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At the Zoo

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A Hippo in Our Yard
by Liza Donnelly
Sally tries to tell her family that a hippo, a tiger, zebras and koalas are in their yard, but no one pays attention until they hear that the zoo animals have escaped; now everyone panics except for Sally!
by Mike Wu
When zookeeper Walt announces that the zoo will have to close, all of the animals pitch in to try to save their home but it is Ellie the elephant who reveals a talent that just may keep the zoo open for good.
by Thyra Heder
Little T remembers that she was frightened last time her family visited the zoo but not why, so her creative family helps by imitating animals from A to Z until she recalls exactly what caused her fear.
Good Night, Gorilla
by Peggy Rathmann
An unobservant zookeeper is followed home by all the animals he thinks he has left behind in the zoo.
If I Ran the Zoo
by Dr. Seuss
If Gerald McGrew ran the zoo, he'd let all the animals go and fill it with more unusual beasts--a ten-footed lion, an Elephant-Cat, a Mulligatawny, a Tufted Mazurka, and others.
Margret and H.A. Rey's Curious George Goes to the Zoo
by Cynthia Platt
George is going to visit a new kind of zoo and he's very excited.
Polar Bear, Polar Bear What Do You Hear?
by Eric Martin
Zoo animals from polar bear to walrus make their distinctive sounds for each other, while children imitate the sounds for the zookeeper. Includes note to parents and teachers, and related activities.
The Way to the Zoo
by John Burningham
Discovering a magical door in her bedroom that leads her to the zoo, a little girl is tempted to bring one little bear back to her room, and then a menagerie of smaller animals, and then a medley of big animals, until pandemonium ensues.
The Zoo Is Closed Today!: Until Further Notice
by Evelyn Beilenson
Sue and John ask Pete the zookeeper why Kalama Zoo is closed, and he tells them the animals are ill, from Edward the elephant who has a cold to Fran the flamingo who has a sore throat.
Wild About Us!
by Karen Beaumont
From Elephant's long nose to Kangaroo's huge feet to Monkey's stick-out ears, everyone is worth celebrating, no matter what they look like.
Wild About You!
by Judy Sierra
Joining the new baby animals at the zoo are the much-loved pengaroo and the pandacat.
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