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Big Nate: I Can't Take It!
by Lincoln Peirce
A second collection of full-color Sunday Big Nate cartoons finds the intrepid grade schooler struggling with everything from his annoying older sister and his clueless dad to his nightmarish teacher and his superior-minded exchange student classmate, Artur.
Series -
Big Nate
Charlie Brown and Friends: a Peanuts Collection
by Charles M. Schulz
Discover all of Charlie Brown's faithful friends in this brand new collection of strips from Charles M.Schulz.
Series -
by Jacob Chabot
Each of these Hello Kitty stories in graphic novel format serve up a food theme.
Series -
Hello Kitty
Garfield Caution:Wide Load: His 56th Book
by Jim Davis
Garfield believes that a full belly is a happy belly--and he intends to keep his stomach ecstatic.
by Art Baltazar
Superboy and Miss Martian are moving into the secret super hero cave, but Superboy finds himself haunted by the Cave's memories and visions from his past.
Series -
Young Justice
Max Steel. Volume 1: The Parasites
by Brian Smith
Maxwell McGrath is just your average 16-year-old boy-- until he starts experiencing the uncontrollable Turbo Energy! To control this superpower, he must merge with a know-it-all alien ultralink named Steel. Together this unlikely duo will battle to save the earth as the ultimate turbocharged superhero-- Max Steel!
Mini Marvels: the Complete Collection
by Chris Giarrusso
Spidey gets the paperboy blues, Wolverine goes on a cereal quest, Hulk goes on a date, and the Fantastic Four are impersonated by alien Skrulls! Iceman and Firestar help Spidey deliver his newspapers while he babysits Power Pack!
Monsuno Combat Chaos: Rise Of the Ocean God
by Sebastian Girner
Follow the adventures of Chase, Jinja, Dax, Bren and the rest of Team Core-Tech as they search for Chase's father and they discover the power of Monsuno.
Series -
Scooby-Doo!: The Night of the Undead! Three stories
by Paul Kupperberg
In The Night of the Undead, university students are disappearing and turning into zombies. In The Beat of the Bayou Beast, a swamp beast is attacking a Cajun gumbo restaurant. Also includes Velma's descriptions of the Japanese witch demon Yama-Uba and the mythological hybrid monster, the griffin.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: New Animated Adventures, Volume 1
by Kenny Byerly
Four fantastic tales pin the Turtles against villains new and old like Snakeweed, the Shredder, and a horde of zombies.
The Discovery of America
by Geronimo Stilton
In this adventure, Geronimo has to face his worst enemies, the Pirate Cats, who have discovered a way to travel back in time and change history.
The Secret of Whale Island
by Thea Stilton
It's the start of the new school year and the students have arrived at Mouseford Academy. Every year at this time, the whales move off the coast of Whale Island. But this fime a fierce area orca threatens the peace!
Updated 04/04/2014
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