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Escape By Night
by Laurie Myers Details
Tommy, the son of a Presbyterian minister in Augusta, Georgia, during the Civil War, must search his conscience to decide whether he should help a Yankee soldier escape and return home. Inspired by the early life of Woodrow Wilson.
Escape From the Forbidden Matrix
by Marshal Younger Details
Dylan can't get enough of the new action-packed video game Insectoids. So he and his friend Sal are thrilled at the chance to play Insectoids for "real." In the virtual-reality Room of Consequence at Whit's End, they begin their three-dimensional adventure. But when the game gets too predictable, Dylan throws caution to the wind and starts the "forbidden matrix."
I Am: Why Two Little Words Mean So Much
by Wayne W. Dyer Details
Uses rhymes and illustrations to help children realize that they are greater than they ever imagined.
Just In Case You Ever Wonder
by Max Lucado Details
A father describes to his daughter just how much she is loved and how special she is to him and to God.
Life with Lily
by Mary Ann Kinsinger Details
Introduces Lily Lapp who, beginning at age five, finds opportunities for blessings, laughter, learning, and mischief as she explores her Amish community, welcomes a new baby brother, begins school, and spends time with family and friends.
Mary Mae and the Gospel Truth
by Sandra Dutton Details
Ten-year-old Mary Mae, living with her parents in fossil-rich southern Ohio, tries to reconcile, despite her mother's strong disapproval, her family's Creationist beliefs with the prehistoric fossils she studies in school.
New Kid Catastrophes
by Bill Myers Details
After she accidentally makes an enemy of superstar Hesper Breakahart on her first day at Malibu Junior High, thirteen-year-old TJ's troubles multiply when two twenty-third century students, who have traveled back in time to observe her for a history project, decide to help her.
Papa's Pastries
by Charles Toscano Details
Miguel sees the results of his father's faith and generosity when, although his own family is facing the oncoming winter with threadbare clothing, a leaky roof, and no firewood, Papa gives away the pastries he has baked.
Shades of Truth
by Naomi Kinsman Details
When twelve-year-old Sadie has to move away from her home in California, she wrestles with questions of faith.
The Double Dabble Surprise
by Beverly Lewis Details
When their new Korean sisters do not arrive at the airport, Abby and Carly have a mystery to solve, with God's help.
The House On Dirty-Third Street
by Jo S. Kittinger Details
A mother and daughter work to turn a hopeless, rundown, and dirty old house into a loving family home with hard work, faith, and the support of their new friends and neighbors.
The Spoon In the Stone
by Doug Peterson Details
Junior Asparagus is reluctant to help a grouchy old neighbor, until a strange book transports him and Laura to Hamalot, where they become waiters and learn what it means to serve God by serving others.
Voyage with the Vikings
by Marianne Hering Details
Beth and her cousin Patrick travel in Mr. Whittaker's invention, the Imagination station, to 1000 A.D. Greenland, where they meet Erik the Red and Leif Eriksson and witness the spread of Christianity in that country.
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