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(Assessor's 1861 records giving number and value of slaves)

From: Jasper County The First Two Hundred Years by Marvin L. VanGilder, 1995.


Armbruster, Alexander

Arthur, Lilburn Q. Union soldier in Stott's Co. 76th Enrolled Militia. Colonel in the Missouri State Guard. Confederate Major. [one slave assessed at $300]

Baker, M. J. Moses J. Baker was a Confederate soldier with Thomas Livingston. Captured near Sherwood, Missouri, in 1862 by the 9th Kansas Cavalry. Killed near Ft. Scott, Kansas.

Bellows, John [two slaves assessed at $1,100]

Biffle, N. F.

Board, William [one slave assessed at $700]

Boyd, Josiah Member of County Court at last meeting of August 26, 1861.

Boyd, Sarah

Bringolf, Abraham

Bringolf, Jacob

Brock, Gerry W. [one slave assessed at $1,400]

Broome, George W. Citizen murdered by marauders at his home near Medoc, Missouri, in August, 1861. [two slaves assessed at $950]

Brummitts, G. W. [six slaves assessed at $2,000]

Burain, W. G.

Butts, Israel [one slave assessed at $300]

Chenault, James

Chenault, James [could be a father or son]

Chenault, John B [estate had three slaves assessed at $1,200]

Chenault, John R. Circuit Court Judge who was a "Conditional Union Man" and then became Pro-Confederate. Owned and ran a black-smith shop on the Carthage, Missouri, Square. [nine slaves assessed at $4,100]

Cotter, T. A.

Cox, John C. Founder of the post Civil War town of Joplin, Missouri in 1873. In the 1860 slave register of Jasper County he has one slave, age 4, female, black and one slave, 23, male, mulatto. A note written with this slave indicated fugitive from state. In the Livingston 1912 History of Jasper County is reference to Pete, a slave boy of John C. Cox's, that found lead along Joplin Creek.

Cravens, Jesse L. Once occupied brick store house on the southeast corner of the Carthage, Missouri, Square. [four slaves assessed at $1,400]

Cravens, James [eighteen slaves assessed at $5,750]

Cravens, Keturah

Crenshaw, John K. [for John W., one slave assessed at $250]

Dale, John E. Represented the district in the Missouri State Legislature. Dale owned a store on the Carthage, Missouri, Square. He became Pro-Confederate. [for John B., three slaves assessed at $1,700]

Dale, Thomas A. A T. A. Dale is listed as Captain, Company D, 5th Cavalry, *th Division, Missouri State Guard. [For Thomas Sr., fifteen slaves assessed at $1,900]

Davis, William [for William P., two slaves assessed at $1,000]

Dawson, A. A.

Dawson, J. E. [one slave assessed at $400]

Dawson, Thomas W. [eleven slaves assessed at $4,900]

Degge, W. N. F. [four slaves assessed at $1,500]

Dillon, George L.

Dinson, Josiah

Dunivin, D. M.

Dunn, Mary H.

Dunn, William C. [one slave assessed at $10]

Fisher, Edward

Fisher, Mary

Fitzgerald, John The Fitzgerald residence was near the Carthage, Missouri, Square

Foster, Wilson C. [four slaves assessed at $1,550]

Foy, Nicholas [two slaves assessed at $500]

Frasier, A. P.

Fullerton, Alta M. As guardian of the minor heirs of John Fullerton, no data listed

Fullerton, John J. H. Fullerton appointed Jasper County, Missouri, treasurer in July, 1865.

Fullerton, John M. estate [four slaves assessed at $1,100]

Furgeson, Mildred [five slaves assessed at $1,200]

Furguson, Esther

Gibson, John K.* [eleven slaves assessed at $4,600]

Gibson, John W.* [two slaves assessed at $1,000]

*A Mrs. Jane Gibson has three sons, John, Isaac, and Terry. Her farm was on Center Creek 7 miles southwest of Carthage, Missouri.

Gilbert, A. B. [one slave assessed at $300]

Hall, Winston [one slave assessed at $100]

Hamilton, William B. [five slaves assessed at $2,000]

Hamilton, William B. [possibly son or father of other Hamilton] One was appointed a member of the Jasper County Court in July, 1865.

Hammer, William [one slave assessed at $1,500]

Hardaway, Joseph C. [fourteen slaves assessed at $6,450]

Harvey, William W.

Harvey, Gilbert C.

Hatcher, J. T. F. Jabez T. F. Hatcher lived near the present site of Webb City, Missouri, and was killed by Federal soldiers in 1863. [three slaves assessed at $1,600]

Herrall, Emerson [one slave assessed at $600]

Heusted, T. B. B. Lived in a brick house on North Main in Carthage, Missouri. He was killed by Federal soldiers near the mill two miles east of the town. [three slaves assessed at $1,800]

Higdon, J. B. A member of the Jasper County Court in 1861.

Holman, Lazarus [one slave assessed at $700]

Hood, David K. [three slaves assessed at $1,350]

Hubbard, Edward H.

Hunter, Moses [three slaves assessed at $1,500]

Hurley, D. F. [or] D. P. [one slave assessed at $600]

Hurley, David

Hurt, Elizabeth M. [one slave assessed at $700]

James, Elizabeth

James, Hannibal [two slaves assessed at $1,200]

Jenkins, Nancy

Jenkins, William R.

Johnson, Ben Owned a drug store on the Carthage, Missouri, Square. [for Ben E., one slave assessed at $1,000]

Johnson, Hubbard Listed as a Confederate soldier in Southwest Missouri under the command of David Rusk. Source: Jasper County, Missouri, Circuit Court Case of Hood VS Rusk et al, 1865, Box 4, #38.

Johnson, L. B. [for L. G., three slaves assessed at $1,000]

Kelly, Sarah

Kerr, John

Kerr, Richard L. [one slave assessed at $250]

Key, Middleton F.

Killgore, Charles [one slave assessed at $300]

Lafever, William [five slaves assessed at $1,100]

Landers, Sam D.

Langley, James H. A James N. Langley lived 6 miles west of Carthage, Missouri, and had a slave named KATO. There are three references to KATO in Jasper County Missouri in the Civil War by Ward Schrantz; one on page 80, page 84, and one on page 86. [for James N., three slaves assessed at $1,400]

Langston, Jesse

Livingston, Thomas R. Leader of Confederate partisan rangers in southwest Missouri. Led brutal attack against black Union troops near Sherwood, Missouri, on May 18, 1863. Killed in Stockton, Missouri, July 11, 1863. [one slave assessed at $500]

Lovelace, T. J. [one slave assessed at $400]

Madden, James listed in the 1861 assessor's list as "colored, no real estate" indicating his probable status as a black freeman.

Maries, Benjamin

Martin, John B. Member of the Jasper County Court in 1861. [two slaves assessed at $700]

McBride, John S. [two slaves assessed at $1,000]

McCanse, A. G. [one slave assessed at $1,000]

McFarland, Robert [one slave assessed at $100]

McPherson, Isaac [one slave assessed at $600]

McReynolds, Wiley [one slave assessed at $350]

Melugin, Joseph W. [one slave assessed at $600]

Mitinney, John R.

Moncure, Thomas

Moon, James

Morgan, John Listed in the 1861 assessor's list as "colored, no real estate" indicating his probable status as a black freeman.

Morris, Henry

Moss, Roneom*

Moss, Ransom* A Riley Moss, a Union man, left the area for Ft. Scott, Kansas.

*Might be the same person

Motley, Sarah [four slaves assessed at $1,700]

Nichols, Fred P. A F. B. Nichols was a member of the County Court in July, 1865.

Parkinson, Thomas F.

Parkinson, William Parkinson was the brother-in-law of Confederate Major Thomas Livingston. Parkinson was killed in Saline County, Missouri, by Federal soldiers. [one slave assessed at $600]

Patterson, Samuel G [two slaves assessed at $1,000].

Perry, Alexander [two slaves assessed at $1,500]

Pinson, Josiah F.

Prigmore, Daniel [one slave assessed at $800]

Prigmore, Thomas

Rader, William estate The 1st Kansas Colored soldiers were attacked at his home in May, 1863. [three slaves assessed at $800]

Rains, J. S. A Missouri Senator from Sarcoxie, Missouri. He was a general in the Missouri State Guard.

Raney, Patrick [one slave assessed at $250]

Rankin, Sinnet [thirteen slaves assessed at $5,950]

Reed, William [two slaves assessed at $900]

Rice, James S. [three slaves assessed at $2,100]

Richardson, Mark [two slaves assessed at $600]

Richardson, Susannah

Roberson, Martha [four slaves assessed at $1,900]

Robertson, Washington [one slave assessed at $800]

Scott, James

Scott, John J. Resided in Carthage, Missouri, 2 blocks south of the Square. He was Pro-Southern. For a short time, after the county government stopped functioning in August, 1861, he held the County funds. [nine slaves assessed at $3,950]

Scott, Nancy

Scott, W. M. or Wm. W. [three slaves assessed at $600]

Scruggs, Lewis H. SEE p. 220 in Jasper County in the Civil War by Ward Schrantz copyright 1923; reprinted in 1988.

