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Ages 9-12

It Doesn't Have to Rhyme: Poetry

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A Moose Boosh: a Few Choice Words About Food
by Eric-Shabazz Larkin
Presents a collection of children's poems about growing, making, eating, and sharing food.
Hypnotize a Tiger: Poems About Just About Everything
by Calef Brown
Chock-full of zany black-and-white artwork and wonderfully inventive characters and worlds.
Poem Depot: Aisles of Smiles
by Douglas Florian
An illustrated collection of silly nonsense poems about topics kids care about: talents, avoiding homework, friends and more.
Something Sure Smells Around Here: Limericks
by Brian P. Cleary
What do you get when you combine a poem and a joke? A limerick: five-line rhyming poems that are funny, silly, and sly.
The Death of the Hat: a Brief History of Poetry in 50 Objects
by Paul B. Janeczko
Offers young readers a quick tour of poets and poetry through the ages and the objects that inspired them.
The Poem That Will Not End: Fun With Poetic Forms and Voices
by Joan Bransfield Graham
Ryan O'Brian is riding a wave of inspiration with no shoreline in sigh--he can't STOP writing poetry. In the cafeteria with french fries. In the bathroom with toothpaste. Even on the soccer field with mud!
Updated 07/25/2015
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