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Recession Survival Guide

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365 Ways to Live Cheap: Your Everyday Guide to Saving Money
by Trent Hamm
This book offers up a bevy of ways to cut down on costs and still enjoy a satisfying lifestyle in any situation. From practicing good gas conservation habits to learning to love leftovers, this book will help every aspiring penny pincher stop the unnecessary spending and find the fun in frugality.
60-Minute Money Workout
by Ellie Kay
Looking for long-term economic stability and not common quick-fix schemes? Discover the secrets that Ellie Kay used to deliver her family from $40,000 in consumer debt. Now a nationally recognized financial expert and best-selling author, Ellie shares her one-hour-a-week program that has made it possible to take care of her family and do it all debt-free!
An Insider's Guide to Refinancing Your Mortgage : Money-Saving Secrets You Need to Know
by David Reed
Reed, an experienced mortgage broker, evaluates the different reasons to refinance a home loan and walks through each step in the refinancing process. His approach focuses on shopping lenders and mortgage brokers for discounts on the closing costs, and finding the best lender, loan officer, and interest rate overall.
How to Cheat at Home Repair : Time-Slashing, Money-Saving Fixes for Household Hassles and Breakdowns
by Jeff Bredenberg
Instead of spending money for a pricey repair, try this one-stop, money-saving home repair guide. It's packed with sneaky tips, clever techniques, and solutions that anyone can master with the most common tools and materials.
Living Rich for Less : Create the Lifestyle You Want by Giving, Saving, and Spending Smart
by Ellie Kay
With lively humor, proven know-how, and practical principles for financial health, this book helps you stretch your dollars to realize the lifestyle of your dreams.
Updated 05/30/2015
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