Seymore, ? There was a Bob Seymour, a member of Company G. 76th Enrolled Militia [Union], killed in action east of Carthage, Missouri, on July 21, 1864. [one slave assessed at $400]

Shannon, William

Shirley, John Shirley owned the hotel "Shirley House" on the north side of the Carthage, Missouri, Square. He was the father of Bud Shirley, a Confederate killed in 1864 in Sarcoxie, Missouri, by Company "C," 7th Provisional Enrolled Militia. John Shirley was also the father of Myra Bell Shirley later known as "Bell Starr." [five slaves assessed at $2,400]

Shofner, Gabriel [three slaves assessed at $1,200]

Simmons, Coleman [two slaves assessed at $800]

Spencer, Peleg

Spencer, Peleg [could be father or son]

Stanley, Noah [three slaves assessed at $1,150]

Starkey, Jesse [one slave assessed at $500]

Stemmons, Jaquillan M.* This doctor was an "Unconditional Union Man" killed at his home near Avilla, Missouri, in 1862. [8 slaves assessed at $4,200]

*SEE Carthage [Missouri] Evening Press newspaper article "Early Jasper County Days" Visitor Recounts Some Civil War Episodes, B. D. Woodlee, of Dimmit...". of ca1937-1939 for more information. "Numerous slaves of these early days were buried in the south portion of the Stemmons grave-yard, which was reserved for their use, the graves being unmarked except for a small native stone without inscription, sometimes with a date line but generally without markings of any kind." From Historical Clippings Colonel Ward L. Schrantz's Notebook in the VanGilder

Collection, Jasper County Records Center, Carthage, MO.

Stemmon, W. H. Although the son of Jaquillan M., W. H. was in Confederate service. He went to Dallas, Texas, area after the war. It is believed that the Stemmons Freeway on the west side of Dallas is named for him. [For William W., two slaves assessed at $1,200]

Thompson, Isham [for Isom, two slaves assessed at $1,200]

Tingle, William One of the first miners in Jasper County, Missouri. He mined northwest of present day Joplin on Turkey Creek before the Civil War.

Trigmore, Thomas

Tunnel, James R. Listed at a Confederate under David Rusk. SEE Jasper County, Missouri, Circuit Court case Hood VS Rusk, 1865, Box 4, #38. [one slave assessed at $350]

Tunnel, William

Turk, Noah G. Noah Turk, a Confederate, was killed during the Civil War. His estate was sued for damages Turk caused while in Confederate/guerrilla service. [three slaves assessed at $1,150]

Turk, Thomas C. [one slave assessed at $350]

Wade, Shannon

Walker, John W. [two slaves assessed at $1,200]

Walter, F. M.

Way, Edward (heirs) [one slave assessed at $600]

Webb, Ben C. [two slaves assessed at $1,000]

Webb, Elijah C. Minor heirs with Ben C. Webb, son of Elijah, as guardian, [four slaves assessed at $1,650]

Webb, James C. [thirteen slaves assessed at $4,200]

Webb, James T.

Webb, John C. Jr. A Confederate, Jack Webb, was linked in the murder of Jess Whitehead, a Jasper County Union man. John Webb was listed as a confederate under David Rusk. SEE Jasper County, Missouri, Circuit Court case Hood VS Rusk, 1865, Box 4, #38. [one slave assessed at $300]

Webb, Thomas C. A Confederate with Major Thomas Livingston, Webb was killed with his son, Austin, near his home in Jasper County, a few days following Livingston's attack at Stockton, Missouri, July 11, 1863, by Union men. [one slave assessed at $500]

Webb, Wiley W. Wiley Webb was listed as a Confederate under David Rusk. SEE Jasper County, Missouri, Circuit Court case Hood VS Rusk, 1865, Box 4, #38. [two slaves assessed at $1,200]

Webb, John C. Sr. [two slaves assessed at $1,100]

Wilson, J. M. [six slaves assessed at $1,400]

Wilson, James There is a quotation from a reference that stated "After the fight...we also got a negro girl, ten or twelve years old, that they had stolen from Dr. Wilson...." SEE page 186 in Jasper County in the Civil War by Ward Schrantz copyright 1923, reprinted 1988. [for James W., five slaves assessed at $1,400]

Wilson, Leah [five slaves assessed at $1,950]

Wilson, Wm. C.

Windsor, Beverly S. Windsor was killed at Willow Springs, (Battle of Shirley's Ford,) northwest of Minersville, Missouri, by Ritchie's Indians (Union) in 1862. Jasper County in the Civil War by Schrantz, page 86. [six slaves assessed at $2,400]

Winton, John C. [one slave assessed at $700]

Wood, John W.

Woodlee, James [six slaves assessed at $2,400]

Zoph, Joseph Killed at the Battle of Shirley's Ford by Ritchie's Indians. SEE Jasper County The First Two Hundred Years, page 84 by Marvin L. VanGilder, 1995.



Next in occurrence of slave-related documents are the "hires." Slave hires had the effect of a labor lease. Owners of slaves would 'hire' them out when their labor was not needed either at home or on the farm. Without the capital outlay of buying a slave, a person or business 'hiring out' or leasing a slave, would pay only for the labor needed for a stipulated time.

Hires could come about in several ways. At an estate auction a "hire" could be sold off just like other property. The highest bidder would pay an amount and get the work of the slave for a set period of time. It might be by months or by the year. Many hires ran from January first to the end of the year. Whether by public or private sale estate administrators often renewed hires for several years in a row. These hires provided the widow or minors of the deceased with an income. William Parrish, guardian of the heirs of the estate of D. L. Parrish, #8407, charged $1.00 for "hiring Survents" out for a year. William Fulbright's administrator, #3170, instructed the "hirers" of slaves under his care to provide them "good comfortable clothing and pay the taxes on them and Return them to the administrators on or before the 25th of December 1844."

Examples of hires list slave/owner, probate file number, the person hire made to, date of hire, and fee.


Slave name/owner name Probate # Person hiring Year Amount


JERRY/Jacob-L.-Seigler #11181 John P. Campbell year of 1843 $91.00

JERRY/Jacob-L.-Siegler #11181 John P. Campbell year of 1844 60.50

JERRY/Jacob-L.-Siegler #11181 John P. Campbell year of 1845 80.50

HENRY/Wm Marshall #7365 John P. Campbell 21 days/1835 3.80

JAMES/Wm Marshall #7365 John Edwards 21 days/1835 2.50

PADY/Wm Marshall #7365 James H. Slavens 21 days/1835 .37 1/2

NEGRO/Alex-Patterson #8401 year of 1832 35.00

SLAVE/John Fitch #3125* Order 4-15-1834 ?

*In John Fitch's probate file is a receipt that stated "Recd of Robert Patterson administrator of Abs_____ Patterson Dec.d." In here is the mention of a slave sale and the hiring of a slave. It is possible Fitch did not own the slave and this receipt is misfiled.

NEGROES/Henry-McKenley #7044 ? January 1864 164.00

8 NEGROES SOLD/Henry-McKenley #7044 1864 40.00*

*This is a sale, not hire, amount which may reflect anticipation of emancipation of slaves and loss of value

