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Guys Read: True Stories
by Jon. Scieszka
The fifth installment in the Guys Read Library of Great Reading features ten stories that are 100% amazing, 100% adventurous, 100% unbelievable-and 100% true.
Series -
Hope For Winter: the True Story of a Remarkable Dolphin Friendship
by David Yates
Details the experiences of a dolphin who was rescued five years after the tailless dolphin, Winter, was rehabilitated by the same group, describing the efforts made by the Clearwater Marine team to save the injured animal they named Hope.
Jim Arnosky's Wild World
by Jim Arnosky
From slithering snakes to soaring birds of prey, and many other fascinating animals along the way, Jim Arnosky's Wild World gives nature-loving kids a life-size view of hundreds of creatures.
Kids Who Are Changing the World
by Anne Jankeliowitch
Profiles forty-five children around the world who are taking steps to help the environment through fund-raising, public demonstrations, and creating activist art, and includes suggestions on how readers can get involved.
Lives of the Explorers: Discoveries, Disasters (and What the Neighbors Thought)
by Kathleen Krull
You might know that Columbus discovered America, Lewis and Clark headed west with Sacajawea, and Sally Ride blasted into space. But what do you really know about these bold explorers?
Series -
Lives Of. . .
Star Wars Rebels: the Visual Guide
by Adam Bray
Star wars rebels is set five years before Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope when a motley group of rebels affected by the Galactic Empire band together aboard a freighter starship. This is the beginnings of the group that forms the Rebel Alliance.
The Amazing Book of Science Questions and Answers
by Thomas Canavan
Answers questions about the human body, animals, plants, and space, including did unicorns ever exist and how volcanoes work.
The Boxcar Children Guide to Adventure: a How-To For Mystery Solving, Make-It-Yourself Projects, and More
by Gertrude Chandler Warner
The Boxcar Children have long been known for being creative and resourceful. This book is filled with fun how-to guides for everyday adventures.
The Great Big Book of Magic Tricks
by Joe Fullman
Provides step-by-step, illustrated instructions for more than fifty magic tricks and includes information about famous magicians and their acts. The magic tricks include Card tricks, Coin and rope tricks, Sleight of hand, and Mind tricks.
Tiny Creatures: the World of Microbes
by Nicola Davies
Looks at all the different microbes that inhabit the Earth and examines the varied jobs they do.
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