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Cursed Pirate girl: Vol. 1
by Jeremy Bastian
Adventures on and under the high seas lead a cursed pirate girl to encounter mythic creatures, gnarled and crusty pirates, and ghostly apparitions as she tries to find her lost father, one of the dreaded Pirate Captains of the mythical Omerta Seas.
Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 1
by Joe Caramagna
Star-Lord! Rocket! Groot! Gamora! Drax! The Guardians of the Galaxy return in a highly anticipated series! You're welcome!
Jak and the Magic Nano-Beans
by Carl Bowen
In this graphic version of the classic story, Jak and her broken-down robot, Cow, make a deal with the scrap collector; if they will take the Space Elevator to the supposedly deserted Cloud Kingdom and procure some nano-beans, Cow will be fixed as good as new--but when they get there they find that the Kingdom is occupied by an immense alien monster.
LEGO Bionicle Volume 2: Battle of the Mask Makers
by Ryder Windham
On the mythical island of Okoto, six heroes have united to protect the last of their tribes. Once, peace ruled the six divided regions and their people--that is, until a battle erupted between two mask makers. As Makuta sought to control the ultimate power, only his brother, Ekimu, could stop him. Join Tahu, Kopaku, Onua, Gali, Lewa, and Pohatu as they learn about the origin of their masks and where their elemental powers come from.
My Little Pony, Friends Forever: Volume 6
by Ted Anderson
Friends Forever contains fours tales of friendship and fun! A strange flu descends over Ponyville and Spike and Zecora must work together to find a cure. Princess Celestia enlists Pinkie Pie's help in making a cake for Luna's birthday. Applejack and Fluttershy go camping. And, Rarity travels to Griffinstone to make the perfect uniforms for Gilda the Griffin's new sports team
Oddly Normal: Book 2
by Otis Frampton
Oddly Normal's adventure in Fignation continues with new friends, new mysteries and new revelations about her missing parents.
Series -
Oddly Normal
Red's Planet: Volume 1
by Eddie Pittman
Red, a quirky, headstrong 10-year-old, longs to live in her own perfect paradise far away from her annoying foster family. But when a UFO mistakenly kidnaps her, Red finds herself farther away than she could have possibly imagined-- across the galaxy and aboard an enormous spaceship owned by the Aquilari, an ancient creature with a taste for rare and unusual treasures.
Steven Universe: Too Cool for School
by Jeremy Sorese
Steven finds himself enrolled in Connie's school after a show-and-tell lesson goes awry, and that is just the beginning. After getting to see what normal school is like, Steven is having the time of his life...but it might mean losing Connie in the process.
Series -
Steven Universe
Three thieves, Book 6: The Dark Island
by Scott Chantler
Against all odds, Dessa, Topper and Fisk arrive on the legendary island of Asaroth, and Dessa sets about finding her lon-lost twin brother, Jared.
Series -
Three Theives
Updated 05/23/2016
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