NEGRO BOY/Henry-McKenley #7044 Mat. W. Ackerson 1864 44.00

NEGRO/Henry-McKenley #7044 Spring 1864 20.00

NEGRO BOY/John-G.-Martin #7040 John Ramey March 1844 12.50

NEGRO GIRL/John-G.-Martin #7040 Benjamin Alsop March 1844 6.50

NEGRO GIRL/John-G.-Martin #7040 Thomas G. Whitlock March 1844 10.00

NEGRO GIRL/John-G.-Martin #7040 Robert Small March 1844 4.00

NEGRO GIRL/John-G.-Martin #7040 James Darnell 1844 5.00

NEGRO GIRL/David-Cobel #7367 Robert Morrow 1848 .25 per day

GEORGE/William-Martin #7388 B. McMin 11/26/53-1/1/1854 $9

GEORGE/William-Martin #7388 1854 2 mths @ $8/m

GEORGE/William-Martin #7388 1854 10 mths @ $13/m

BENTON/James-B.-Murry #7457-A 1850 & 1851 120.82

NEGRO GIRL/Wm-Sewell #5780 Wm. H. Sewell 1850 8 mths- 18.00

ISAAC/James-Burns #501 T. J. Weaver 1863 73.90

SLAVE/James-Burns #501 W. H. Graves 1863 60.00

PETER/Hannah-Brooks #488 John Mallory 1840 17.75*

*"To nurse fanny" 71 days @ .25 per day

HILL/Mary-F.-Brantly #475 1854 130

MARTHA/Mary-F.-Brantly #475 1854 48.00

FANNY*/Mary-F.-Brantly #475 1854 30.00

*SEE FANNY/Eliza M. Simms for more information about FANNY

FANNY/Eliza M. Simms #5800 E. C. Cook 1855 30.00

MARTH/Eliza M. Simms #5800 John McCluer 1855 60.00

ESSEX/James-Bouldin #450 George Bouldin 1853 59.92 2/3

SLAVES/John-Addams #86 1859 324.00*

* includes rent of farm

NEGROS/John-Adams #86 1858 310.00*

*includes rent of farm

SLAVES/John-Adams #86 3/1/60-3/1/1861 310.00*

*broken down as farm rent at $135 and slave hire at $175

NEGROES/Susannah-Alsup #10 1847 9.37

NEGROES/Susannah-Alsup #10 1848 10.00

NEGROES/Susannah-Alsup #10 1849* 15.00

*year indicated on receipt

BARNEY/Abraham-Bledsoe #420 1835 60.00

WATT/James-W.-Blakey #415 1852 60.00

WATT/James-W.-Blakey #415 1853 120.00

GABE/James-W.-Blakey #415 1852 120.00

GABE/James-W.-Blakey #415 1853 73.00

DICK/James-W.-Blakey #415 1852 45.00

DICK/James-W.-Blakey #415 1853 80.00

BEN/James-W.-Blakey #415 1852 32.00

BEN/James-W.-Blakey #415 1853 60.00

CHARLES/James-W.-Blakey #415 1852 25.00

CHARLES/James-W.-Blakey#415 1853 36.00

AGGY/James-W.-Blakey #415 1852 20.00

AGGY/James-W.-Blakey #415 1853 30.00

SALLY/James-W.-Blakey #415 1852 8.75

SALLY/James-W.-Blakey #415 1853 20.00

GILBERT/James-W.-Blakey #415 1853 13.00

DANIEL/John-R.-Shannon #5943 1838 169.00

DANIEL/John-R.-Shannon #5943 1839 33.83*

*cannot determine if this is entire amount of hire

DANIEL/John-R.-Shannon #5943 1841 68.00

NEGRO GIRL/John-R.-Shannon #5943 B. T. Nowlin 1836 3.00

ISHAM/John-R.-Shannon #5943 Ransom Cates 1836 87.50

ISAC/Richard-Steele #5844 G. DeBruin 1854 150*

*may be a bill of sale instead of hire

NEGRO BOY/C.-B.-Holland #5813 Presley B. Shockley 1854 31.40

NEGRO GIRL/H.-M.-Parrish#5813 Presley B. Shockley 1854 $2/month 7.50

BRAD[BRADSHAW]/Eliza-M.-Simms #5800 1855 9.00

WASH[WASHINGTON]/Eliza-M.-Simms #5800 1855 40.00

HILL/R.-W.-Sims #5799 Mary E. F. Brantly 1852-53 241.00*

*2 years and one month

MARTHA/R.-W.-Sims #5799 Mary E. F. Brantly 1852-52 141.33*

*2 years and one month

TOM/Finis-W.-Shannon #5787 John D. Shannon 1834 80.25

VILET/Finis-W.-Shannon #5787 Anna Shannon 1834 26.00

ISOM/Finis-W.-Shannon* #5787 Ransom Cates 1834 81.25

*listed as ISHAM in inventory

DANIEL[boy]/Finis-W.-Shannon #5787 John P. Campbell 49.00

TOM/Finis-W.-Shannon # 5786 J. Fran__ 1/11/1833 sale 67.00

ISAM/Finis-W.-Shannon #5786 Samuel Mcby 1/11/ 1833 sale 53.00

DANIEL/Finis-W.-Shannon #5786 J. McKey 1/11/ 1833 sale 44.25

AN[N]/Finis-W.-Shannon #5786 Ann Shannon 1/11/ 1833 sale 31.00

SCOTT/W.-P.-Shackelford #5761 1855 70.00

SCOTT/W.-P.-Shackelford #5761 S. Fulbright 1860 140.00

VINA/W.-P.-Shackelford #5761 1855 50.00

VINA/W.-P.-Shackelford #5761 W. Weaver 1860* 50.00

*listed as VENEY on 1860 hire but stricken off with notation "Negro Sick"

VINEY/W.-P.-Shackelford #5761 No date 54.00

RILEY/W.-P.-Shackelford #5761 No date 80.00

FRANK/W.-P.-Shackelford #5761 1855 50.00

FRANK/W.-P.-Shackelford #5761 __ Alexander 1860 130.00

HENRY/W.-P.-Shackelford #5761 1853 40.00

HENRY/W.-P.-Shackelford #5761 1854 75.00

HENRY/W.-P.-Shackelford #5761 1855 100.00*

*listed as 85.00 on another sheet

HENRY/W.-P.-Shackelford #5761 1856 116.50

HENRY/W.-P.-Shackelford #5761 1857 133.00

HENRY/W.-P.-Shackelford #5761 J. Lair 1860 150.00

SLAVES/W.-P.-Shackelford #5761 James Alexander 1860 140.00

SLAVES/W.-P.-Shackelford #5761 John Lair 1860 200.00

SLAVES/W.-P.-Shackelford #5761 Wallis Blackman 1860 75.00

TWO NEGROS/W.-P.-Shackelford #5761 James Alexander 1857 220.00

RILEY/W.-P.-Shackelford #5761 1847 60.00

JUDY/W.-P.-Shackelford #5761 1847 30.00

NEGRO/ ? #5874 1864 34.00

TEMPA/Meriel-M.-Langston #6620 J. W. Chenoweth 1854 65.00*

*agrees to also furnish a blanket worth $2.50, clothing, and pay doctor's bills

5-NEGROES/J. P.-C.-Langston #6620 M. H. Langston 1852 50.00*

*unable to determine total amount of hire

NEGRO BOY/Chatham-Duke#2427 Lucretia A. Bradford*1858 50.00

*believed to be hire purchaser. SEE also 1850 Slave Schedule of Polk Co., Missouri, from Federal Census for further information on slaves of Lucretia Bradford.

NEGRO/Chatham-Duke #2427 Lucretia A. Bradford 1860 2 mths/$9.16 2/3

SIMON/Wm-Fulbright #3170 Henry Fulbright 1844 46.00

SIMON/Wm-Fulbright #3170 Samuel Fulbright 1845 40.00

MATT/Wm-Fulbright #3170 L. C. Fulbright 1844 49.00

MADISON/Wm-Fulbright #3170 E. R. Fulbright 1844 95.00

MADISON/Wm-Fulbright #3170 Samuel Fulbright 1845 70.00

IRVIN/Wm-Fulbright #3170 J. L. Fulbright 1844 30.00

IRVIN/Wm-Fulbright #3170 1845 45.25

TONEY/Wm-Fulbright #3170 Samuel Fulbright 1844 20.00

TONEY/Wm-Fulbright #3170 Samuel Fulbright 1845 35.00

FRANK/Wm-Fulbright #3170 J. T. Williams 1844 20.00

FRANK/Wm-Fulbright #3170 Wilson Fulbright 1845 27.00

JACK/Wm-Fulbright #3170 Henry Fulbright* 1844 19.00

*A Henry Fulbright is noted in Deed Record Book "O," page 43, as being in Izard Co., Arkansas, in 1866. See also NAVE/Henry Fulbright

JACK/Wm-Fulbright #3170 Samuel Fulbright 1845 35.00

WASH/Wm-Fulbright #3170 Saml. Fulbright 1844 40.25

WASH/Wm-Fulbright #3170 E. R. Fulbright 1845 50.00

OSCAR/Wm-Fulbright #3170 Ruthy Fulbright 1844 5.00

OSCAR/Wm-Fulbright #3170 Ruthy Fulbright 1845 10.00

JAKE/Wm-Fulbright #3170 Ruthy Fulbright 1844 20.00

JAKE/Wm-Fulbright #3170 Ruthy Fulbright 1845 20.00

MARIA-&-CHILD/Wm-Fulbright #3170 Ruthy Fulbright 1844 5.00

MARIA-&-CHILD/Wm-Fulbright #3170 Ruthy Fulbright 1845 6.00

DINAH/Wm-Fulbright #3170 Ruthy Fulbright 1844 5.00

DINAH/Wm-Fulbright #3170 Ruthy Fulbright 1845 10.00

SUSAN/Wm-Fulbright #3170 Ruthy Fulbright 1844 *"for vitals & cloths"

HANNAH/Wm-Fulbright #3170 Ruthy Fulbright 1844 35.00

HANNAH/Wm-Fulbright #3170 Ruthy Fulbright 1845 20.00

*A notation stated that the "old woman & three Small children were hired out to the lowest bidder and Ruthy Fulbright being the lowest bidder they were struck of to her at $30.00." This might mean that the bids were for the care of these four slaves and the estate accepted the bid which would cost the estate the least.

NEVISON/Wm-Fulbright #3170 Ruthy Fulbright* 1845 50.00

*At this 1845 hire sale Ruthy Fulbright got hires of RODY & 3 children for $30.00. They are not identified on the inventory.

LOCKE?/Wm-Fulbright #3170 Henry Fulbright 1845 1.00*

*not identified on inventory, possibly child of MARIA

SLAVES/Moses-Foren-[presumably JACK and RACHEL

mentioned in inventory] #3162 1836 Unknown

SAM/Mary-Folden* #3161 James Folden 1846 3 mths/30.00

CHARLES/Mary-Folden* #3161 James Folden 1846 3 mths/30.68 3/4

*A notation stated that SAM and CHARLES were sold 25 days short of hire expiration

GILLAH/Joseph Rudd CCINDEX* Moses Pasley 1846 6.00

*From document found in Circuit Court Cumulative Index 1833-1918, Greene County, Missouri. [folder yet unnumbered] Pasley apparently lived in Jackson township.

