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Conflict and Culture: The History of the Middle East

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Auto/biography and the Construction of Identity and Community in the Middle East
by Mary Ann Fay
This edited collection uses biography as a window into the history of the Arab-Islamic Middle East. The contributors reinterpret the lives of people such as George Antonius and Doria Shafiq. This book also draws on the biographical tradition of Arab historical writing, for an understanding of the region’s social and cultural history. Interdisciplinary in scope and theoretically informed, this volume brings to light individual lives which are essential to an understanding of Middle Eastern history.
Cradle & Crucible: History and Faith in the Middle East
by Daniel Schorr
The world’s crossroads, the Middle East is the most contested and controversial area on Earth. It is also the cradle of the first great civilizations in Mesopotamia and Egypt and can be said to have given birth to human striving — and strife. Through photographs, maps, and the writings of highly respected authors, this book details the historical, political, cultural, and religious forces that have shaped the region and unravels for readers the enigma that is the Middle East.
Kingmakers: The Invention of the Modern Middle East
by Karl E. Meyer
"Eminent Imperialists" might be a better title for this sprightly episodic history of Anglo-American meddling in the Middle East, told through profiles of the officials who spearheaded those policies. Their imperialism is marked by idiosyncrasy, improvisation, unforeseen circumstances and unintended -- usually tragic -- consequences. The result is a colorful study of empire as a very human endeavor.
The Middle East: Fourteen Islamic Centuries
by Glenn E. Perry
Reflecting today's most recent findings, this enlightening book presents an even-handed survey of Middle Eastern history from the rise of Islam to the present day, beginning with a substantial account of the early centuries and then concentrating primarily on the modern, post-1914 decades. It provides concise, readable, and balanced coverage of Egypt, the Fertile Crescent, the Arabian Peninsula, Turkey, and Iran, and offers ten detailed maps and a useful bibliography of selected works to broaden readers' understanding.
Updated 12/22/2011
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