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Local History


Black Families: Pages 220-252



A "List Of The Killed And Wounded"

"Marshfield Cyclone"

April 18, 1880*

*Taken from Marshfield And Her Cyclone: Or Rachel Weeping For Her Children. Mrs. Maria Allis Wilson.



Goodall, Lucinda Graham, Susan and son

Rudd, Anna Bufford, Rachel

Jones, Fannie Johnson, Ben

Woods, Jennie Johnson, Jane

Woods, Fannie Johnson, Bennie

Smith, Ida Johnson, Willie*1

Johnson, Fannie Massey, Annie*2

Starr, Mrs. Jack and child Massey, Caesar*2

White, Kittie Mayberry, Fannie

Jarrett, Zella Frouse, Lou

Unknown child Hicks, Kittie

Goodall, Lucinda

Rudd, Mrs Dunk*1 Jarrett, Fannie

Smith, Nora & child*1 Jarrett, Lulu

Jones, Marshal*1 Jarrett, Harrison

Johnson, Willie*1 Love, Sallie

Woods, Ann*1 White, Lucy

Mayberry, Mrs.*1 Smith, Hattie

White, Kittie*1 Haley, William

Jarrett, Fannie's 2 children*1 Moore, Lizzie

unknown*1 Moore, Hattie

Merwin, Lucy

Merrill, Maria

Hicks, Elizabeth

Hicks, Kesiah

Oats, William

*1These dead taken from History of Laclede, Camden, Dallas, Webster,

Wright, Texas, Pulaski, Phelps, and Dent Counties, Missouri. Goodspeed

Publishing Co. : Chicago. 1889.

*2A John Massey of Webster County, was killed [probably 1880s but not related to the cyclone] resisting arrest. SEE History of Laclede, Camden, Dallas, Webster, Wright, Texas, Pulaski, Phelps and Dent Counties, Missouri, page 210.

Birth and Death Records

Greene County, Missouri


Prior to 1910 birth and death records were not kept by the State of Missouri. Between 1883 and 1893 these records were kept by counties although reporting of births and deaths was not mandatory. Some counties in Missouri no longer have these records; Greene County does.

Information of birth listings includes registration numbers and dates of return, names and genders, birth order, and race, dates and places of birth, nationality of father and mother with their ages and places of birth, mothers maiden names and residences, full names of fathers with occupations, and names and residences of medical attendants. For this full notation of all information, check the Archives Bulletin Number 19. The list below includes children, dates of birth, and parents' names.

SEE ALSO "Death Lists of 1936" and "Deaths in January 1937" in the 1937 Negro City and County Directory.



male unnamed 12-29-1886 Joe Adams Mary Thornton Adams

male unnamed 8-13-1888 Jacob Bolen Sophronia Sharp Bolen

male unnamed 9-10-1885 Abraham Boyd Lota Jones Boyd

male unnamed 11-12-1889 Alf Boyd Emey Pike Boyd

unnamed female 4-27-1891 William Bristo Ida Turner Bristo

unnamed male 5-17-1884 S. A. G. Campbell Fannie E. Hatcher Campbell

unnamed female 3-20-1890 James Madison Carr Maria Butcher Carr

unnamed male 2-4-1887 William Chapman Calldonia Colvie

unnamed female 6-13-1887 unknown Ellen Coker

unnamed male 11-22-1889 unknown Ellen Coker

unnamed male 9-7-____ R. Cooper Eliza Cooper

unnamed female 6-7-1885 Isaac Dodd* Mary Pike Dodd

*Isaac Dodd is living in Cass Township, in the 1876 Greene County, Missouri, census. There are 7 people in the household

Mary S. Dodds 11-23-1885 Wm. H. Dodds Manervia C. Ingraham Dodds

Horace B. Duncan 3-15-1886 Wm. Duncan Mary Adams Duncan

Parthenia J. Duncan ________ Phelix Duncan Caroline Carter Duncan

unnamed male 7-13-1885 Edward Fields Sally Jeffries Fields

unnamed male 9-2-1885 Riley Foster Frances Hendrix Foster

Ellick 1-30-1887 unknown Bell Gee

unnamed male 1-8-1884 Robert Groves Flora Boyle Groves

Ida Haun 6-23-1884 Aaron Haun Susan Wadlow Haun

unnamed male 6-15-1886 Aaron Herron Susan Herron

unnamed female 2-23-1886 John D. Horn Mary J. Rolan Horn

unnamed male 9-4-1886 William Jackson Maria Tilley Jackson

Susie Edna Johnson 12-17-1886 Jinks B. Johnson Emma Cora Walton Johnson

unnamed male 6-19-1885 Thos. Jones Anna Powell

unnamed male 10-31-1888 George Julian Jennie Doss Julian

Flossy Kimbro 2-27-1884 Thom. C. Kimbrough Georgia Danforth Kimbrough

unnamed 1-2-1886 Austin Lemmon Clementine Umphris Lemmon

unnamed female 11-9-1884 John Lewis Cora Raymond Lewis

unnamed male 10-23-1888 unknown Allice Logan

Suthrand Lusk 3-2-1884 John Wesley Lusk Susan Southerand Lusk

unnamed male 8-13-1884 James McClure Josephine Rose. R. McClure

unnamed male 2-3-1886 James McClure Josephine Rose R. McClure

unnamed female 10-11-1887 James McClure Josie Rose R. McClure

unnamed female 7-17-____ James McClure Josie Rose R. McClure

unnamed female 1-31-1885 Calvin McCrackin Mary Elslinger McCracken

unnamed male 10-6-1883 Elisha McDanel Lucy Rolan McDanel

Dina McDanel 8-29-1889 Elisha McDanel Lucy Rolan McDanel

Andrew Jackson McDaniel Jr. 12-2-1884 Andrew J. McDaniel Elizabeth Sims McDaniel

John McDaniel 12-8-1886 Andrew J. McDaniel Elizabeth Sims McDaniel

unnamed male 9-2-1887 Elisha McDaniel Lucy Rolan McDaniel

unnamed male 9-13-1885 Elish McDonal Lucy Rolan McDonal

unnamed 4-26-1885 Anthony McPherson Cynthia McPherson

unnamed female 7-7-1884 Wm. H. McReynolds Sarah Ross McReynolds

unnamed female 2-2-1889 Henry McReynolds Sarah Ross McDonell

unnamed male 8-13-1884 David Montgomery Amanda Hendrix Montgomery

unnamed female 3-2-1886 David W. Montgomery Amanda M. J. Hendrix Montgomery

unnamed male 7-6-1885 John Motley Eliza Stroud

unnamed male 3-29-1885 Britton Pemberton Fanny Dicus Pemberton

unnamed female 7-24-1885 Henderson Pike* Mary Stewart Pike

*Henderson Pike is living in Cass Township in the 1876 Greene County, Missouri, census. There are 3 people in the household.