ISAAC/John-Heagerty #4053 James M. Moon &

D. W. Wolf 1851 100.00

NEGRO GIRL/Joseph-B.-Herndon #4106 1834 8.00*

*SEE HARIETT/Joseph B. Herndon in slave census above

SLAVES/Felix-Hoover #4131 Junius T. Campbell 1836 85.00

NEGRO GIRL/Felix-Hoover #4131 1837 44.50

NEGRO MAN/Felix-Hoover #4131 1837 10 mths/101.00

NEGRO SLAVES/Felix-Hoover #4131 1842 Unknown

NEGRO SLAVES/Felix-Hoover #4131 1843 Unknown

2-NEGROS/A.-Huff #4153 William Huff ca1850 2 mths/20 days for 20.50

NEGROES/S.-S.-Ingram #4963 Spencer Hooper 1850 37.37 1/2

NEGRO WOMAN/S.-S.-Ingram #4963 1849 25.25

SLAVES/John-H.-Jarnigan #5020 1863 75.00

JAKE/John-H.-Jarnigan #5020 1861 105.05

PETER/John-H.-Jarnigan #5020 1861 18.75

SABE/John-H.-Jennings #5035 1854 45.00

NEGRO WOMAN/John-H.-Jennings #5035 1855 43.50

LILE/John-H.-Jennings #5035 McClure 1854 4.50

SABE/John-H.-Jennings #5035 Wines 1854 4.35*

SABE/John-H.-Jennings #5035 Wines 1854 9.30*

SABE/John-H.-Jennings #5035 Bigbee 1854 15.00*

SABE/John-H.-Jennings #5035 Cayore 1854 15.00*

NAT/John-H.-Jennings #5035 Stephens 1854 21.90*

NAT/John-H.-Jennings #5035 Vinton 1854 20.00*

?/John-H.-Jennings #5035 Naomi Green 1854 5.00*

?/John-H.-Jennings #5035 H. F. Faulkner 1854 70.00*

*unable to determine length of hire of these Jennings' slaves

NEGRO GIRL/John-Roberts #5144 B. T. Nowlin 1837 $1 per wk/$12

NEGRO GIRL/John-Roberts #5144 Joseph Powel 1837* 20.00

*First Monday in Sept-Feb 26, 1837

ALLEN/Townly-Redfern #5111 1840, 41,& 42 Unknown

HAYWOOD/John-S.-Rickets#5134 1849 17.00

HAYWOOD/John-S.-Rickets#5134 Unknown 79.63

HAYWOOD/John-S.-Rickets#5134 Unknown 30.00

NEGRO WOMAN/John-S.-Rickets* #5134 1849 12.50

*This negro woman is probably MINERVA

SLAVE/John S. Rickets #5134 Wm. McFarland 1848 6.75 mth

SLAVE/John-Looney #6653 John Roberson 1840 1 mth/ 15.00

SLAVE/John-Looney #6653 John Roberson 1840 3 mths/ 49.50

SLAVES/John-Looney #6653 John Lair 1840 17.11 *

*unknown period

SLAVE/John-Looney #6653 John Lair 1840 or 41 3 mths/ 42.00

2-SLAVES/John-Looney #6653 R. K. Payne 1840 57.50

BLACK GIRL/John-Looney #6653 Polly Looney/widow ca1840 3 mths/6.00*

*With this notation are other small amounts relating to hires

LEWIS/Dicy-Langston #6644 M. E. Langston 1840 15.00*

LEWIS/Dicy-Langston #6644 William R. Brit 1841 78.00

LEWIS/Dicy-Langston #6644 Unknown 1842 50.00

LEWIS/Dicy-Langston #6644 M. E. Langston 1860 50.00

EDY/Dicy-Langston #6644 J. P. C. Lanston 1841 5.00

EDY/Dicy-Langston #6644 "Not able to attend a the place of hiring" 1842

EDY/Dicy-Langston #6644 M. E. Langston 1860 7.00

MARIAH/Dicy-Langston #6644 Ephraigm Massey 1841 30.50

MARIAH/Dicy-Langston #6644 Unknown 1842 26.37 1/2

MARIAH/Dicy-Langston #6644 J. P. C. Langston 1860 10.50

HENRY/Dicy-Langston #6644 R. M. Langston 1841 31.00

HENRY/Dicy-Langston #6644 Unknown 1842 35.00

HENRY/Dicy-Langston #6644 Unknown 1860 10.00

SLAVES/J. P. C. Langston InventAp* Unknown 1854 Unknown

*SEE Inventories, Appraisements, and Sale Bill Record Book 1854-1860, page 8, Greene County, Missouri, Probate.

MARGARET/G.-W.-&-E.-Younger #11221-A 1859 19.00

JOSEPHUS/G.-W.-&-E.-Younger #11221-A 1859 About 9 mths/ 93.25

NEGRO/Joseph-Weaver* #10395 Year of 1854 325.00

NEGRO/Joseph-Weaver* #10395 Year of 1855 325.00

*Could be ABE mentioned in estate

NEGRO BOY/J.-L.-Williams#10347 1847 5 wks/ $1.25

DANIEL/Kindred-Rose #10347 J. T. Williams 1851 93.50

NEGRO GIRL/Kindred-Rose#10347 J. T. Williams 1851 2 mths/ 2.50

WASHINGTON/Thomas-Prunty #10347 J. T. Williams 1846 $2/mth Oct- Dec. 25*

*Prunty further stated that "if you think the charge too high discharge him and send him home.

Williams sent WASHINGTON back on November 30, 1846, paying $3.25 for 1 month and 19 days less credit "By 1 pare of Shoes."

NEGRO*/Marcus-Boyd #10347 J. T. Williams 1846 & 1847 $1 per wk/$11.00

*See CHARLEY BOYD/Boyd Family? in Slave census for possible connection. SEE Circuit Court Files Addendum Folder S/F012.

NEGRO GIRL/Richard-Steel #10347 J. T. Williams 1846 "4 wks/$1/wk" 4.00

NEGRO BOY/ H. R. Jarrett #10347 J. T. Williams 1847 "5 wks/$1 mth"

4-NEGRO MEN/Joseph-Weaver #10252 B. F. But___ 1853 700.00

PHILLIP, TEMPA, MARTHA/Joseph-Weaver #10252 Martha E. Weaver 1853 165.00

ALLEN & EASTER/Joseph-Weaver #10252 R. B. Weaver 1853 50.00

RUTHA/Joseph-Weaver #10252 Joseph Farrier 1853 35.00

SITTY/Joseph-Weaver #10252 J. J. Weaver 1853 30.00

TEMPA, FORTUNE & ANDY/Joseph-Weaver* #10252 part/1852 51.30

*TEMPA hired in 1854 for $65.00. Five other Weaver slaves, not listed by name, also hired out in 1854. Sheet found in probate file #10251.

WOMAN/John-Weaver #10238 J. G. Vaughn 1854 7 mths/ 10.00

WOMAN-&-2-CHILDREN/John-Weaver #10238 W. A. Law__ 1854 7.00

MAN/John-Weaver #10238 W. A. Lawing 1854 7 mths/ 63.00

WOMAN-&-3-CHILDREN/John-Weaver #10238 A. Fielding 1854 7.00

OLD WOMAN/John-Weaver#10238 John R. Weaver 1854 7.00

WOMAN/John-Weaver #10238 C. S. Farmer 1854 $4-mth/30.00

SLAVES/Judith-E.-Weaver #10223 1863 617.00*

*length of hires and number of slaves unknown

CELIA/Wm-Chapman #1665 1844 12.50

LOUISA/Wm-Chapman #1546 1844 13.00

LOUISA/Wm-Chapman #1546 1849 16.79

LEWIS/Wm-Chapman #1665 John Mathew 1842

LEWIS/Wm-Chapman #1665 John S. Wills 1843 79.00

LEWIS/Wm-Chapman #1546 1844 80.00

LEWIS/Wm-Chapman #1665 1845 118.00*

*LEWIS and LOUISA were hired together and this amount if for both

LEWIS/Wm-Chapman #1546 1847 191.50*

*LEWIS and LOUISA were hired together and this amount is for both

LEWIS/Wm-Chapman #1546 1848 180.00*

*LEWIS and LOUISA were hired together and this amount is for both

LEWIS/Wm-Chapman #1546 1849 170.00

LEWIS/Wm-Chapman #1546 1850 175.00

LEWIS/Wm-Chapman #1546 1851 175.00

LEWIS/Wm-Chapman #1546 1853 225.00

EDMOND/Wm-Chapman* #1665 Dixon 1843 71.00

*see references for ENOS also. The two were sometimes hired together

EDMON/Wm-Chapman #1546 1850 201.00*

*the full amount for the year is probably 300.00

REUBEN/Wm-Chapman #1665 E. Fulbright 1843 61.50

REUBEN/Wm-Chapman #1665 1844 55.00

REUBEN/Wm-Chapman #1546 1850 32.62 *

*represents one half of the hire

REUBEN/Wm-Chapman #1546 1851 32.62 *

*represents one half of the hire amount

REUBEN/Wm-Chapman #1546 1852 75.00

REUBEN/Wm-Chapman #1546 1853 37.50*

*probably a share of the entire amount

ENOS/Wm-Chapman #1665 Summer 1841 20.68

ENOS/Wm-Chapman #1665 J. Lair 1843 69.50*

*this hire is for both ENOS and CHARITY hired by J. Lair in 1843

ENOS/Wm-Chapman #1546 John Kimbrough 1844 102.00*

* this hire is for both ENOS and EDMON apparently hired by John Kimbrough

ENOS/Wm-Chapman #1546 1846 115.00*

*this hire is for both ENOS and EDMON

ENOS/Wm-Chapman #1546 1847 129.00*

*this hire is for both ENOS and EDMON

ENOS/Wm-Chapman #1546 1848 155.00*

*this hire is for both ENOS and EDMON

ENOS/Wm-Chapman #1546 1849 232.50*

*this hire is for both ENOS and EDMON

ENOS/Wm-Chapman #1546 1850 150*

*Lair & Kimbrough apparently recovered $75.75 of ENOS' hire "because of his sickness & death."

