak havoc on the entire world.
by S. A. Bodeen
Sarah Robinson and her family are shipwrecked on a remote and mysterious island. A girl they found unconscious at the beach tells them about the strange island and especially about someone called the Keeper, which has the family on edge.
Series -
Shipwreck Island
Mission Hindenburg
by C. Alexander London
With one disaster already behind them, siblings Dan and Amy Cahill and their friends have just days to discover what the Outcast's next move will be.
Old Wolf: a Fable
by  Avi
A wolf and bird must fight the starving time and find food, while a human boy learns to hunt.
Shadows of Sherwood
by Kekla Magoon
When Nott City is taken over by a harsh governor, Ignomus Crown, and her parents disappear, twelve-year-old Robyn Loxley flees for her life and joins a group of children trying to take back what is rightfully theirs in this futuristic retelling of Robin Hood.
Series -
Robyn Hoodlum
The Dragonfly Effect
by Gordon Korman
Is it a gift or is it a curse? Jax Opus can use his color-changing eyes to make people do what he wants. But soon Jax is pulled into a dangerous conspiracy devised by a mysterious group...and now they're going to make Jax do what THEY want.
The Last Ever After
by Soman Chainani
While the two former best friends are separated, villains from the past attempt to create a new realm with Sophie as their queen, leaving only Agatha and Tedros to fight against the forces of evil.
Valley of Kings
by Michael Northrop
Journeying to the Valley of Kings, Alex and Ren prepare to combat powerful Death Walkers that are causing trouble throughout the world.
Series -
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