Kate Pike 2-8-1888 Henderson Pike Mary Stewart Pike

Bessie Pile 11-7-1887 Jas. Pile Mary Hendrix P. Pile

Jesse Pile 7-20-1889 James Pile Mary Hendrix Pile

unnamed male 4-16-1885 Virgil Pursley* Mary Malone Pursley

*SEE the 1876 Greene County, Missouri, census for more on Virge Pursley.

Mary Maggie 2-4-1887 Virgil Pursley Mary Malone Maria Pursley

unnamed female 7-1-1885 Benj. Pyle Dorry Yandels Y. Pyle

unnamed female 5-14-____ Geo. Raimey Ella Raimey

unnamed female 6-8-1884 George Ramey Martha Hancock Ramey

unnamed female 1-29-____ Mary Realan

unnamed male 12-26-1884 James Rector Ogden Edmondson Rector

unnamed female 9-27-1885 James Rector Og Edmondson Rector

unnamed female 5-17-1885 Albert Reed Betsy Roland A. Reed

unnamed male 11-24-1883 Harry Richison Ida Rolan Richison

unnamed male 8-23-1884 Wm. Rolan Matilda Young Rolan

unnamed female 1-27-1886 Jacob Rolan Manervia Sharp Rolan

unnamed female 12-19-1886 Wm. Rolan Matilda Jones Rolan

unnamed male 9-17-1888 Phill Rolan Louisa Wadlow Rolan

unnamed female 3-13-1890 Wesley Rolan Alice McDaniel Rolan

Effie Rolan 11-8-1890 Jacob Rolan Sophronia Sharp Rolan

unnamed male 12-12-1889 Phil Rolan Louisa Wadlow Rolan

Evra G. Sharp 3-29-1886 Wm. H. Sharp Menervi Parish A. Sharp

unnamed female 6-24-1886 __________ Lillie Sharp

Edward F. Spencer 2-24-1889 __________ Manda Barnett Gypson

unnamed male 11-30-1883 Jas. Stroud Celie Rolan Stroud

Susan E. Stroud 12-6-1885 Jas. Stroud Celie Rolan Stroud

Clara J. Thompson 4-17-1884 Jno. W. Thompson Fannie Bigbee M. Thompson

unnamed female 11-27-1884 Jackson T. Thompson Serena Bigbee Thompson

Bertha Orlena Thompson 2-16-1885 George Thompson Mary Hayden Alice Thompson

George B. W. Thompson 12-8-1885 John W. Thompson Mary Bigbee F. Thompson

Albert Harry Thompson 4-5-1886 Jackson Thompson Serena Bigbee Thompson

Essie May Thompson 10-26-1886 Geo. W. Thompson Mary Hayden Alice Thompson

Maud E. Thompson 2-10-1887 Jno. Thompson Francis Bigbee Mary Thompson

Lee Roy Thompson 7-22-____ George Thompson Mary Hayden Alice Thompson

unnamed female 7-2-1885 Rufus Vernon Lydia Pyle A. Vernon

unnamed female 7-13-1886 Wallace White Ann Pile White

unnamed female 12-12-____ __________ Susan White

unnamed male 5-30-1888 __________ Cynthia White

male triplets 9-12-1888 Wallace White Ann Pile White

Homer V. Wilburn 3-4-1888 Edward Wilburn Sarah Smith I. Wilburn




unnamed male 1-3-1885 Nathan Y. Bedell Mary Jane Bedell*

*SEE Union Camp Ground Cemetery Association [Greene County] burial listing for Mary Bedell.

unnamed 1-19-1885 Robert Graves Flora Graves

unnamed female 2-21-[1889] ___________ Mary Horn

unnamed female 11-19-1884 ___________ Minnie Robison




This listing contains the names, ages at death, dates and places of death. For more information about these notations consult the bulletin/index.


Adams, ______ 80 9-29-1884 Springfield

Armstrong, Luritta Jane 54 2-10-1884 Springfield

Bailey, William 35 12-26-1884 Walnut Grove

Billingsly, Ambrose 9months 1-23-1884 _________

Brown, Richard 28 3-24-1887 Sprinigfield

Caldwell, Nora 2 7-12-1895 Springfield

Cannefax, Abbie 83 11-23-1883 Springfield

Cook, Elizabeth 15 1-15-1885 Cave Springs

Danforth, Chas. 2 10-9-1884 Springfield

Davis, Thornton 52 4-6-1884 Springfield

Dodd, Isaac 42 11-13-1885 Cave Springs

Dodd, Minerva Caroline 20 9-22-1886 Cass Township

Dodd, George 18 3-17-1887 Cass Township

Dodd, Martha 12 4-4-1887 Cass Township

Farrington, Nellie 18months 5-14-1884 Sprinigfield

Ferguson, Susan 40 5-15-1886 Ebenezer

Gilmon, Oliver [adult] 12-30-1885 Walnut Grove

Gray, ______ 30-35 12-13-1884 Brick Church

Holt, Morris 36 1-24-1886 Walnut Grove

Horn, Mary 22 2-25-1889 Cave Springs

McClure, George 15 6-18-1890 Pearl

McClure, Roma [F] 1 8-28-1890 Pearl

McClure, Mollie 16 6-10-1891 Pearl

McDanel, Edward 5 1-25-1889 Cave Springs

Montgomery, Daniel B. 9months 3-8-1885 Greene County

Smith, Priscilla Bethpage 22 2-22-1884 Springfield

Stewart, Caroline 75 6-15-[1890] Cave Springs

Wadlow,Thadeus 8 7-21-[1889] Cave Springs

Wadlow, Wilson 75 3-27-[1890] Herold [Harold]

