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Go out and play! : favorite outdoor games from Kaboom A guide to more than seventy classic and contemporary playground games provides instructions for such favorites as kick the can, freeze tag, and sardines, in a volume that also includes tips for adults on how to encourage and facilitate outdoor play.
Super simple punch & kick : healthy & fun activities to move your body The activities in this book are an easy and fun way to get your body moving for an hour a day! There's no gym or special sports gear required! Each activity includes how-to photos and easy instructions. So turn off the TV, computer, and phone. Get up and get active!
The biggest names of video games Who are these men and women who helped launch the gaming industry from private computer labs to widely available popular entertainment? Read this book to find out who and what inspired your favorite video games!
This book's got game : a collection of awesome sports trivia Describes a variety of trivia facts about sports

Web Links
Chess Kids
In a safe environment, discover the rules and strategies of chess. Improve your game, memorization skills, patience and sportsmanship with free online games, tournaments and club matches with kids around the world.
Let your brain have some fun playing educational and games based on books, movies, and comics, too.
Imagination Café – Feed Your Mind!
Imagination Café is safe, fun, education and entertainment site for kids and tweens with quizzes, recipes and articles on careers, animals, history, sports, science, and more!
MLB Kids Club
Play games, get the scoop on your favorite teams and players, and find out what's happening with your home-town teams.
NBA Hoop Troop
Build your own virtual arena and play games against your friends.
NHL for Kids
Lace 'em up and play one of the cool games, write a player, join the kids club, and see what's up with your favorite teams.
PGA Juniors page is proud to provide comprehensive coverage of three prominent junior series designed to educate, challenge and inspire the game's stars of tomorrow.
A virtual world for kids to travel, play games, compete in head-to-head competition, and communicate safely.
Smarty Games
Features a variety of math games, mazes, puzzles, money games and reading activities in English and Spanish
Sports Illustrated for Kids
Get the latest scoop on the sports world, mail e-cards, read up on the athlete of the week, or play games. Our favorite is the skateboarding Trickmaster Funky.
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