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Middle Ages

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An Army of Angels: a Novel of Joan of Arc
by Pamela Marcantel
Thirteen years old in 1425, Jehanne the Maid begins hearing saints' voices that tell her she must leave her village to follow her destiny as France's military leader and savior.
Circle of Stones
by Anna Lee Waldo
Brenda, the mistress of Prince Owain of Wales, flees to her native Ireland when a prophecy insists that Owain put their son Madoc to death. Brought back to Owain's court, Brenda sees her political power grow as she uses her diplomatic skills and her druidic healing abilities to good effect.
Confessions of a Pagan Nun
by Kate Horsley
The story is written as the memoir of a nun, Gwynneve, living in fifth-century Ireland during its transition from paganism to Christianity. Gwynneve is brought up to follow Druid ways, but when monks come to convert her people, she retreats into St. Brigid's Convent in Kildare. Here she passes the time copying manuscripts, but her unorthodox opinions attract unwanted attention.
Lords of the White Castle
by Elizabeth Chadwick
In the late twlefth century, from the time he was accused of cheating at a game of chess, courtier Fulke FitzWarin has had a rivalry with Prince John. This impedes Fulke's family's quest to regain their estate. When John becomes king, his vindictiveness is far-reaching, and Fulke is forced to turn outlaw to regain his family's lands. Based on the true story of a man who may be the original Robin Hood.
Mother of Kings
by Poul Anderson
In the tenth century, Gunnhild, the witch daughter of a Norse chieftain, marries Eirik Blood-Axe, the favored son of Norway's king, and bears him nine children. The pair briefly become King and Queen of England, but in this cruel and dangerous era, no one who seizes power can ever hope to hold it for long.
Pope Joan
by Donna Woolfolk Cross
In the ninth century, as legend has it, a young woman disguised as a man claimed St. Peter's throne and served as Pope for two years. Cross's well-researched interpretation of the life of Pope Joan features a young woman, Joan of Inelheim, who is taught Latin by her brother and takes his place after he is killed in a Viking raid.
The Book of Eleanor
by Pamela Kaufman
Eleanor of Aquitaine, queen of both England and France, tells her story in the first person from prison, where she has been sent by her tyrannical husband, Henry II, for inciting her sons to rebel against him.
The Kings in Winter
by Cecelia Holland
Early eleventh-century Ireland, supposedly united under the reign of High King Brian Boru, is a land rife with blood-feuds, rebellions, and continual raids by Danish Vikings. Muirtagh, the fictional chief of the Clan รณ Cullinane, decides against his better judgment to side with Maelmordha, the King of Leinster, against Brian Boru.
The Pillars of the Earth
by Ken Follett
While the Empress Maud and King Stephen fight a civil war for England's throne, Philip, a monk who becomes prior of the fictional town of Kingsbridge, and Tom, a master builder, join forces to achieve their dream. Divisions in the community mimic the intrigues dividing all of England.
The Wreath
by Sigrid Undset
Sigrid Undset interweaves political, social, and religious history with the daily aspects of family life to create a colorful, richly detailed tapestry of Norway during the fourteenth-century.
Updated 09/30/2011
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