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Click to search the catalog for this title13 art mysteries children should know Presents information about thirteen mysteries from the art world, including questions about the Mona Lisa, van Gogh, and the street artist Banksy.
Click to search the catalog for this titleArt skills Provides easy-to-follow instructions for many creative art projects including: perspective drawing, photo collage, watercolor painting, and many more. Helps readers develop important artistic skills in a fun and engaging format.
Click to search the catalog for this titleChildren's book of music Introduces children to music history, profiling the musical instruments, styles, and traditions of cultures around the world.

Web Links
America's Story from America's Library: See, Hear and Sing
Watch a movie, play a song, and play a tune from America's past.
A great introduction to different types of buildings around the world.
You can color, play games, find fun craft ideas, and get your creative juices flowing on this page.
Exploring Leonardo
Learn all about Leonardo da Vinci, the famous artist and inventor who lived during the Italian Renaissance.
Franktown Rocks!
A fun multiplayer online game. Create a character and walk around the city of Franktown and play with other characters and play games, make music, complete quests, watch videos, and more.
Inside Art
"You got sucked into a painting at the art museum. But I'll bet you weren't paying attention so you have no idea which painting you're trapped in." You'll have to learn some new things about art before you can escape!
Search a music index, choose-your-own-adventure-story, play some music games, send in your own songs to share with other kids, and take a peek at the Song of the Day.
KidsCom Jr.
You can paint a picture in several easy steps and show your parents your work of art!
Kidzone with the New York Philharmonic
Discover the world of the New York Philharmonic and go backstage to learn about their music and instruments. Explore famous composers, play games, and create music of your own.
Melody Street
A musical world where musical instruments come to life. Play games, listen to music, watch webisodes while learning about music.
Create a painting online with Picassos style using a virtual canvas, save it, and email it to a friend. Get inspiration from a gallery of Picasso-like samples already created.
Puzzle Maker
Print lots of different mazes or puzzles for lots of brain-teasing fun.
Tate Kids
Explore the site of England's famous museum! And you can create your own artwork, upload it and create your own gallery on this website.
The Imagination Factory
This site provides art activities using recycled materials. Ideas and clear directions can be found for painting, drawing, sculpture, printmaking, fiber arts, and crafts from recycled media.
Uncle Fred
Learn how to draw all sorts of cartoon drawings with Uncle Fred.
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