Wilson, Samuel 80 1-16-1885 Greene Co. Alms House

Young, William [adult] 1-19-1884 Motley Grove

Female _____ 9-22-1895 Springfield





*identified as black couples

Listings from

Probate Judges' Marriage Book

Jasper County Record Center

Carthage, Missouri




Adam, Wm. N. Jasper County Beatie, Katie Jasper County 12-04-1886 15/302

Alexander, Sandy Jasper Co. Hays, Jennie Jasper Co. 5-21-1886 14/276

Allen, C. H. Baxter Springs, KS Blake, Kittie Joplin, MO 1-06-1903 54/3

Andrew, C. J. Springfield, MO Lynch, Rosa Wichita, KS 12-10-1901 48/646

Armstard, Lewis Pittsburg, KS Childs, Lula Texarcana, TX 1-15-1912 116/359

Bailey, Nathanial K.C.,MO Brown, Mable K.C., MO 1-02-1941 171/6

Beard, Wiley Galena, KS Bradshaw, Minzzie Baxter Springs, KS 7-15-1899 36/116

Beck, Howard Galena, KS Thompson, Annie Carthage, MO 6-6-1900 41/317

Bowden, Sam Joplin, MO Johnson, Anna Joplin, MO 11-20-1905 66/564

Bowles, Steve Joplin, MO Peck, Emma Joplin, MO 4-08-1911 110/91

Bradshaw, J. R. Galena, KS Brinson, Eliza Pierce City, MO 1-15-1901 44/454

Caldwell, Robert Pittsburg, KS Bly, Anne Pittsburg, KS 7-07-1905 64/476

Cary, William Ft. Worth, TX Rubenslein, Hattie Austin, TX 5-30-1900 41/309

Cheatum, Osrow Joplin, MO Hayden, Nellie Joplin, MO 4-02-1901 45/507

Clark, Claude K. K.C., MO Wilson, May E. K.C., MO 3-03-1902 49/677

Cooper, William Jasper Co. Thomas, Josie Jasper Co. 3-28-1887 16/322

Cox, A. H. Joplin, MO Boxwell, Lizzie Joplin, MO 9-28-1899 37/167

Crow, Eugene L. Carthage, MO Johnson, Willie Joplin, MO 5-09-1905 63/431

Davis, William Joplin, MO Chives, Mary Joplin, MO 9-25-1905 65/525

Denton, A. J. Carthage, MO George, Millie Carthage, MO 4-17-1902 49/694

Dooley, Will Neck City, MO Sawyer, Bettie Neck City, MO 1-20-1903 54/6

Flippin, Isaac Joplin, MO McCleland, Sophia Springfield, MO 11-14-1899 38/192

Franklin, William Joplin, MO Jewett, Mattie Joplin, MO 12-28-1901 49/655

Furgerson, Ed. F. Joplin, MO Adkinson, Eva Joplin, MO 8-13-1904 60/287

Garth, Fred Joplin, MO Bly, Martha Joplin, MO 4-19-1902 50/700

Garth, James Joplin, MO Ailstock, Anna Joplin, MO 3-26-1904 59/226

Givens, D. G. Joplin, MO Horn, Effie Joplin, MO 11-21-1903 58/184

Haxton, Nicholas P. Norwood, MO Forman, Fannie Joplin, MO 11-15-1906 72/793

Henry, Archie Coffeeville, KS Wright, Pearl Ballwin, KS 2-05-1906 68/617

Huffmon, John Carthage, MO Stemmons, Annie Carthage, MO 11-2-1899 38/194

Hughes, John St. Joseph, MO Haley, Anna Joplin, MO 9-20-1905 65/521

Irving, John Jasper Co. Mitchell, Addie Jasper Co. 7-28-1892 24/585

Irwin, Charles Carthage, MO Wright, Lizzie Independence, KS 2-27-1899 34/12

Jarnagin, William Fleming, KS Carson, Millie Fleming, KS 12-23-1902 53/854

Jones, Charley Joplin, MO Turner, Fannie Joplin, MO 9-11-1901 47/592

Jones, Joseph Joplin, MO Allison, Mary Joplin, MO 12-21-1905 67/589

Kemp, Richard K.C.,MO Hogue, Roberta K.C., MO 2-16-1906 68/625

Lark, Joseph Pierce City, MO Armstead, Lulu Galena, KS 7-25-1899 36/121

Linktom, M. Neck City, MO Mims, Adalina Conway, AR 11-06-1902 52/822

Linsey, Henry Joplin, MO Boyse, Amanda Joplin, MO 10-12-1911 114/264

Lively, Walter Carthage, MO Lock, Ellen Carthage, MO 2-08-1906 68/620

Lytle, John Baxter Springs, KS Powell, Leatha Baxter Springs, KS 5-21-1902 50/718

Martin, James Columbus, KS Armstrong, Laura Ann Columbus, KS 11-06-1920 159-890

McBee, J. Schoffield Manhattan, KS Black, H. May Ft. Scott, KS 5-20-1906 69/664

McGee, James Joplin, MO Leslie, Elnora Pittsburg, KS 12-11-1905 67/576

Meeks, Thos. H. Joplin, MO Solomon, Lucy Joplin, MO 10-24-1911 114/282

Morris, Clarence Coffeyville, KS Garcia, Eunice Coffeyville, KS 3-18-1940 170

Nelson, William Joplin, MO Kennedy, Addie Joplin, MO 7-04-1906 69/692

Newton, John M. Carthage, MO Crump, Fannie Carthage, MO 7-02-1906 69/690

Piller, Jerry Baxter Springs, KS Poyenter, Pearl Baxter Springs, KS 9-11-1935 168/24

Pitts, Earnie Webb City, MO Wright, Julia Webb City, MO 12-02-1901 48/641

Powers, Will L. Carthage, MO Stemmons, Etta Carthage, MO 6-08-1905 64/456

Rex, Ernest Jasper Co. Duckett, Luella Carthage, MO 11-25-1913 131/1026

Rice, John Joplin, MO Carroll, Minnie Joplin, MO 5-30-1900 41/310

Sims, Ernest Joplin, MO Hickman, Mary Joplin, MO 11-18-1903 58/180

Sims, Lig Joplin, MO Bossell, Alla Joplin, MO 12-25-1905 67/596

Smith, Chester S. Coffeyville, OK Mathews, Keller N. S. Coffeyville, OK 2-24-1942 171

Smith, Willie Nashville, TN Arnold, Mattie Joplin, MO 12-15-1900 43/433

Teel, Thomas Joplin, MO Miller, Nannie Joplin, MO 2-16-1904 58/210

Terry, William Pittsburg, KS Yarbrough, Lizzie Pittsburg, KS 9-24-1906 71/754

Wait, Craig, M. Joplin, MO Perry, Ida Joplin, MO 8-13-1900 42/355

Webb, Zevanor Carthage, MO White, Mary Carthage, MO 10-01-1905 66/531

Webster, James H. Springfield, MO Stemmons, Mary E. Carthage, MO 11-09-1901 48/627

Wilson, J. F. Joplin, MO Pierce, Ida Parkersburg, WV 4-23-1900 40/280

Wright, Charles Joplin, MO Guin, Jasie Joplin, MO 10-28-1903 57/173




1875 TO MARCH 3, 1952





Blue, James 1847/MO 12-4-85 insanity 1-8-86*

*"Taken to C. & Burried"

Davis, George 35/TN 5-2-98 crazy 5-6-98*

*"Gone to his home near Webb (Webb City)"

Davis, George 35/TN 5-16-98 crazy 5-26-1900

McRenolds, Andrew 73 1903 sick 12-25-1905*

*"interred on County Farm."