SLAVES/Wm-Chapman #1546 1852 259.00

CHARITY/Wm-Chapman #1665 J. Lair 1843

SENA/Wm-Chapman #1665 J. T. Campbell 1843 12.77

SENA/Wm-Chapman #1546 Probably 1850 6.06*

*"One half of a note, (including Interest,) on G. M. Gibson" who apparently hired SENA

SENA/Wm-Chapman #1546 1851 6.00*

*represents one half of the hire amount

SENY/Wm-Chapman #1546 1853 10.00*

*probably only a share of the entire amount

GIRL/Wm-Chapman #1665 S. W. Meritt 1843 14.75

NEGROES/Wm-Chapman #1665 unknown 1842 375.75

SINDY/Wm-Chapman*1 #1546 1853 7.50*2

*1Possibly LUCINDA from inventory in probate #1665

*2 probably only a share of the entire amount

JOHN/Wm-Chapman #1546 probably 1850 5.05*1/9.50*2

*1 "One half of a note, (including Interest,) on Y. A. Anderson" who hired JOHN

*2 A half interest in JOHN listed at 9.50 for same year on another sheet

JOHN/Wm-Chapman #1546 1851 9.50*

*represents one half of the hire amount

NEGRO/Wm-Purselly #8520 Thomas. B. Neaves 1844 8.50

NEGRO/Wm-Purselly #8520 Unknown 1846 Unknown

NEGRO/Wm-Purselly #8520 Robert Small 1844 20.00

NEGRO/Wm-Purselly #8520 Unknown 1846 Unknown

NEGRO/Wm-Purselly #8520 Joseph Jones 1844 11.25

NEGRO/Wm-Purselly #8520 Unknown 1846 Unknown

NEGRO/Wm-Purselly #8520 Thomas Hodgs 1844 35.00

NEGRO/Wm-Purselly #8520 Unknown 1846 Unknown

NEGRO/Wm-Chapman #8520 Wm McFarland 1844 110.00*

*also includes rent of mill and distillery

NEGRO/Wm-Chapman #8520 Unknown 1846 Unknown

NEGRO/Wm-Chapman #8520 Marthy Purselley 1844 16.00

NEGRO/Wm-Chapman #8520 Unknown 1846 Unknown*

*It was noted that 8 slaves were hired out in 1846.

LEWIS/Addison-Purselly #8515 1851 4.50

LEWIS/Addison-Purselly #8515 1852 4.50

LEWIS/Purselly-Heir #8517 R. D. Dillard 1859 160.00

NEGRO BOY/James-Purselley #8517 1852 60.00

NEGRO/Addison-Purselly #8517 1848 35.00

NEGRO/Addison-Purselly #8517 1848 14.25

NEGRO/Purselly-Heir #8517 1853 75.00

NEGRO/Purselly-Heir #8517 1858 120.00

NEGRO/Purselly-Heir #8517 1858 140.00

NEGRO/Purselly-Heir #8517 1851 60.00

NEGRO/Purselly-Heir #8517 1851 57.50

NEGRO/Purselly-Heir #8517 1859 100.00

SLAVE/Purselly-Heir #8517 1855 125.00

BEN/Joseph-Powell #8501-A 1850-51 70.00

BEN/Joseph-Powell #8501-A 1853 100.00

VIOLET/Benjamin-F.-Perryman #8473 1845 35.00

DAVID/Benjamin-F.-Perryman #8473 1844 50.00

SLAVES/C.-S.-Yancy #11134 1857 332.00

MAN-&-GIRL/C.-S.-Yancy #11134 N. S. Norfleet 1859 140.00

SMALL GIRLl/C.-S.-Yancy #11134 Lamb 1859 25.00

SMALL GIRL/C.-S.-Yancy #11134 Whorten 1859 75.00

BOY/C.-S.-Yancy #11134 L. A. D. Crenshaw 1859 110.00.

HIRAM/A.-L.-Yarbrough #11133 1855 66.00

SLAVES/A.-L.-Yarbrough #11133 1860 90.00[?]

SCOOT/W. L.-Shackelford #11132 A. L. Yarbrough 1852 32.50

ARTHUR/Leonidas-C.-Campbell #1460 J. P. Campbell 1850 229.18 3/4*

*hire for 22 months.

GEORGE/Leonidas-C.-Campbell #1460 J. P. Campbell 1850 33.00

*hire for 22 months

MARY/Leonidas-C.-Campbell #1460 J. P. Campbell 1850 22.00*

*hire for 22 months

CAROLINE/Leonidas-C.-Campbell #1460 J. P. Campbell 1850 22.00*

*hire for 22 months

WOMAN & CHILDREN/James-C.-Turner #9961 M. C. King 1854 50.00

SLAVES/James-C.-Turner #9961 1854 160.50

2-NEGRO CHILDREN/James-C.-Turner #9961 8 wks in 1854 8.00

NEGRO/James-C.-Turner #9961 Turner 1859 120.00

NEGRO/James-C.-Turner #9961 B. W. Henslee 1855 11.25*

*"for hire of a negro to wait on a sick negro"

BOY/J.-H.-Miller #1519 folder II John H. Caynor&Co 1858 & 1859 58.00

NEGRO GIRL/Elijah-E.-Chrisman* #1527 Ca1859 26.00

*possibly EMELINE mentioned in inventory

NEGROS/Elijah-E.-Chrisman #1527 Ca1859 187.00

HENRY/Nathan-Boone #150-A I. J. Edmonson 1856 30.50*

*slave also provided with a "suit of Cloths"

HENRY/Nathan-Boone #150-A Alen Edmonson 1859 67.66*

*for 4 months 25 days at $14 per month

REUBEN/Nathan-Boone #150-A Olive Boone 1859 70.00*

*at $14 per month

PRESTON/Nathan-Boone #150-A Henry McKinley 1856 22.50*

*slave also provided with a "suit of Cloths"

PRESTON/Nathan-Boone #150-A G. W. Hancock 1859 8.00*

*one month

PRESTON/Nathan-Boone #150-A G. W. Hancock 1859 ` 56.00*

*4 months at $14 per month

WILLIAM/Nathan-Boone #150-A A. S. Clinton 1856 10.00*

*slave also provided with a "suit of Cloths"

WILL/Nathan-Boone #150-A A. S. Clinton 1859 20.00*

*5 months at $4 per month

JOHN/Nathan-Boone #150-A B. H. Boone 1856 14.50*

*slave also provided with a "suit of Cloths."

JOHNSON/Nathan-Boone #150-A B. H. Boone 1859 30.00*

*5 months at $6 per month

CORK/Nathan-Boone #150-A James Boone 1856 22.50*

*slave also provided with a "suit of Cloths"

CORK/Nathan-Boone #150-A James Boone 1859 50.00*

*5 months at $10 per month

PETER/Nathan-Boone #150-A F. T. Frazier 1856 0000*

*slave provided with a "suit of Cloths" The hire is zero

PETER/Nathan-Boone #150-A F. T. Frazier 1859 301.66*

*this is hire of both PETER and RALL including "Victuals & Cloths"

RAULIN/Nathan-Boone #150-A J. E. B. Justice 1856 0000*

*slave provided with a "suit of Cloths" The hire amount is zero

RALL/Nathan-Boone #150-A F. T. Frazier 1859 301.66*

*this is hire of both RALL and PETER including "Victuals & Cloths"

ANN & 2 CHILDREN/Nathan-Boone #150-A Alfred Hossman 1856 1.50*

*slave also provided with a "suit of Cloths"

NEGROES/D.-D.-Berry #429 1862 20.00*

*might be a partial payment

NEGROES/D.-D.-Berry #429 1865 42.00

NEGROES/D.-D.-Berry #429 1866 45.00*

* "7 Months Rent of Negroes 1866 45 00"

SLAVES*/Wm-Steele #5842 1853 14.06

*Steele had two slaves, WILEY and RHODA This hire, or unknown duration, may be for one or both

SLAVES/Wm-Steele #5842 1854 38.75*

*Slaves hired for unknown period of time

NEGRO/John Griffis #3554 C. W. & L. Hoopes 1845? 15.65

HARRY/John Griffis #3554 Josiah Burney 3-11-1842 51.25*

*Probably sale of hire for one year

ESTHER/John Griffis #3554 Josiah Burney 3-11-1842 11.12 1/2*

*Probably sale of hire for one year

HANNAH/John Griffis #3554 Lewis Hospes 3-11-1842 21.25*

*Probably sale of hire for one year

LUCINDA/John Griffis #3554 Nathan Abernathy 3-11-1842 14.50*

*Probably sale of hire for one year

MACK/John Griffis #3554 John S. Kimbro 3-11-1842 80.00*

*Probably sale of hire for one year

TARLTON/John Griffis #3554 S. L. Gilleland*1 3-11-1842 76.00*2

*1In his will, #686 in Greene County, Missouri, Probate Court dated October 12, 1843, a Strawther L. Gilliland mentions John Griffis as being an adjacent neighbor.

