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Broken Angel
by Sigmund Brouwer
Caitlyn, a young girl with physical deformities, lives in a society ruled by fundamentalists and tries to escape to the "Outside" as she is pursued by the Bar Elohim group, who want to use her for experimental purposes.
Dark Moon
by Alton Gansky
Confusion reigns when an astronomy professor discovers a mysterious red stain on the moon that continues to grow until it is seen by the naked eye, and fringe groups begin to spout theories about alien invasions, while religious figures interpret the event to support their own agendas.
Fusion Fire
by Kathy Tyers
In this sequel to the best-selling science fiction novel "Firebird," Lady Firebird Angelo (Mari), who accepted Master Sentinel Brennan Caldwell's offer of pair bonding, eagerly awaits the birth of her twin sons. But her old life as a Wastling on her home planet of Netaia haunts her: her sister Princess Phoena, who hates Mari for escaping the suicide command all younger children of Netaian nobility face, will use any means to eliminate her. Meanwhile, the Shuhr, enemies of the Caldwells, step up efforts to wipe out Brennan's bloodline in order to prevent the Master Singer's (God) prophesied return of the Messiah through the Caldwell line.
by John B. Olson
In 2014, microbial ecologist and medical doctor Valkerie Jansen is thrilled to be part of Ares 10, the first manned mission to Mars. Unfortunately, the other three crew members resent her because another crew member was cut to make room for her and because she's outspoken about her Christianity. From the start, problems plague the mission, and because of high winds at the launch, a tail fin clips the tower, leaving the rocket damaged. As Valkerie begins to believe that the commander is sabotaging the ship, her fellow crew members suspect that she's developing a paranoia complex. When a bomb destroys part of their power supply, everyone points the finger at someone else. With their oxygen running out before they can reach base camp on Mars, a radical suggestion threatens the crew's stability even further, and Valkerie must rely on her faith to help her survive.
Soon: The Beginning of the End
by Jerry B. Jenkins
In the aftermath of World War III, Paul Stepola, an agent working for the National Peace Organization, is assigned to enforce the new ban on religion in order to avoid future wars, but something he discovers changes everything.
Time Lottery
by Nancy Moser
Three individuals are faced with unprecedented and potentially history-changing decisions when asked to choose between a life lived in "Alternity," and the life they've lived in reality thus far.
Updated 08/23/2011
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