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13 Art Movements Children Should Know
by Brad Finger
Introduces readers to major movements in art history, from Romanesque to pop art, and includes visual spreads, detailed descriptions, and a timeline that places key artworks in their historical contexts.
Animal School: What Class Are You?
by Michelle Lord
Rhyming text introduces young readers to the five classes of vertebrates, describing the characteristics of reptiles, fish, mammals, birds, and amphibians.
Birdology: 30 Activities and Observations For Exploring the World of Birds
by Monica Russo
Provides thirty activities that encourage bird watching and observation in parks, zoos, farms, and backyards, and includes discussions on migration, nesting, food, territories, and wildlife preservation.
Creatures Of the Night
by Camilla De La Bedoyere
Features more than a dozen extraordinary animals that live in the dark. These are mammals, birds, insects and spiders whose unique physical features help them to survive in the pitch-black darkness of jungles, fields and in the air.
Saturn Could Sail: and Other Fun Facts
by Laura Lyn DiSiena
A book of fun facts about planets, stars, space ships, and more.
Scarlett the Cat To the Rescue: Fire Hero
by Nancy Loewen
Simple text and full-color illustrations describe the true story of Scarlett, the stray cat that famously saved her kittens from a Brooklyn garage fire.
Vikingworld: the Age of Seafarers and Sagas
by Robert MacLeod
Vikingworld is a lavish album of discovery in which the battles, legends and heroic deeds of these notorious Norsemen are brought to axe-wielding life.
Updated 01/24/2015
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