Armstrong, Sim 45/Carthage 3-15-1905 lazy 3-15-1905*

*"Not Satisfied"

Saunders, Grant 40/TN 5-24-1906 Fever 6-13-1906*

*"interred on County Farm"

Lane, Alice 23/MO 2-20-1908 Consumption 3-5-1908*

*"Remains delivered to Gierhart State agent 'Anatomic' Association"

Thomson, Charles 54/MO 4-20-1908 Sore feet 4-24-1908*

*"To friends in Carthage Mo."

Pitts, Charles 38/MO 12-24-1908 Nervous 2-28-1909*

*"To Joplin, Mo."

Carter, Robert 44/TX 2-23-1909 Sick 3-13-1909

Edwards, Samuel 44/KS 8-25-1909 Rheumatism* 8-27-1909

*'Rheumatism' lined out. "Interred on County Farm (by Paris Guild)"

Thompson, Harrison 5-11-74/MO 4-6-1911 Consumption 4-17-1911*

*"widow-laborer-Father Jas Thompson B-Tenn-Mother Harriet McMillan B-MO" One child who is not living

Mitchell, Lawrence 11-25-96/MO 11-27-1911 Homeless 4-13-1912*

*"single-laborer-Father Lou Mitchell B-MP-Mother unknown- Discharged to work"

Thompson, Jas. Hastings 12-25-25/TN 1-29-1912 Sane 2-27-1912*

*"Widow-Father Wm Haffert B-N. Carol.- Mother- unknown B-Tenn" Father of 12 children of whom 9 are living

Thomas, William 36/LA 4-15-1912 Frozen 6-5-1912*

*"single laborer-Father Geo. Thomas B-Texas-Mother Unknown B-Miss Discharged to Springfield MO"

McGraw, Annie 90/TN 12-10-1912 Rheu 7-31-1914*

*"widow-wash-F. Unknown M-unknown" Mother of 8 children of whom 3 are living

Leaper, Martha 5-20-1860/AR 7-3-1914 Paralsis & Homeless 11-11-1914*

*"Widow-servant-F. Steve Enyard B-Unk. M-Unk. B-Unk. Interred on County Farm 12th by Friends" Mother of 15 children of whom 3 are living

Leaper, Getrie 8-24-86/MO 7-3-1914 Paralisis & homeless 5-17-1923*

*single F. Jacob M. Leaper B. Unk M-Unk B-Unk -Notify Falcon Leaper Carthage- Delivered to Knell Undertaker Co."

Mitchell, Lawrence age 15 10-20-1914 Homeless 10-27-1914*

*"F.- Lou Mitchell"

Robertson, Belle 3-14-52/KY 1-9-1915 Kidneys 8-6-1915*

*"widow-cook F.-Wm Harrart B-Kentucky -M Aggie Busch B-Kentucky -To Carthage Mo." Mother of 2 children neither of whom was living

McGraw, Annie 93/TN 8-31-1915 Rheumatism 11-29-1916*

*"widow-wash-F.-unk. M-unk. To Nevada (MO) Asylum" Mother of 8 children of whom 3 was living

Robertson, Belle 3-14-54/KY 3-15-1916 Homeless 8-6-1917*

*"widow-cook F Wm Haggart M-Aggie Busch B-Kentucky -To Carthage" Mother of 2 children neither of whom is living

Berry, William 1-15-57/MO 3-7-1916 Cripple 8-26-1938*

*"single F-Frank Berry B-Missouri M-Unk. Lamphill Mortuary Joplin, MO"

Kirby, Adam unknown 8-12-1916 Sick 8-16-1916*

*"married - F.-Wm Kirby B-Missouri M_Unk- Oak Hill Cemetery (Ulmer)"

Kirby, Hester Anne 12-25-61/AR 8-12-1916 Homeless 8-18-1916*

*"h.-keeping F-Harrison Toney - M-Marg. Lovine -To Carthage"

Brooks, Wameta 8-22-76/SD 11-2-1916 1-18-1917*

*"widow-cook-F.-Jesse Voltemore B.-S. Dakota M-Unk B-India. -To Okla City"

Pitts, Charles 46/MO 12-20-1916 Cataarh 4-4-1917*

*"Widower-laborer F-Jas. Pitts M-Unk To Joplin"

Tompson, Charles 55/MO 7-2-1917 Cripple 8-28-1918*

*"widower-dish washer F-Buck Tompson M-Unk- Knells (Mort.) Oak Hill Carthage" Father of 5 children of whom 3 were living

Brooks, Wanneta 8-22-76/SD 8-1-1917 Felon 11-4-1917*

*"Widow-F- Jesse Voltemore B-S. Dakota M-Unk B-India-To Webb City MO"

Mitchell, Lawrence 19 10-4-1917 Sick 11-9-1917*

*"Single-section gang-F. Lon Mitchel -B-Unk M-Unk-B-Unk To Carthage, MO."

Roberson, Bell 3-15-54/KY 10-10-1917 Homeless 7-13-1921*

*"widow-cook-F. Wm Haggart B-Kentucky-M Angie Busch Kentucky-To Carthage, MO" Two children

Anderson, S. A. 1-22-84/MO 1-12-1918 Small Pox 1-18-1918*

*"Widower-minister-F J.W. Anderson Tennessee-M Mary Bell Baker Missouri Ran Off" Parent of one child not living

Rich, A. S. 10-8-94/Unk. 1-15-1918 Small Pox 2-14-1918*

*"married-mechanic-F Edo Rich Unk-M Edna Calloway Missouri- To Jail Neosho, MO"

Ferguson, B. J. 10-1-98/AR 1-15-1918 Small Pox 2-14-1918*

*"single-laborer-F-R. D. Ferguson-S. Carolina-M-Lucy Bird-S. Carolina-To Jail Okla."

