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Supernatural Scares: Witches, Demons, and Possession

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Black Creek Crossing
by John Saul
Angel's family moves to the quaint town of Roundtree, Massachusetts, where a charming home is available, a promising job awaits Angel's unemployed father, and most of all, the chance to make a new start beckons to the shy, hopeful teenager. But when she is shunned by her new classmates, Angel falls deeper into despair. Until she meets Seth Baker, a fellow outcast. It's Seth who tells Angel the unspoken truth about the legacy of murder that hangs over her family's home. Angel and Seth devote themselves to contacting whatever restless soul haunts the dark recesses of Black Creek Crossing. But once they have begun, there is no turning back.
Rosemary's Baby
by Ira Levin
Ignoring the warnings of an old friend, Rosemary and her husband move to an apartment in Manhattan which has been the scene of witchcraft, cannibalism, and suicide. Then Rosemary becomes pregnant under strange circumstances in a threatening environment.
Takedown: A Gavin Pierce Novel
by William G. Griffiths
Long Island detective Gavin Pierce is reconstructing his life after his harrowing battle with Krogan, an emissary of the devil. Krogan was exorcised by Reverend Buchanan and banished, with Pierce's help, into the body of a giant tortoise. But the reverend is dying, and Krogan uses the opportunity to escape his cold-blooded prison. Free at last, the ancient demon finds a human host in professional wrestler Jackhammer Hoban. The wrestling milieu provides Krogan with plenty of opportunities for aberrant behavior and a public platform on which to expound his evil message. Pierce, who'd hoped to return to the mundane world of street crime, is instead drawn into battle with the darkest forces that confront humankind.
The Demonologist
by Andrew Pyper
During a visit to Venice, Professor David Ullman, one of the world's leading authorities on demonic literature, witnesses a terror in a tiny attic room. Then his 12-year-old daughter Tess disappears before his eyes, and he must find her while confronting an unspeakable darkness along the way.
The Devil in Silver
by Victor LaValle
Pepper is a rambunctious big man, and, suddenly, the surprised inmate of a budget-strapped mental institution in Queens, New York. He's not mentally ill, but that doesn't seem to matter. On his first night, he's visited by a terrifying creature who nearly kills him before being hustled away by the hospital staff. It's no delusion: The other patients confirm that a hungry devil roams the hallways when the sun goes down. Battling the pill-pushing staff, one another, and their own minds, the inmates try to kill the monster that's stalking them. But can the Devil die?
The Exorcist
by William Peter Blatty
The Exorcist, a groundbreaking story of faith and supernatural suspense, held audiences captive and changed popular culture forever.
The Witching Hour
by Anne Rice
Generations of the New Orleans Mayfair women have possessed unusual powers accompanied by the ghost-like presence of Lasher. Separated from her family, neurosurgeon Rowan Mayfair has the powers but is unaware of her family history. When she saves the life of Michael Curry, he also obtains power and, with a historian's guidance, helps Rowan unravel the mystery of Lasher.
Series -
Mayfair Witches
by Dean Koontz
One evening Tommy comes home to find a small rag doll on his doorstep. Curious, he brings it inside. That night, Tommy hears an odd popping sound and looks up to see the stitches breaking over the doll's heart. Something terrifying emerges from the pristine white cloth, something that will follow Tommy wherever he goes. It wants Tommy's life and he doesn't know why.
Witches on the Road Tonight
by Sheri Holman
His private life shattered amid rumors of his mother's witchcraft activities, Eddie Alley leaves his Depression-era Virginia hometown to begin a television career in New York and finds the past returning years later when he offers shelter to a homeless teen.
Updated 01/03/2015
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