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A Kitty Calamity
by Kate Pankhurst
Puddleford is suddenly experiencing a catnapping epidemic! When trusty feline sidekick Watson goes missing, Mariella must solve this cat caper before Watson disappears forever. Luckily, Mariella always keeps her top-secret journals--filled with clues, observations, inklings and drawings--handy to help her crack the case.
Ellie and the Good-Luck Pig
by Callie Barkley
After winning the lead role in a play, acing a spelling test, and finding money, second-grader Ellie wonders if the Critter Club animal shelter's newest animal--a little pink pig--is bringing her good luck.
Series -
The Critter Club
Jungle Adventure
by Cathy Hapka
With just a few weeks until the wedding, Aunt Sophie's fiancé, Henry, has gone missing in the jungle. It's up to Olivia and her friends to save him. But the jungle is a dangerous place, and there's no telling what they might encounter.
Series -
LEGO Friends
Lucy Longwhiskers Gets Lost
by Daisy Meadows
Welcome to a magical world where animals talk and play - just like you and me! Best friends Jess and Lily love all animals. But when they follow a mysterious golden cat into Friendship Forest - a place where animals live in tiny cottages and sip dandelion tea at the Toadstool Cafe - their summer holidays suddenly become much more magical! On their first adventure in Friendship Forest, can the two friends rescue adorable baby bunny Lucy Longwhiskers from the wicked witch Grizelda?
Lulu and the Hamster in the Night
by Hilary McKay
Seven-year-old Lulu adopts a hamster and must keep it a secret from her grandmother when she and her cousin Mellie spend the night.
Series -
Ohm vs. Amp
by Nate Ball
Zack McGee has gotten in tons of trouble thanks to Amp, the four-inch-tall alien that crash-landed into his bedroom, but when Amp's commander, Ohm, comes to collect the stranded alien, it's Amp's turn in the hot seat.
Pop Goes the Circus!
by Kate Klise
A misbehaving mouse, under the employ of Sir Sidney's Circus, finds adventure when a balloon carries him away and he meets a young runaway.
The Crazy Classroom Caper
by Tony Abbott
When objects go missing in a kindergarten classroom, the Goofballs go undercover as teachers to crack the case
Series -
The Lost Treasure of Little Snoring
by Lyn Gardner
The McNasty pirate twins, Captain Gruesome and his brother, Captain Grisly, are determined to get their grubby hands on the treasure buried in the sleepy seaside village of Little Snoring. But the McNastys discover that two clever young friends, Tat and Hetty, are equally determined to find the treasure, and soon they are all embroiled in a rollicking test of wits to see which pair will prevail.
Series -
Ghastly McNastys
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