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Ask the Astronaut: a Galaxy of Astonishing Answers to Your Questions on Spaceflight
by Tom Jones
A veteran astronaut and spacewalker introduces young science enthusiasts to what life is really like in space, answering such questions as what liftoff feels like, how astronauts navigate weightlessness and how people sleep in space.
Bobbie the Wonder Dog: a True Story
by Tricia Brown
Bobbie the Wonder Dog was a scotch collie mix who was lost on a family trip from Oregon to Indiana and walked all the way home, nearly 3000 miles and six months to the day he was lost, to the people he loved.
Finding Dory: the essential Guide
by Glenn Dakin
A fan's guide to the sequel to "Finding Nemo" with profiles of old and new characters as well as information on key locations, themes, and iconic moments, while providing facts about life in the ocean.
From Wolf to Woof!: the Story of Dogs
by Hudson Talbott
Beginning with two orphans, a prehistoric boy and a wolf cub, imagines how the bond between man and wolf might have formed and looks at how it changed through their shared history as wolves became domesticated and diversified into more than 400 breeds of dog.
Loos, Poos, and Number Twos: a Disgusting Journey Through the Bowels of History!
by Peter Hepplewhite
Find out about the earliest WCs, what loos were like in the pyramids, how the Romans gossiped in public loos and what castle moats were really used for.
Masterpieces Up Close
by Claire d'Harcourt
Taking young readers on a journey through some of the world's most famous artwork, this collection features full-color reproductions of more than 20 masterpieces. Informative text teaches readers why these paintings have intrigued and endured for centuries.
My Book of Birds
by Geraldo Valerio
Geraldo Valério is an artist who loves birds, from majestic golden eagles and snowy owls to brilliant cardinals and jays to the tiniest of hummingbirds. Here he presents his favorites, with beautiful collage illustrations and brief descriptions that highlight facts about each one.
Paws of Courage: True Tales of Heroic Dogs That Protect and Serve
by Nancy Furstinger
Modern wars recruit more than just human soldiers. Our canine companions also serve in the line of duty and under fire, whether helping police protect our home turf or accompanying soldiers on missions abroad. Readers will cheer for the hero dogs featured in this collection, profiled with stunning photos and inspiring tales of bravery, friendship, heroism, and devotion.
Prairie Dog Song: the Key to Saving North America's Grasslands
by Susan L. Roth
Cumulative text based on an old folksong alternating with additional scientific information explores the role of prairie dogs, a keystone species in North America's grasslands, and conservation efforts to restore the balance of plants and animals of the Janos, Mexico, prairie dog complex. Backmatter includes timeline, photographs, music, prairie dog facts, glossary, and authors' sources.
Super Bug Encyclopedia: the Biggest, Fastest, Deadliest Creepy-Crawlies on the Planet
by John Woodward
Profiles the worlds largest, strongest, and loudest insects, providing statistics and facts on each, from the honeypot ants of Australia and hornet moth of Europe to the golden chafer of Central America and the orchid mantid of Southeast Asia.
Updated 05/21/2016
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