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Ages 3-5

On the Farm

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Barnyard Banter
by Denise Fleming
All the farm animals are where they should be, clucking and mucking, mewing and cooing, except for the missing goose.
Big Red Barn
by Margaret Wise Brown
The story of various farm animals and how their activities revolve around a big red barn.
Click Clack Moo: Cows That Type
by Doreen Cronin
When Farmer Brown's cows find a typewriter in the barn they start making demands, and go on strike when the farmer refuses to give them what they want.
Duck on a Bike
by David Shannon
A duck decides to ride a bike and soon influences all the other animals on the farm to ride bikes too.
Fantastic Farm Machines
by Cris Peterson
An overview of machinery used on the farm.
by Elisha Cooper
Describes the activities on a busy family farm from the spring when preparations for planting begin to the autumn when the cats grow winter coats and the cold rains begin to fall.
by Cari Meister
This photo-illustrated book for early readers explains what farmers do how they work to raise crops and animals.
Farmyard Beat
by Lindsey Craig
The sounds of the farm animals create a lively beat that keep Farmer Sue, the chicks, sheep, and other farm animals awake.
I Spy on the Farm
by Edward Gibbs
An interactive introduction to farm animals invites youngsters to make animal noises and practice color and letter recognition while peeping through a spy hole on every page and observing clues to guess which animal will be revealed next in the story.
Meet the Farmer
by Joyce Jeffries
Farmers know how to get the most out of the land, whether with crops or big farm animals. Readers learn more about the lives of these important community helpers with the help of full-color photographs and easy-to-read text.
See How They Work & Look Inside: Farm Equipment
by Johannah Gilman Paiva
See all the incredible things machines can do, from plowing the earth to harvesting crops, and learn just how cool farm machines are!
The House that Zack Built
by Alison Murray
This fun twist on the House that Jack Built follows Zack and his dog Rufus as they share a day on the farm, building a house out of blocks, before a wandering fly attracts the attention of a determined feline, inadvertently wreaking havoc.
Updated 02/26/2016
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