*2Probably sale of hire for one year

PETER/John Griffis #3554 Nathan Abernathy 3-11-1842 12.25*

*Probably sale of hire for one year

SAM*1/Ann Hawkins #4082/1843 3-26-1845 *2

*1This SAM is the same person as SAMUEL HENRY/Ann Hawkins.

*2SAM was offered for hire at the auction but there were no bidders.

SAM/Ann Hawkins #4082/1843 A. Maurice 1847 15*

*On a receipt for "Hawkins Vouchers Allowed Jany 1847" is a notation for "1 Boy" which seems to refer to the hire of SAM for either 1846 or 1847.


Ann Hawkins #4082/1843 William B. Griffis 3-26-1845 .55*2

*This QUEEN MARY is the same person as MARY/Ann Hawkins.

*2At the sale of Ann Hawkins' effects, MARY brought .55 for five months hire.


Ann Hawkins #4082/1843 W. B. Griffith 1847 16.50*

*On a receipt is the notation "1 girl" which seems to refer to this hire.

IRA/Samuel K. Cotter Harvey*/1855 Joseph C. Harvey 1855 125.00

*This hire reference found in Joseph C. Harvey probate in Jasper County Records Center, Carthage, Missouri. Harvey lived in the Cave Springs area on the Jasper/Lawrence County line.



Other paper records include petitions for partition referred to as division. Heirs would ask the probate court to allow the slaves of an estate to either be sold or divided among the heirs. Heirs not receiving a slave or slaves would then be compensated by the heirs receiving them. Partitions would occur when slaves could not be equally divided among heirs. By inheritance five people could each receive one slave if the estate consisted of five slaves. But if the estate only possessed three slaves partition was the only equitable solution. Heirs of David H. Bedell, file #400, petitioned the Probate & Common Pleas Court of Greene County to divide 9 slaves. Heirs were each entitled to a one seventh part. Heirs of James W. Blakey, #415, requested division of "all the Slave property belong to the estate" in 1854. A report of commissioners appointed "to make partition"in Dicy Langston's probate, #6644, stated a similar case; "There are four Slaves & the No. Of Heirs are Six."








LUCY & MANDY/Elijah C. Webb estate* To Paulina & J. T. T. Hatcher

JACOB & SARAH/Elijah C. Webb estate* To John C. Webb

PETER & SAM/Elijah C. Webb estate* To Benjamin Webb

JANE & DINE/Elijah C. Webb estate* To Juliette K. & William P. Davis

CARROLL & JEAN/Elijah C. Webb estate* To Benjamin C. Webb as guardian of James T. Webb

JULIA & HARRIETT/Elijah C. Webb estate* To Ann E. Webb

JOHN/Elijah C. Webb estate* To William J. Webb

*Partition of May 30, 1860, in Jasper County Court Book "D," page 130-131.

GRANVILLE To Elijah H. Webb





Slaves were taxed in the same manner as other personal property but records indicate they were not treated as such. Numerous receipts document medical treatment for various individuals. There are also receipts for funeral expenses for deceased slaves.

Included are listings of medical or funeral accounts listing the doctor or medical attendant, date, patient and/or type of service with probate file number and cost. Sometimes birth and death dates of slaves can be found in these records.

Medical provider Date Description/probate # Cost

B. A. Barrett October 11-13, 1863 Black Girl at Colmans/#420 $3.00

Wm. Dye March 19, 1836 Negro girl hired by Mrs. Elizabeth Wilson/#7365*

*"the negro girl hired...died on the 17th day of December 1834...was furnished with a dress and a sheet ..and was decently buried in a coffin made by myself." This girl was named BETSY. She was owned by William Marshall. A receipt in his file #7365 stated "rec sisteen Dollars for loss of Negro Girl Betsy by death on the 17th December 1834."

C. D. Terrill April 1834 Negro child/#7365 6.50

G P Shackelford August 1, 1841 Black Girl/#8407 6.60

C. D. Terrill January 3, 1835 Negro/#10269 .50*

*charge for bleeding

G. P & Wm. Shackelford January 1859 Negro Girl/#7349 1.00

William Denby July 6, 1863 Negro woman#7044 1.00

C. Perkins May 11, 1850 DOLPHIN/#5780 [may not be a slave] 5.00

Bender & McMasters April 25, 1850 JENNETTE/#5780 6.00

C. Perkins August 4, 1849 Black girl/#5780 3.00

Wm. C. Caldwell August 16, 1861 Negro/#579 8.00

Harriett Burns February 14, 1861 Negro woman/#501 6 wks- 19.50

John Mallory September 28, 1841 Family of negros/#488* 5.00

*"To sending for Doctor Sundry time & my attention to her family of negros"

A. B. Ewing September 1841 TOM[cut hand]/#488* 14.50

*In these accounts of Hannah Brooks' estate it is unclear if her slaves are in Greene County or in Williamson County, Tennessee.

Eliza M. Sims 1855 ADISON/#475 [support/clothing] 62.50

Jane M. Adams 1860 PHILLIS*/#86 "taking care of old negro woman" 150.00

*a woman named PHILLIS is listed as age 70 on inventory

Administrator 1849 "Childbed fees" /#10 5.50

R. C. Prunty March 15 & 18,1852 "Visit & medicine for negro & self"/#415 4.50

H. M. Parrish August 5, 1852 "Visit & Med. Negro Child"/#415 2.00

P. C. Beal July 30, 1854 "Coffin for black boy"/#415 8.00

Wm. B. Ly___ & Co August 11, 1857 "Buring Cloths for Blk Boy Gabe"/#415 1.45

C. D. Terrell July 20, 1835 "visit to old negro woman"/#5943 5.00

Goodall & Wooten September 8, 1859 "visit Blk Man & medicine"/#5844 3.50

Goodall & Wooten September 16, 1859 "To visit Blk Boy & med"/#5844 3.00

M. M. McCluer May 1854 "visit to negro child"

"1 vial Syrrup"/#5799 5.00

J. W. Langston April 25, 1863 "Coffin for black womman Eva" /#6610 5.00

J. W. Langston May 28, 1863 "Care of old black woman named Eda"/#6610 36.00

J. S. Philps July 8, 1841 "Bording of Sick Black woman & child" 2 months/#8407 16.00

G. P. Shackelford August 1841 "Medical attention to Black Girl"/#8407 6.50

Wm. Parrish* 1840 "one see Sick negros"/#8407 2.00

*William Parrish, guardian of the estate, referred to slaves as "survents"

T. K. Miller July 23,1857 "visit & med to black boy"/#8110 1.00

T. K. Miller August 21, 1857 "pills & anodyne drops to Black boy"/#8411 1.00

T. K. Miller October 13, 1857 "Visit & medicin to black boy"/#8411 1.00

F. Cole 1859 "1 visit Black child" "medicine Black Boy"/#2427 1.50/1.00

? ? [ca 1845] October 1-15 visits, "Physic", and medicine for Black Child/ #3170 5.00

P. Beve 1843 "To Making one Coffin for negro"/#3170 3.00

Martha Woods 1841 "My services as midwife with rachel a negro woman"/#3162 .50

Wm. C. Caldwell October 24 & 25, 1861 "Visit med & pr"[prescription ?] /#4072 1.75

Wills & Spa____ August 28, 1852 "To Medical attention pr Black Girl" 1.50

Shackelford & Farrier Sept. 20, 1842 "Medicines for the boy Tom"/#6265 2.57

Wilson Hackney 1843 "to taking care of boy Tom when sick 6 weeks"/#6265 12.00

Wilson Hackney 1843 "to taking care of boy Overton"/#6265* 2.00

*See OVERTON/John Kimbrough for possible connection.

Catherine Herelson July 1846 "practice... birth of a Negro child"#11117 3.00

P. Beale & Co September 9, 1852 "Coffin for black boy"/#10252 7.00*

*Presley Beale made coffins for many people including Nathaniel Lyon, killed at Wilson's Creek.

