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Gothic Romance

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Jane Eyre
by Charlotte Brontë
This 19th century British Novel charts the evolution of its independent titular character from young orphan to grown woman. She doesn't face off with any monsters, but takes on the adversity of social norms and expectations with zeal, and develops into the hero of one of the earliest modern novels - showing that anyone who can be themselves in a world at odds is a hero in their own right.
Morwennan House
by Janet Tanner
Even though Governess Charity Palfrey believes that Tom Stanton is causing ships to crash so that he can steal their cargo, she cannot ignore her growing infatuation with him.
by Daphne Du Maurier
Rebecca, the glamorous mistress of a great English estate, died eight months before Maxim de Winter brought a young and frightened second wife to live there. Mystery, intrigue, and violence eventually reveal the circumstances surrounding Rebecca's death in this novel of romantic suspense.
by Charlotte Hardy
Sarah Shaw arrives in the fishing port of Whitby alone and almost destitute, fleeing her abusive husband. In desperate need of accommodation and employment, she takes a post as governess in the household of John McMaster, an eminent barrister but a hard and embittered man, whose wife died giving birth to their only son. Little by little, Sarah forms a bond with her young charge, Robin, an invalid who has spent most of his short childhood indoors, in awe of his distant father. She makes friends with a local family, and dares to hope that her new life may bring happiness, even love. But Sarah is to discover, tragically, that it is not so easy to put the past behind her?
The Remedy: A Novel of London & Venice
by Michelle Lovric
Love and murder fuse the lives of an 18th-century Venetian actress and the prince of London's medical underworld.
Wuthering Heights
by Emily Brontë
This 19th century English novel, set in the wild moor country of Yorkshire, is about Heathcliff, a foundling raised in the Earnshaw home, who passionately loves Catherine. He dedicates his life to the realization of that love and revenge on those who oppose him.
Updated 08/18/2014
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