McKinley, Mathew 5-15-54 2-4-1918 Feeble Mind 3-19-1918*

"*divorced-laborer-F C. S. McKinley Missouri-Unk-Virginia-To Carthage, MO"

Rogers, Willie 3-3-01/TX 3-30-1918 Small Pox 4-7-1918*

*"single-show[?]- F Will Rogers unk-M Martha Field Texas-To Carthage, MO"

Wise, Wm 6-20-72/MO 7-16-1918 Small Pox 8-3-1918*

*"divorced-laborer-F- George Wise -Kentucky-M Lucy Mitchell Texas-To Carthage " Father of 2 children of whom 1 was living

Tilton, Roxy 1-8-98/MO 10-2-1918 Tumor 10-3-1918*

*"single-housework-F John Tilton Texas-M Edna Isabell Missouri-Joplin, Mo."

Caldwell, Mattie 3-7-55/AR 10-2-1918 Rheu 11-18-1918*

*"married-laundry work F Berry Graves Missippi-M Vina Hill S. Carolina gone to Joplin"

Brooks, Wanneta 8-2276/SD 12-21-1918 Sick*

*widow-housework-F Jesse Voltemiere S. Dakota-M-Unk. -India-Run Off to Joplin"

Rogers, W F 3-30-01/TX 2-17-1919 syphalis 5-14-1919*

*"single-porter work-F Frank Rogers Unk-M Martha Feal Texas-to Carthage"

Jones, Phil 4-7-66/LA 2-19-1919 Rheu-cripple 2-24-1919*

*"Single-farm work-F.Unk-Unk-M Ann Dixon Tennessee-To Pittsburg, KA"

Perryman, Nathan 5-15-53/MO 3-5-1919 Sick*

*"Widower-laborer-F-Unk-Unk-M Limie Peryman Virginia-Not here"

Carter, Abe 5-4-69/MO 4-15-1919 Homeless 5-1-1919*

*"single-laborer-F Neal Carter South Carolina-M-Unk-Unk-Ulmer in Joplin"

Post, Washington 3-9-36/MO 8-2-1919 Sick*

*"widower-laborer-F Jordan Allen Kentucky-M Susan Potter Virginia-Not here" Father of 6 children none of whom were living

Stephens, Harry 1-16-62/Old Ind[ian] T[erritory]

11-17-1920 Sick 12-1-1920*

*"widower-laborer-F Harry Stephens Indt.-M Lucy Wallace Indt. Gone Carthage" Father of 3 children of whom 2 were living

Robinson, Bell 3-14-54/KY 9-12-21 Homeless 9-5-1923*

*"widow-cook F Wm Haggart Kentucky-M Aggie Busch Kentucky-Nevada Mo-Asylum" Mother of two children of whom neither is living

Starks, John 11-2-69/MO 10-6-1921 Homeless 7-2-1923*

*"divorced-House W- F Ben Starks Unk-M-Unk_India[assumed to be Indian Territory]-Runaway Joplin" Father of 1 with 1 living child

Brooks, Juanita 8-22-76/SD 12-7-1921 Homeless 1-13-1922*

*"widow-cook-F Jesse Voltemore S. Dakota M-Unk-India-Ran Away"

Sinclair, Alex Unk 8-25-1922 Cripple/homeless 2-8-1923*

*"single F-Unk-Alabama M-Unk-Alabama"

Stotts, John 8-28-64/VT 7-28-19223 Feeble/homeless 7-30-1923*

*"Divorced-married-laborer-F J.[?] Stotts Penn-M Matilda She Maine From Joplin Run Away" Father of one child who was living

Stotts, John 8-29-64/VT 12-7-1923 Homeless*

*"divorced-laborer F J[?] Stotts Penn M Matilda Shea Maine Notify Hulbutt Und. Co. Dead" Father of one child who was living

Starks, John SEE Stotts, John admitted 12-7-1923

Barber, Eliza Missouri 7-12-1925 Cripple 8-1-1930*

*"widow-House keep F-Unk M-Unk (Notify Mrs. Butch Custis Box 441 RR5 Joplin, MO) Died Aug 1, 1930 @ 7:40 am From Joplin Mo"

Kirby, Ben 65/MO 3-4-1926 Sickly*

*"widowed-porter-F Ben Kirby Ky-M Jennie Love Ky Not Here"

Adkinson, Ed 9-10-88/AR 12-13-1926 Cripple/Homeless*

*"widower-porter-F Joe Adkinson Ark-M Mary Graves Ark-St. Joseph MO> Sister Arella Johnson Not Here" Father of 1 child who was living

Adkinson, Ed 9-10-88/AR 3-29-1927 Cripple/homeless 6-25-1928*

*"widower-Porter-F Joe Adkinson Ark-M Mary Graves Ark Gone to K. C." Father of 1 child who was living

Alexander, Ella Aug[?]/Texas 6-1-1927 Homeless*

*"widow-laborer-F. Daniel Williams Texas M-Unk George Bosnet[?] 305 7th St. Joplin, MO" Mother of 3 children of whom 3 were living

Alexander, Louise 1-1-1917/Joplin 6-1-1927 Homeless 7-18-1927*

*"To Fulton" "single-F Tom Alexander Unk M Ella Williams Texas Mrs Winters Joplin"

Alexander, Henry 8-1929/Joplin 6-1-1927 Homeless 1-15-1927*

*"single-F Tom Alexander Unk-M Ella Williams Texas -Hope Arkansas[?]"

Smith, Mattie Unknown 6-1-1927 Homeless 8-22-1927*

*"widow F-Unk M-Unk Notify Rev. J. T. Smith 511 E. Seventh Tell 2670 Buried on Co Farm grave #17"

Higgs, William 8-20-[?]/MO 8-13-1927 Parylized [?]*

*"widower-railroading F Archie Higgs Kentucky M Polly Pate Tenn Notify Albert Higgs of Jessie Ross Joplin" Father of 8[?] children of whom 2 were living

Ross, Harry (Harvy) 2-2-96/KS 4-19-1928 Insane*

*"married-mechanic -F Jeff Ross Ill M Lilda[?] Boyd- Tenn Jess Ross 523 Ky Ave Joplin MO"

Adkinson, Ed June 1928 Homeless 7-1-1928

King, Nealy Dec/KY[?] 11-1-1928 Homeless [?]*

*"widow-housekeeping F Green Alexandryt[?] Unk M-Unk Flora Stemmons Carthage"

Brown, Tom 12-20-1928 Feeble minded 12-23-1928*

*"married Bricker had to take him away-crazy wife at N."

