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Hooray for Kids!
by Suzanne Lang
Illustrations and simple, rhyming text celebrate the uniqueness of each child.
Let's Go to the Hardware Store
by Anne F. Rockwell
When the new house needs fixing up, a brother and sister accompany their father on a trip to the hardware store to find the tools and materials needed to get the job done.
Let's Play!
by Herve Tullet
A lively yellow dot leads the reader through a journey through color, shape, and a child's imagination.
Manners Are Not for Monkeys!
by Heather Tekavec
When the old zookeeper moved the monkeys to a cage next to the picnic area, she didn't know the trouble it would cause?
Maxi the Little Taxi
by Elizabeth Upton
On his first day of work, Maxi the little taxi zooms around town splashing in puddles and getting very dirty. Soon, no one wants to ride in him--until a little boy convinces Maxi to go to the car wash.
Maybe Something Beautiful: How Art Transformed a Neighborhood
by F. Isabel Campoy
Mira lives in a gray and hopeless urban community until a muralist arrives and, along with his paints and brushes, brings color, joy, and togetherness to Mira and her neighbors.
Mighty Truck
by Chris Barton
When a muddy truck reluctantly gets a truck wash, he transforms into a superhero.
My New Mom & Me
by Renata Galindo
Told from the point of view of a puppy who is adopted by a cat; a heartwarming story about adoption, diversity, and acceptance.
One More Dino on the Floor
by Kelly Starling Lyons
When a dinosaur gets the dancing bug, she is joined on the floor by her friends, one by one until they reach ten.
by Adam F. Watkins
Raybot doesn't have a best friend. He doesn't have any friends. So, after reading that puppies make good friends, he sets off to find one.
The Storm
by Akiko Miyakoshi
A little boy is excited about a trip to the beach with his parents planned for the following day. But a bad storm is coming, and he is worried they won't be able to go.
Updated 04/29/2016
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