B. A. Barrett October 1860 "Medical attention to a Black Girl Elizabeth"/#10238 25.00

John Mathews 1843 "medical service Negro boy Lewis"/#1665

Unknown 1844 "Care of Enos when sick"/#1665 38.00

G. P. & W. L. Shackelford 1839 "visit med Black Boy"/#1665 3.50

Bailey & Williams 1845 medicine & visits to "N Boy" and "N girl"/#1592 3.00

Mrs. Blackman February 1, 1850 "Midwife fee for...negro Girl, Louisa"#1546 3.00

Mrs. Blackman August 27, 1854 "Mid-wife fee for Slave Louisa"/#1546 2.00

Mrs. Blackman 1852 "Midicene & attention done in 1852"/#1546 1.00

John Lair January 15, 1854 "burial expences of ...Edmon"/ #1546 10.10

G. P. Shackelford 1848 "Medical attention to ...Slave Edmon"/#1546 3.50

Dr. Parrish 1851 "Medical attention to Enos in his sickness"/#1546 9.00

Mrs. Blackman 1851 "For boarding & Doctoring Enos"/#1546 40.00*

*notation that this was for 56 days

A. W. Maupin 1851 "making coffin for Enos"/#1546 6.00

Chapman estate 1846 care and support of CATY, an aged slave/#1546 3.89 3/4*

*support from only one of the heirs

Chapman estate 1844 Care and support of CATY, an aged slave/#1546 5.00*

*support from only one of the heirs

Dr. Parrish 1846 "medical attendance on ...negro boy Edmon"/#1546 5.00

Terrell & Polk 1836 "Extracting tooth for negro"/#9745 .50

P. J. Brown 1846 "Medical services in attending on Negro boy Ned"/#8520 1.20

D. J. Burks 1855 "Prescription&med for N Man"/#8517 1.00

D. J. Burks 1855 "Visit N Man at Biglow&med"/#8517 3.50

John E. Newton 1861 "Coffin for Negro Woman"/#8513 8.00

E. T. Robberson 1857 "treating black boy (Mart) in the year 1860"/#9961 100.25*

*Mart's treatment is a portion of this bill

Stephen Blackman 1854 Visits and medicine to negro woman and boy/#1516 15.00

N. A. Davis 1849 "Services in care sick negro girl"/#1521 4.45

Goodall & Wooten 1860 "To call & med Blk woman"/#1518 1.00

A. J. Clinton August 10-17, 1854 visits and medicine for "Negro Boys"/#1519 10.00

Jemima Zumwalt ca1856-3 months "Bording & attending a Sick Girl with 2 Children" 36.00*

*this bill is for the slave, ANN. SEE inventory and appraisement record book for details.

A. S. Clinton May 28 & July 11, 1856 "Visit negro girl," medicine and attendence 3.50

A. S. Clinton January 28, 1857 "Visit negro girl and medicine" 2.00

A. S. Clinton April 10-June 21, 1857 visits and medicine for negro girl 11.50

H. M. Parrish Feb. 23, 1849 "Visit & Med. Two Negro Women"/10252 2.50

H. M. Parrish Feb. 24, 1849 "Visit & Med. Two Negro Women"/10252 2.50

H. M. Parrish Feb. 25, 1849 "Visit & Med. Two Negro Women"/10252 2.50

H. M. Parrish Sept. 18, 1850 "Visit & Med. Negro"/10252 2.35

H. M. Parrish May 11, 1851 "Extracting four teeths Negro Rutha"/10252 2.00

W. P. Shackelford 1842 "Medicine & Attention to Black Boy (Primus)"/#3554 30.00

Alex Horn March 25, 1842 "To Furnishing Coffin for Slave"/#3554 8.00

John McElhannon May 26, 1842 "To making Coffin"/#3554 6.00

John McElhannon May 26, 1842 "Burrying negro"/#3554 4.00

G. P. Shackelford February 15, 1842 "Visit consultation Black Boy"/#3554 5.00





Clothing for slaves was another expense revealed in probate files. There are also other items purchased for slaves in files. Slave and owner names appear in these types of records


Date Description Probate # Cost

July 31, 1841 7 yards of White linsy for Negro Girl #8407 $3.50

December 1851 "To C[l]othing for the Negro Benton" #7457-A 11.22 1/4

1851 "A List of Clothing Bought for Benton" #7457-A 13.02

1854 "Three Dollars 25 cts for making Negroes Cloths"* #450 3.25

*Bill of James Clay

1854 "thirty cts for cutting coat for Negro man Richard"* #450 .30

*Bill of Isabella Gallaher

1854 "Three Dollars 25cts for making Negros Clothing"* #450 3.50

*Bill of Ambrose Foster

1854 "Act Shackelford for blank__ for negro girl" #86 4.00

1853 "7 lbs of wool for old mareah children" #415 2.50

1853 "Pair of shoes" #415 1.50

1853 "Clothing & Shoes furnished for the Black Children" #5799 2.43 3/4

1847 "1 pr Shoes Negro boy Riley" #5761 1.00

1859 "Paid Shoes 125" "Jack-Sims-Collered"* #8464 1.25

*This is from the "goods, wares, and merchandise" of Elijah Perkins, "a person of unsound mind." This probate file, #8464, contains store accounts. One is for "Milly-Black- woman" for $5.60. Another is for Amos "Black man" for $18.29. Another document listed Amos as "(Tillers-Blk-Boy)." On this sheet is also listed Franky "(old Blk woman)." The next entry is for "Jack, Sims boy" for $1.30 which refers to the receipt noted.

1838 "for negro clothing"* #8407 17.87 1/2

*13 yds linsy/$6.75, 3 "pare shouse for saim" $4.00, 11 blankets for $6.00, and "3 half hoose for saim" $1.12 1/2.

1856 "Shoes for negroes Oct 29th 1856" #2370 4.00

1848 "one under bed for black woman" #4131 1.00

Ca1848 "Commission & Care of Negro woman & children" #5134 100.00

Ca1848 "Sewing furnished Negro man" #5134 1.00

Jan. 1848 "Shoes, Jeans, tweed, Buttons thread Linsey & c for Negro Haywood"* #5134 4.82

*SEE HAYWOOD/John S. Rickets.

October 1, 1851 "for washen clothing and bording for [?] of negro" #5134 4.00 1.00*

*only part of bill may be for "negro" expense

December 28, 1859 "Clothing for Abe" #10395* 6.50

*this account seems to be seen in a sheet dated 1859 in #10228, Arch C. White's probate,

December 30, 1853 "Shoes for...Lewis" #1546 1.25

January 1, 1854 "Medicines & Sear cloth for Lewis" #1546 .75

1845 "John Kimbro[Kimbrough] for Extra clothing furnished...Edmond"* #1546 5.00

*"he having come from the hands of the Admr. too naked to go to work."

1859 "Pr Shoes Negro Girl" #11134 1.25

1859 "Clothing nigros Dec the 23d 1854" due J. W. Hancock #9961 2.00

1848 "2 blankets bought of D. Johnson and C o for negro woman Sena" #1521 2.75

1855 "Boarding and Clothing two negro children" due B. H. Boone #1512 10.00

ca1856 "Making 29 Garments Negro" due Jemima Zumwalt #150-A 7.25

1862 "3 pr Shoes for Negroes 2.50" #429 7.50

1863 "1 pr Shoes for Negro Woman" #429 1.50

1852 "1 pr Heavy Negro Shoes" #10252 1.40

1842 "One Rounabout Coat for a Negro Man" #3554 .75




There are a few documents that don't fit into any of the previous categories. There is a receipt in file #501 from a man from St. Louis dated December 14, 1861. He received a reward of $25 for the arrest of Isaac a slave belonging to the estate of James Burns. It was paid by John S. Phelps presumably lawyer for the estate.* J. S. Bigbee acknowledged receipt of ten dollars "for my servises as cryar [auctioneer] off of a certin lot of negros sold" on January 4, 1854 in file #450. On February 1, 1854 he served as "Cryar" at another sale. He sold the slaves of John Adams, probate file #86, charging $12.00 for his services. W. H. Graves charged $1.50 for advertising the sale of slaves of Robert W. Sims estate, file #5799. Bigbee charged $5.00 for crying this sale also.

Here are some other miscellaneous costs related to slavery :

"Jan 9-1849-for sale of 'Negro Man'- $2.00" on printed receipt of Warren H. Graves Probate file #5134 of John S. Rickets.

"Recd of Isaac Looney...three dollars for publishing notice of the Sale of Negroes four weeks Stary & Mckenner May 4th 1840." Probate file #6653

"March 31st [1853] Paid Alva Lee his Slaves board while making rails - 5.00." Probate file #1546. Another .80 was paid to "Kinser" for slave board while making rails.

"Paid to negro for Digging grave $2.00" from James C. Turner's probate #9961

"Ocbober 22, 1862 Cash paid Joseph Hodges (overseer) 100.00" from D. D. Berry's probate file #429

"January 13, 1863 Expense Moving Negroes & furniture to Memphis 30 00" from D. D. Berry's probate file #429

*In 1856 John Phelps owned 9 slaves with a taxable value of $4400. A slave named George is mentioned in the R. I. Holcombe 1883 History of Greene County Missouri. [name added to slave name listing.]

In 1858 the assessed valuation of all taxable property in Greene County was $3, 882,045. Slaves made up $749,550 of that total; or just under 20 percent. Fifteen hundred and eight-nine slaves were valued at approximately $470 each. Besides being a taxable resource for the county, slaves provided a workforce for area farms and served as income producers for their owners when hired out.







Amanda/John Adams Estate 1855 S/F001*

*Caswell S. Williams claims possession of Amanda, aged 13 in 1850, from Thomas Tiller and James Alexander.

SEE Aman/John Adams in Slave Census.

Mary/William T. Bufford* 1843 S/F002

*Mary, also know as Mary Mariah Jeff or Jefferson, formerly the slave of Mather McClain Sr of Henderson Co, Kentucky, and freed by him, claims she was brought by Mather McClain Jr to Graves Co., Kentucky, sold to Wm. B. Edwards of Niangua Co., Missouri, and sold again to Wm. T. Bufford of Greene County.


