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Adventures of Jethro and Fritz
by K.R. Feinstein
Jethro, a stray dog living comfortably at Glenwood Memorial Cemetery, notices Fritz, an unfamiliar German shepherd, settling in on his territory. Although this new dog is unfriendly at first, an unexpected hurricane causes them to seek common shelter where Fritz discloses an adventurous past including a tour of Iraq as a soldier dog.
Charmed Life: Mia's Golden Bird
by Lisa Schroeder
Mia has always loved living in southern California, where she takes every chance she gets to surf. But when she breaks her foot, Mia can't believe how bored she is!
Series -
Charmed Life
Chasing the Milky Way
by Erin Moulton
Lucy Peevey, twelve, and her best friend Cam are perfecting the robot that could win a competition, a scholarship, and a way out of Sunnyside Trailer Park when Lucy's mother goes off her medication and her manic-depressive disorder goes out of control.
Galactic Mission
by Richard Platt
Set in the year 2098, five school children have won an international competition to visit outer space and journey to the distant star system of Alpha Centauri on the spaceship Argo to find a new home. But right from the start things don't go according to plan.
How To Outrun a Crocodile When Your Shoes Are Untied
by Jess Keating
When twelve-year-old Ana's zoologist parents move the whole family into the zoo, the Sneers--the clan of carnivorous female predators in her class--have even more ammunition to make her life miserable, although she tries to act like a chameleon and fade into the background.
Invasion Of the Ufonuts
by Laurie Keller
Arnie is shocked when he hears his neighbor tell news reporters that she was the victim of an alien abduction. And not just any aliens--alien doughnuts from outer spastry.
Sylva and the Lost Treasure
by Margaret McNamara
Fairies Sylva Bell and Poppy Flower are overjoyed when they find Queen Mab's old dollhouse, but as the two friends play with it, they start to unlock its secrets and discover its special magic--a magic that has a history of putting friendships to the test.
The Land of Stories: a Grimm Warning
by Chris Colfer
After thirteen-year-old Conner returns to the Land of Stories and reunites with his twin sister, Alex, who is training to become the next Fairy Godmother, war breaks out in the fairy-tale world.
Unicorn Valley
by Rosie Banks
Ellie, Summer, and Jasmine can't wait to visit the Secret Kingdom again! When Queen Malice hides a thunderbolt in Unicorn Valley, the girls set out to destroy it so their new unicorn friends may get their golden horns.
Series -
Secret kingdom
Updated 07/24/2014
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