King, Nealy 1854/MO 5-7-1929 Crazy/absent minded May 7, [1929]*

*"widow-pt baker-house keeping F Stemmons Unk M Flora Stemmons Unk Walter Irwin 524 E. 5th St Carthage, MO Came and took her home"

Dixon, Alice 8-18-67/MO 9-29-1930 Homeless 1-28-1935*

*"married-house keeper- F Richard Goodwin Va M Delia Brooks Baltimore Maryland Left May 17, 1931 Brought back just before" Mother of 1 child who was no longer living

Dickerson, Alice SEE Dixon, Alice, admitted 9-29-1930, in Jasper County, Missouri, Poor house/poor farm records 1875-1952.

Dixon, Wm. 1876/Canton, Miss

9-29-1930 Homeless 11-16-1931*

*"married -Gardner F Edward Dixon Vir M Havanna Dixon Galveston Texas" Father of 1 child who was not living

Solomon, William 5-21-58/TN 9-14-1931 Paralysis 5-10-1937*

*"widower F Henry Solomon Tenn M Harriette Cope Tenn Died 7:10 am May 10, 1937 to Lamphere[?] Mortuary Joplin, MO Notify 3 daughters Chas. & Matilda Stephens 627 High St. Joplin Mrs Lucy Meeks 617 High St. Joplin Mrs Callie Ward S. D." Father of 10 children of whom 6 were living.

Cooper, Henry 80/TN 12-9-1931 Homeless 12-17-1931*

*"widower-picked cotton in Okla this fall-farmer F Owen Cooper Tenn M Katie Phelps Boone Ky Col. Phelps sold her to Boone Notify-Brother's son James Hines Springfield, MO Left Dec 17th 1931 for Springfield"

Cooper, Hery SEE Jasper County, Missouri, Poor house/poor farm 1875-1952

Choice[?], Rev C. C. 5-28-1934 aged/homeless 6-1-1934*

*"widowed-preacher - Ulmer Drake Undertaker Co. Carthage"

Smith, Lane 1865/MO 10-19-1934 homeless 1-25-1935*

*"widowed Geo. Smith Quality Motor Co 310 Wall St. Joplin Lampher [?] Undertaking Co. Joplin, MO" Parent of 12 children of whom 4 were living

Recter, Sherman 3-18-1935 insane 3-19-1935*

*"single-laborer from Carthage Taken away by Norman Bricker Constable to [?] MO (St. Joseph[?])

Davis, Chas. Wm. 3-4-61/TN 5-20-1935 cancer*

*"Widower-laborer- F Marshall Davis -Tenn M Emma Tompson[?] -Tenn Call Rev J. T. Smith Phone 2670 511 E. 7th Joplin, MO He has a small shack on ground owned by some woman Iowa St. His step daughter Mrs. Anna Cooper Neosho MO"

Gaylord, Eben[?] 8-1-77/SC 6-26-1938 Blind 9-2-1938*

*"wife living married-laborer F Milton Gaylord Unk M Ellen Austin[?] Vir Wife Mammy Gaylord 601 Hill St. Joplin, MO" Father of 3 children

Tiddington, Wm 1873 1-1-1939 Out of work 3-1939*

*"single-laborer Call Mrs. Charles Roberts Carthage, MO"

Tittington, Bill 1873 2-20-1941 Homeless & Sick 3-8-1941*

*"Single went to Brothers in calif. Call Mrs. Roberts Carthage"

Payne, Charles 11-9-93/Springfield, Ohio 4-30-1941 Heart trouble 5-25-1941*

*"wife separated Alex. Payne widower-Show F Thomas Payne -Ky M Linda Cousin Ky Father-Thomas Payne 522 S. Mound St. Dayton, Ohio"

Wright, Mrs. Ellen 102 9-3-1941 Homeless 2-24-1943*

*"housework- Ella Wright Died Feb 24-43 and buried by Knells Co Court"



" BIRTHS IN CARTHAGE 1907 - 1910"






