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Things That Go

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Boats Float!
by George Ella Lyon
In rhyming text the reader is introduced to all the different kinds of boats floating on rivers, lakes, oceans, and ponds.
Duck on a Bike
by David Shannon
A duck decides to ride a bike and soon influences all the other animals on the farm to ride bikes too.
Five Trucks
by Brian Floca
Five different trucks do five different jobs to get an airplane ready for takeoff.
Flight 1-2-3
by Maria Van Lieshout
A boy counts his way through the airport and onto the plane as it flies towards its destination.
Go! Go! Go! Stop!
by Charise Mericle Harper
Little Green only knows one word: 'Go!' It's the perfect thing to get the construction site moving, but how will they stop?
McToad Mows Tiny Island: A Transportation Tale
by Tom Angleberger
Every Thursday, as a break from mowing Big Island, McToad and his tractor make their way to Tiny Island, using various modes of transportation and types of machinery to get there and back.
Mitchell's License
by Hallie Durand
Mitchell never wants to go to bed until, at the age of three years, nine months, and five days he gets his license so that he can drive there--at least until he and the car have a disagreement about what fuel goes in the tank.
My Bus
by Byron Barton
A bus driver named Joe heads out on his route, stopping at one bus stop after another to pick up passengers.
The Bus is for Us!
by Michael Rosen
In rhyming text, an exuberant cast of kids express their travel preferences while ultimately agreeing that the bus is the best ride of all because it's designed for everyone to share.
by Leon Gray
Discover the fascinating world of transportation, from ancient carts to modern high-speed trains.
Zoom! Zoom!: Sounds of Things That Go in the City
by Robert Burleigh
From morning's joggers until night's last train, a boy notices and enjoys the many sounds made by people and things in a big city.
Updated 02/25/2016
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