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Creating Superhero Comics
by Anthony Williams
There are many styles of superhero art, including the animated style, all-action style, and noir style. Readers learn the differences between these styles as they draw their own superhero comics.
Disney Pixar Inside Out: the Essential Guide
by Steve Bynghall
Discover everything you ever wanted to know about Disney Pixar's new animated movie "Inside Out"!
High Tide for Horseshoe Crabs
by Lisa Kahn Schnell
Dual-layered text introduces the life cycle of the horseshoe crab, with a focus on the annual mass-spawning event at Delaware Bay.
Look Where We Live!: a First Book of Community Building
by Scot Ritchie
In this book, five young friends -- Nick, Yulee, Pedro, Sally and Martin -- spend the day traveling around their neighborhood and participating in activities designed to raise money for their local library. Along the way, they learn about the people and places that make up their community and what it means to be a part of one.
Quiz Whiz 5: 1,000 Super Fun Mind-Bending Totally Awesome Trivia Questions
by  National Geographic Kids
Discover 1,000 more fun, fascinating, and funny quiz questions in the fifth installment in this popular series, with all-new content and photos. Packed with fantastic photos and a dynamic design, kids will have a blast quizzing themselves, friends, and family members on tons of fun trivia!
Series -
Quiz Whiz
The Kids' Book of Questions
by Gregory Stock
Poses challenging, provocative, and entertaining questions for young minds on a breadth of topics, ranging from fantasy to philosophy, designed to help children cope with human relationships and life.
Trash talk!: Moving Toward a Zero-Waste World
by Michelle Mulder
Dig deep into the history of garbage, from Minoan trash pits to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, and uncover some of the many innovative ways people all over the world are dealing with waste
Updated 07/02/2015
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