Jefferson/? 1843 S/F002

Mariah/? 1843 S/F002

Jerry or Jermiah/? 1843 S/F002

McAdams, Lewis "Colored"* 1867 S/F003

*Listed in the Union Camp Ground Cemetery Association burial listing, Greene County, MO.

Rector, J. H. [wife, Celia Jane] 1867 S/F003

Rector, Celia Jane* 1867 S/F003

*Claims to be Celia Jane Danforth, daughter of John Danforth and "a Colored woman Eliza Hackiny [Hackney ?], and entitled to part of the estate.

Hackiney [Hackney], Eliza 1867 S/F003

Weaver, Malinda "Colored"* 1868 S/F004

*Claims to have been raped by William A. Phillips.

Logan, Francis "Colored" 1868 S/F004

Tilley, Joseph*[recently freed] 1865 S/F005

*Claiming damages from John B. Dent who may be from Washington Co., Arkansas. Dent may have been Joseph Tilley's owner at one time.


Frank 1865 S/F005

Ned 1865 S/F005

Mariah 1865 S/F005

Charlotte 1865 S/F005

Newton/Widow Edmondson* 1862 S/F006

*SEE Rachel/Joseph Powell in Slave Census.

SEE Newton Edmonson/? In Slave Census.

Violet/John G. Perryman* 1858 S/F007

*Charles Wadlow is suing Perryman claiming that after he bought Violet & child he found Violet to be unsound in body.

SEE Violet/Sarah Perryman in Slave Census.

Aaron/John G. Perryman [Violet's child] 1858 S/F007

Ann/George T. Bartlett* 1856 S/F008

*Ann, aged 12, was sold to William P. Johnson of Jasper Co., Missouri. Bartlett was from Newton County.

Mary/William J. Buffard* 1844 S/F009

*Part of case in S/F002

SEE S/F002

Margaret/Louisa T. Campbell* 1855 S/F010

*John Polk Campbell's widow claims ownership of mulatto girl, Margaret, aged about 14, from possession of Samuel W. Sprowl.

Slave/James Alexander 1855 S/F011*

*illegal sale of weapon

Drew/** 1847 S/F012

Abram/ 1847 S/F012

Lige/John Looney* 1847 S/F012

*SEE Lige/John Looney in Slave Census

Mahalah/ 1847 S/F012

'Old' John Haden["a slave"]/ 1847 S/F012

Nancy/R. W. Sims* 1847 S/F012

*SEE Nancy/R. W. Sims in Slave Census for possible connection.

Yellow John/ 1847 S/F012

Titus/ 1847 S/F012

Wife of Titus/ 1847 S/F012

James or Jim Sims[a slave]/R. W. Sims* 1847 S/F012

*SEE Yellow Boy Jim/R. W. Sims in Slave Census

Finis/ 1847 S/F012

Horace Layton[a slave]/ 1847 S/F012

Virgil Parish[a slave]/ 1847 S/F012

Moses Yancy[?]/C. S. Yancy* 1847 S/F012

*SEE Moses/C. S. Yancy in Slave Census

Edgar/ 1847 S/F012

Charley Boyd[a slave]/

**This case, where Drew, a slave, is being tried in Circuit Court for poisoning another slave, is unusual in that slaves are being deposed as witnesses. They are also making their marks to these depositions, sometimes also using surnames in addition to given names. Rarely, before the Civil War, did this seem to occur.

Jeff or Jefferson/* 1843 S/F013

Jerry or Jeremiah/* 1843 S/F013

Mariah/* 1843 S/F013

Mary Mariah Jeff or Jefferson/* 1843 S/F013

*This case is related to S/F002 involving William T. Bufford..

SEE S/F002.

Milly Sawyers[free woman of color]/* 1834 S/F014

*Fifteen years previous to case Milly Sawyers claims her owner, Moses Bigsby, took her from Virginia to Ohio, a free state, and thereby made her a free person. William Ivy, alias Iveory[?], is the person she is suing for her freedom.

JuliaAnn/Abraham Fine 1855 S/F015

Henry/Abraham Fine 1855 S/F015

Jacob/Abraham Fine 1855 S/F015*

*Suit against William Littleton for unlawfully taking slaves without payment.

SEE Julia/Abraham Fine in Slave Census.

SEE Henry/Abraham Fine in Slave Census.

SEE Jacob/Abraham Fine in Slave Census.

Nancy/Dorcus C. Isbell* 1846 S/F016

*Dorcas C. Isbell claimed that her father, Phineas Cox, of Kentucky, had given her Nancy for her personal use and that Nancy would not be seized for her husband's debt. In a yet unnumbered folder of the Circuit Court Cumulative Index 1833-1918 is a document where William Person on the 20th day of November, 1846, ..., recovered again William Isbell and Joseph Burden $135. The sheriff's return on that back stated that "I William McFarlend ...certify that I have leved the Execution on a certing Negro Woman by the name of Nancey aged about 24 years the property of William Isbell." SEE NANCY/William Isbell in Slave Census.

Jack/Joseph Jones* 1846 S/F017

*Jones claimed that Zachariah Sims sold him Jack, 45, a runaway in jail in Louisville, Kentucky, for $200 as being as sound in mind and body as another owned by Sims named Chees.*

*A man named Cheese belonged to Zachariah Sims and before that to Archibald C. Adams.

SEE Jack/R. W. Sims in Slave Census for possible connection.

SEE Under clothing expenses category in Slave Census see the listing "1859 'Paid Shoes 125 Jack Sims-Collered'..." which may refer to this person.

SEE Cheese/Archibald C. Adams in Slave Census

SEE Cheese/Zachariah Sims in Slave Census

Mary/Harvey Adams* 1857 S/F018

*Pascal Hudson suing Adams for sale of unsound slave.

Mary Ann/Lewis Wilhoit* 1859 S/F019

*Related to case in S/F008 with George T. Bartlett of Newton Co., Missouri and William P. Johnson of Jasper Co., Missouri. Mary Ann was about 14 years old. Controversy of sale of slave in Jefferson County, Kentucky.

SEE S/F008 above.

Nancy/William A. Bird & Eli W. Morton* 1854 S/F020

*Suit brought by Wilson Hackney against Bird and Morton for selling unsound slave Nancy, aged about 27.

Joseph Moffich ["colored"] 1868 S/F021*

Joseph Hall ["colored"] 1868 S/F021

Clinton Adams ["colored" 1868 S/F021

*Clint Adams tried for murder for shooting Joseph Hall.

Elias/Samuel Fulbright* 1856 S/F022

*Fulbright purchased Elias, aged about 12, from S. S. Vinton. Vinton warranted Elias as sound and Fulbright claimed he was not.

Jack/Nancy Coble 1858 S/F023*

*In this suit for slander Nancy Coble claims a "certain negro man Slave named Jack" as her property and thus not liable to seizure for judgement.

Archa/James L. Alexander 1854 Archives Locked File #49*

John/John A. Miller 1854 Archives Locked File #49

*Archa and John ran away. Alexander and Miller claim another man aided them in their escape.

Jake or Jacob/James M. Apperson 1858 S/F024*

*Jake died about March 1, 1857. This suit for damages against Willis M. Horton, contains a detailed port-mortem report of an autopsy done on Jake.

Negro man/John DeBruin 1854 S/F025*

*Slave sold at sheriff's sale in Greene County to satisfy judgement.

SEE Judith Ann/John DeBruin in Slave Census for possible connection with Hadens.

Mary/Pascal Hudson 1859 S/F026*

*Harvey Adams purchased Mary and later claimed she was unsound.

Marthy/Moses J. Baker* 1861 S/F027

Ellen/Moses J. Baker* 1861 S/F027

*Marthy was listed as 11 or 12. Ellen was listed as 4 or 5. Baker is suing M. R. Seymour and Daniel Hunt for payment.

Louisa/John H. Miller et al 1854 S/F028*

*Louisa, aged about 15 years, is involved in a Miller family suit against Thomas Epperson.

Fil/Peyton Nowlin 1856 S/F030*

*Nowlin is accused of letting Fil, his slave, sell liquor

Jordan/Jacob Garrison 1861 S/F031*

Garrison is trying to recover on a note that Joseph M. Carthell gave upon buying Jordan.

Greene*/Joseph Morton 1864 S/F032

*killed May or June, 1863

Greene's wife, Saluda/McCracken[?] 1864 S/F032

Wyatt*/ H. R. Jarrett[?] 1864 S/F032

*In his 1866 disposition called Wyatt Jarrett

Wyatt's wife/Joseph Morton 1864 S/F032

In this case involving Greene, Saluda, Wyatt Jarrett, and Wyatt's wife, is a variety of testimony of slave transfer and disruption during the Civil War. Carroll County, Arkansas, is mentioned in the testimony.

Mariah*/William Sanders 1843 S/F033

Minor*/William Sanders 1843 S/F033

*In this case Sanders is accused of holding Mariah and Minor, valued together at $1000, as a garnishee to James Clemens.

Phebe, Thomas J. Bailey 1863 S/F034

*In this paper Thomas J. Bailey if granting manumission to Phebe.

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