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Show Me Readers Award

med-show-me-readers.pngEach year, Missouri schoolchildren in grades 1-3 vote for their favorite book from a list of nominated titles. The Show Me Readers Award is awarded to the author of this book by the Missouri Association of School Librarians.

Show Me Readers Award Winners


Jangles: A Big Fish Story
Jangles: A Big Fish Story
by David Shannon Illustrated by David Shannon

A father relates to his son the tale of his encounter--and friendship--with a gigantic trout whose enormous jaw is covered with so many lures and fish hooks that he jangles when he swims, but who has never been caught.


Painter and Ugly
Painter and Ugly
by Robert Blake Illustrated by Robert Blake

Painter and Ugly, two sled dogs who are inseparable best friends, are put on different teams for the Junior Iditarod, but they manage to find their way back to one another for the big race.


The Blue House Dog
The Blue House Dog
by Deborah Blumenthal

A boy whose beloved dog has died, and a dog whose owner also died, find each other and slowly begin to trust one another.


Nubs: The True Story of a Mutt, A Marine & a Miracle
Nubs: The True Story of a Mutt, A Marine & a Miracle
by Major Brian Dennis

The story of a wild dog who befriended Marine Major Brian Dennis in Iraq, and, when they were separated, trekked seventy miles through the desert winter to rejoin his friend.


Two Bobbies:  A True Story of Hurricane Katrina, Friendship, and Survival
Two Bobbies: A True Story of Hurricane Katrina, Friendship, and Survival
by Kirby Larson

Based on a true story, Two Bobbies takes place in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina when many pets were lost or abandoned. A dog and cat wander together through the devastated city and miraculously survive hunger, floods and other dangers. When they are finally taken to an animal shelter, the volunteers discover that the cat is blind and could not have survived without the dog's help. Although their owner or owners are never found, the two friends, re-named Bob Cat and Bobbi, find a new home and a happy ending to their ordeal. The story includes an authors' note and a photograph of the real Bob Cat and Bobbi.


Some Dog!
Some Dog!
by Mary Casanova

A stray dog moves into George's formerly peaceful home, dazzling the man and woman of the house with lively tricks and antics that just leave George exhausted.


Hero Cat
Hero Cat
by Eileen Spinelli

A cat gives birth to a litter of kittens in an abandoned building that catches fire while she is out searching for food.


Magnus at the Fire
Magnus at the Fire
by Jennifer Armstrong

When the Broadway Fire House acquires a motorized fire engine, Magnus the fire horse is not ready to retire.


by Lola M. Schaefer

Based on the true story of a bird of prey's survival after being struck by a poacher's arrow.


Bad Boys
Bad Boys
by Margie Palatini

Two hungry wolves in disguise attempt to raid a sheep farm.


by Coleen Salley

A retelling of a classic tale in which a well-intentioned young possum continually takes his mother's instructions much too literally.


Frog Principal
Frog Principal
by Stephanie Calmenson

After the principal of P.S. 88 is turned into a frog by a bumbling magician, the frog bargains for the chance to act as principal until Mr. Bundy returns from his "family emergency."


Go Home! The True Story of James the Cat
Go Home! The True Story of James the Cat
by Libby Phillips Meggs

A homeless cat spends several seasons trying to survive the elements until at last a suburban family adopts him.


Hooway for Wodney Wat
Hooway for Wodney Wat
by Helen Lester

All his classmates make fun of Rodney because he can't pronounce his name, but it is Rodney's speech impediment that drives away the class bully.


Raising Dragons
Raising Dragons
by Jerdine Nolen

A farmer's young daughter shares numerous adventures with the dragon that she raises from infancy.


by Janell Cannon

A young python does not want to grow slow and boring like the older snakes he sees in the tropical jungle where he lives.


Duke the Dairy Delight Dog
Duke the Dairy Delight Dog by Lisa Campbell Ernst

Darla doesn't want a dirty dog around her Dairy Delight, but Duke patiently tries every tactic to convince her that her shop is his home.


Heart of a Tiger
Heart of a Tiger
by Marsha Arnold

As the Name Day celebration approaches, a young kitten tries to deserve a noble name, by following the path of the beautiful Bengal tiger.


My Rotten Redheaded Older Brother
My Rotten Redheaded Older Brother by Patricia Polacco

After losing running, climbing, throwing, and burping competitions to her obnoxious older brother, a young girl makes a wish on a falling star.


Soap! Soap! Don't Forget the Soap!
Soap! Soap! Don't Forget the Soap! by Tom Birdseye

A forgetful boy gets himself into trouble when he repeats what each person he meets on the road says to him.


Sukey and the Mermaid
Sukey and the Mermaid
by Robert D. San Souci Illustrated by Brian Pinkney

Unhappy with her life at home, Sukey receives kindness and wealth from Mama Jo the mermaid.

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