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Beach Feet
by Kiyomi Konagaya
Feel all the sensations at the beach through a young boy's feet.
Beach House
by Deanna Caswell
In simple rhyming text tells a story of a family's day at their beach house by the sea.
Exploring Summer
by Terri DeGezelle
"Color photos and simple text introduce the summer season"--Provided by publisher.
In the Tall, Tall Grass
by Denise Fleming
Rhymed text (crunch, munch, caterpillars lunch) presents a toddler's view of creatures found in the grass from lunchtime till nightfall, such as bees, ants, and moles.
It's a Firefly Night
by Dianne Ochiltree
On a warm summer night, a young girl and her daddy catch fireflies, put them in a jar to admire for a brief time, and then release them back into the moonlight. Includes facts about fireflies.
Mama is it Summer Yet?
by Nikki McClure
As spring slowly turns to summer, a little boy builds a fort and plants a garden in impatient anticipation.
See You Next Year
by Andrew Larsen
Summer vacations can be magical. Especially when you go back to the same place every year. A place where you can learn to dive under the waves. A place where digging a hole to the center of the earth seems possible. A place where nothing ever changes and where each long, lazy day unfolds just as it did the year before. See You Next Year is the story of one such place.
Summer Beat
by Betsy Franco
Two friends celebrate the sounds and sights of summer. Clackity-clack, clackity-clack. A skateboard flies over sidewalk squares. Whoosh pumf, whoosh pumf. Water balloons tossed through the air. Bizzle-bzzz, bizzle-bzzz. A bumblebee comes zipping by. Tzooooooooooo bang. Tzooooooooooo bang. Fireworks start for the Fourth of July! The sounds of summer sizzle and pop in this bouncing, swinging tribute to the best beats of every child's favorite season.
Summer Days and Nights
by Wong H. Yee
A little girl enjoys the activities of a warm summer day and night.
Summer Walk
by Virginia Brimhall Snow
Ramble through the woods, as you join Grammy and her favorite grandkids on a summer walk. Illustrations and rhymes will guide readers as they learn to identify twenty-six different insects. At day's end, discover how to create a caterpillar habitat.
Water in the Park: A Book About Water and the Times of the Day
by Emily Jenkins
Humans and animals alike enjoy the water in the park on a hot summer day.
Yes, Let's
by Galen Goodwin Longstreth
Relates, through illustrations and simple, rhyming text, a family's day in the woods, including a hike, swimming, and a picnic.
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