3-11-08 Adams, Wm & Elizabeth, 230 Limestone F

3-12-08 Barrett, Rosa & Hudson, Fred N. McGregor M

8-02-08 Brown, Isaac & Annie, 617 Water M

1-26-10 Buckam, Isaac & Cora, 1001 S. Orchard M

7-11-08 Dixon, John & Maude N. Orner M

11-10-07 Fields, Fred F. & Corine 709 E. Sixth F

11-11-07 Franklin, Thos. & Minnie Francis St. M

11-02-08 Frazier, Wm. & Maggie 321 High M

6-25-09 Grimms, Joseph & Stella 129 River F

9-22-09 Hardy, John & Della 5th and Orchard F

3-12-08 Hudson, Fred & Barrett, Rosa* N. McGregor M

*SEE also Barrett, Rosa & Hudson, Fred, 3-12-08

3-24-08 Irving, Nettie & Jackson, Carl N. McGregor M

8-5-08 Johnson, Rufus & Edna Frisco R.R. F

3-24-08 Jackson, Carl & Irving, Nettie* N. McGregor M

*SEE also Irving, Nettie & Jackson, Carl, 3-24-08

11-17-09 Jackson, Carl & Nettie 524 N. McGregor M

12-18-08 King, John N. & Addie 107 River M

4-21-09 Rogers, Wm. F. & Mary Elizabeth 823 E 3rd (Ruth) F

9-04-08 Stevenson, Harry & Blanch 105 N. River (Lou Ella May) F

8-19-09 Skidmore, Levi & Ida 506 N. Parsons F

12-29-07 Wise, Wm. & Laura 428 Frances (Wm. Joe) M












Adams, Mrs. Jesse E. 6th, Carthage, MO D/12-22-1893 Unknown

Adams, Katie D/3-15-1895 Age 28

Bly infant Carthage, MO D/12-9-1884

Bly, Mrs. Dan E. Chestnut, [Carthage, MO] D/2-26-1894 Age 30

Brown child* D/2-5-1890

*Child of Ben Brown

Brown child* D/2-1-1890

*Child of Lee Brown

Bryant, Mrs. __ Carthage D/7-12-1885 Age 58

Bryant, Stephen D/3-30-1885

Cane child* Carthage D/9-7-1885 Age 6 months

*Child of I. Cane

Cerly child* lives on Lamb Farm D/3-22-1891 Age 2 years

*Child of Ben Cerly

Choice, Annie D/3-24-1890 Age 17

Cooper, Willie D/12-2-1888

Doyle child* City D/11-7-1895

*Child of F. Doyle

Droll child* City D/9-8-1894

Age 6 days *Child of F. Droll

Eldridge, Myrtle 633 E. 10th, Carthage, MO D/4-6-1896 Age 19

Eroni, wife of John D/9-5-1891

Ervin, Carl Carthage D/9-16-1887 Age 6 months

Fisher, Mrs. M. 7th & Bois D'Arc, Carthage, MOD/12/31/1892 Age 15 years

Gibson, Mrs. A. Tiger Hill D/19-9-1890

Givens, Louis* D/9-24-1885 Age 15

*Son of Jesse Givens

Goucher, Mrs. E. Chestnut, Carthage, MO D/12-30-1891

Goucher, Maggie E. Chestnut, Carthage, MO D/3-23-1894 Age 18 months

Hancock, Fred E. of Baptist Church [Carthage, MO] D/12-18-1893 Age 20

Harbin child* Bois D'Arc, Carthage, MO D/4-4-1893 Age 9 months

*Child of John Harbin

Isabell, ___ ___ D/1-19-1891

Jackson, Howard* D/12-19/1885 East Cem. Age 4 months

*Son of General Jackson

Jordon, "Tip" D/11-24-1889 Age 36

Lock, G.* D/3-9-1891 East Cem. Age 2 months

*Notation sister's child

Lock, Mrs. G. D/4-20-1891 Age 75

Lock child* D/7-27-1894 East Cem.

*Child of George Lock

Long, Maggie City D/8-13-1895 Age 17

McCarthy, ___ ___ D/12-17-1886 East Cem. Age 2 months

McCarthy, Amanda Eldorado St., Carthage, MO D/10-12-1893 Age 52

Miller, Mrs. ___ ___ D/1-1-1890 Age 60

Mitchel, (girl) D/12-27-1890 Age 13

Mitchell, ___ ____ D/1-9-1890 Age 1 year

Moore, Mrs. Mary* D/4-20-1895

*Notation "shipped from Joplin."

Purvy, Mollie D/4-18-1895

Reed, Anna S. Water St., Carthage, MO D/4-3-1893 Age 19

Sampson, M.* Carthage D/10-5-1885 Age 24

*Notation "brother of Albert Ruth."

Scott child* City D/3-10-1893

Stillborn *Child of Crissie Scott

Scott, Ed D/11-12-1884 West Cem.

Thompson, ____* City D/1-14-1890

*Wife of Charles Thompson

Triplett child* City D/9-25-1894 Age 11

*Child of Mrs. Triplett

Triplet, Jim Carthage D/1-19-1887 Age 35

Wilbert, Mr. Limestone St., Carthage, MO D/9-10-1905

Wilson, Dave W. Olive St., Carthage, MO D/1-5-1892 Age 50

Woodard, Alice Stockyard, Carthage, MO D/7-2-1894

Woodard, James 7th & Valley, Carthage, MO D/4-26-1894 Age 33

Woodroof, Mrs. June D/6-20-1886 Age 24





1917 - 1940








Adams, Charles Marion Township, Jasper County D/3-14-1926 Cedar Hill Cem. Age 73

Alexander, Ella Almshouse D/6-24-1929 Oak Hill Cem.

Armstrong, Gabriella 809 E. Chestnut, Carthage, MO D/10-15-1928 Park Cem./Carthage Age 75

Blackman, Edith Denver, CO D/5-29-1918 Park Cem./Carthage Age 51

Blair, Fred 106 Bois D'Arc, Carthage, MO unknown Cedar Hill Cem. Age 74

Brown, Chas. Henry 700 E. 6th St., Carthage, MO B/7-22-1925 D/9-10-1925 Cedar Hill Cem.

Choice, Rev. Chas. C. unknown Cedar Hill Cem. Age 84

Cook, Elmer Glen 315 River, Carthage, MO B/4-3-1932 D/1-6-1933 Cedar Hill Cem.

Cook, Josephine 115 River, Carthage, MO B/6-26-1930 D/2-10-1932 Cedar Hill Cem.

Cortez, Charley 423 High, Carthage, MO D/7-15-1918 Cedar Hill Cem. Age 3

Cortez, Robert M. 525 Mound, Carthage, MO B&D/12-24-1935 Cedar Hill Cem.

Dale, Raymond Jr. Kansas City, MO B/8-2-1926 D/1-30-1927 Cedar Hill Cemetery

Elmore, Mary Kansas City, MO B/3-23-1851 D/10-16-1926 Park Cem.

Elmore, R. W. Kansas City, MO D/3-21-1920 Park Cem.

Ferriols, Ether 526 N. McGregor, Carthage, MO D/3-27-1926 Cedar Hill Cem. Age 33

Folder, Irene Morgan Heights, Carthage, MO B/1-7-1918 D/8-11-1918 Mt. Vernon Cem.

Frazier, Wm. M. C. 423 High, Carthage, MO B/9-5-1871 D/3-25-1925 Cedar Hill Cem.

Gibson, Minnie 719 E. 6th, Carthage, MO D/3-27-1922 Cedar Hill Cem.

Harbin, John F. St. Joseph, MO D/9-30-1918 Cedar Hill Cem. Age 46

Hardy infant* 423 High, Carthage, MO B&D/12-10-1930 Cedar Hill Cem.

*Infant daughter of Mr. & Mrs Milton Hardy

Harper, Eli. H. Coffee Building D/4-6-1928 Humansville, MO Age 50

Hicks, Silas 106 Bois D'Arc, Carthage, MO D/12-24-1936[?] Cedar Hill Cem. Age 82

Hogan, Tom D/4-14-1931 Age 84

Irwin, Eliza Barber Almshouse D/8-18-1930 Age 84

Jackson, Sterling D/8-3-1923 Cedar Hill Cem.

King, Harry D/9-14-1919 Cedar Hill Cem. Age 35

King, Henderson 904 S. Fulton, Carthage, MO D/12-6-1924 Cedar Hill Cem. Age 78

King, Jack 824 Poplar, Carthage, MO B/9-20-1869 D/7-7-1927 Cedar Hill Cemetery

King, Sarah Marion Township, Jasper County B/12-23-1824 D/1-15-1937 Cedar Hill Cem.

Lambert, Jerry 114 Bois D'Arc, Carthage, MO unknown Cedar Hill Cem. Age 94

McGee, Faye River & Central, Carthage, MO B/12-14-1920 D/1/5/1921 East Cem.

McIntire, Nancy Cobb Muskogee, OK unknown Muckogee, OK Age 35 years 5 months

Manese, Marjorie 317 S. River, Carthage, MO D/4-27-1921 Cedar Hill Cem. Stillborn

Mitchell, Charley B/10-4-1926 D/10-11-1926 Cedar Hill Cem.

Mitchell, Dee 118 Eldorado, Carthage, MO B/3-15-1887 D/9-6-1926 Cedar Hill Cem.

Mitchell, Esther Dill River St. Carthage, MO B/6-18-1918 D/3-30-1919 Cedar Hill Cem.

Moore, Limm 803 E. Chestnut, Carthage, MO B/5-2-1873 D/10-9-1936 Cedar Hill Cem.

Nowling, Jane 866 E. 3rd, Carthage, MO B/2-14-1829 D/12-28-1930 Greenfield, MO

Peel, Alice Dodson 811 E. 3rd, Carthage, MO B/4-14-1865 D/1-29-1936[?] Fayetteville, AR

Roberts, James Valley & 6th, Carthage, MO D/2-21-1931 Cedar Hill Cem. Age 87

Rogers, Wm. Frank 206 Clinton, Carthage, MO B/2-25-1860 D/2-5-1918 East Cem.

Ross, Ephram A. Springfield, MO B/10-26-1879 D/8-5-1934 Springfield, MO

Shannon, Louis Rt. 5, Carthage, MO D/10-5-1931 Cedar Hill Cem. Age 69

Sinclair, Alex Almshouse D/2-8-1923 Fairview Cem./Joplin, MO

Smith, Mattie D/8-22-1927 County Farm Cem. Age about 100

Stemmons, George W. 529 McGregor, Carthage, MO unknown Cedar Hill Cemetery Age 64 years 1 month

Stemmons, William Charles 427 High, Carthage, MO B/8-1-1884 D/8-26-1934 Cedar Hill Cem.

Stevens, Harry Marion Township, Jasper Co. D/12-1-1920 Park Cem. Age 18

Strickland, Eliza Denver, CO D/3-12-1932 Park Cem. Age 73

Terry, Ophie Pittsburg, KS B/2-26-1890 D/11-7-1925 Cedar Hill Cem.

Tittington, Millie 1214 Oak, Carthage, MO D/3-27-1921 Park Cem.

Triplett, Homer Greenfield, MO D/4-24-1927 Greenfield, MO Age 33

Webb, Hazel Roberts Carthage, MO B/3-22-1899 D/2-11-1938 Cedar Hill Cem.

Webb, Zeb 914 S. Fulton, Carthage, MO B/6-2-1925 D/9-8-1930 Cedar Hill Cem.

Wyatt, Frank Rt. 4, Carthage, MO D/12-1-1936 Cedar Hill Cem. Age 87

Wyatt, Mollie Rt 4, Carthage, MO B/3-1-1861 D/1-28-1929 Cedar Hill Cem.







An index/bulletin was created for hunters' licenses in Greene County. This is one of the few County records that includes physical descriptions. Greene County Archives Bulletin Number 35, Index to Hunters' Licenses 1905 - 1919, records licenses for people in Springfield and Greene County. There are a few women in this index. Black/African Americans are listed as "Colored."

The listings include the Archives' book number and page number where the references are found, the hunters' names, residences, ages, eye color, color of hair, and dates of registration.

They are arranged by date of registration.

The following names have been abstracted from the index by Carolyn Snider, who prepared the Archives Bulletin. There were no names designated by race after 1914.

Book/page Name Residence Age Eyes Hair Date/Registration

988/13 Weaver, Urel Springfield 17 brown black 9-16-1905

988/74 Neargard, Will Springfield 30 blue black 1-22-1907

990/1 Cane, M. W. Springfield 44 black black 8-25-1909

990/2 Reed, R. W. Springfield 34 black black 9-2-1909

990/5 Reunot, D. Springfield 16 black black 10-13-1909

990/6 Fouse, Harry Springfield 19 black black 10-15-1909

990/7 McAdams, Leon Springfield 16 black black 10-19-1909

990/8 Blakey, Eddie Springfield 19 black black 10-21-1909

990/12 Allen, Frank Springfield 47 black black 10-27-1909

990/12 Brown, Romo Walnut Grove 29 black black 10-27-1909

990/13 Freeman, Otis A. Springfield 33 black black 10-28-1909

990/13 Dorsey, J. S. Springfield 56 black black 10-28-1909

990/14 Boxley, J. M. Springfield 45 black black 10-29-1909

990/15 Christopher, Hermon Springfield 20 black black 10-30-1909

990/15 Anderson, Jas. R. Springfield 39 black black 10-30-1909

990/16 Small, Albert Springfield 23 black black 10-30-1909

990/24 Diemer, Horace Springfield 19 brown black 11-02-1909

990/28 Fulbright, Gordon Springfield 49 black black 11-04-1909

990/29 Weaver, Sherman Springfield 28 brown black 11-04-1909

990/36 Abernathy, Udell Springfield 17 brown dark 11-08-1909

990/36 Armsted, Jimmie Springfield 16 brown black 11-08-1909

990/43 Brewer, Clarence Springfield 19 dark black 11-15-1909

990/44 Wallace, Jonnie Springfield 21 black black 11-15-1909

990/45 Jarrett, Chas. Springfield 18 brown black 11-17-1909

990/46 McGee, Will Springfield 30 black black 11-17-1909

990/54 Payton, Charlie Springfield 39 black black 11-30-1909

990/54 Higgs, Joe Springfield 48 dark dark 11-30-1909

991/3 Farrington, James Springfield 37 gray black 1-18-1910

991/9 Cain, Wm. Springfield 45 black black 9-02-1910

991/11 Barnes, Tom Springfield 20 brown black 10-06-1910

991/11 Brower, Calvin Springfield 24 dark dark 10-10-1910

991/16 Canefax, Chas. Springfield 29 brown dark 10-24-1910

991/19 Motley, E. Springfield 21 black black 10-29-1910

991/19 Ayers, Mose Springfield 28 black black 10-29-1910

991/19 Scroggins, H. H. Springfield 18 black black 10-29-1910

991/23 Abernathy, Jno. Springfield 41 dark dark 11-01-1910

991/26 Weaver, J. S. Springfield 29 dark dark 11-02-1910

991/27 Weaver, Eural Springfield 22 brown dark 11-02-1910

991/28 Herndon, Eugene Springfield 20 brown brown 11-02-1910

991/28 Ayers, Earnest Springfield 17 gray brown 11-02-1910

991/28 Adams, Pete Springfield 50 black black 11-03-1910

991/28 Weaver, Harry Springfield 20 brown dark 11-03-1910

991/37 Gamlin, Nili Springfield 31 brown black 11-14-1910

992/12 Williams, Mose Springfield 52 brown black 10-23-1912

992/12 Reed, Ross Springfield 37 black black 10-23-1912

992/12 Franklin, Geo. Springfield 39 black black 10-23-1912

992/15 Abernathy, Ed. Springfield 24 brown black 10-30-1912

992/26 Jackson, Allen Springfield 15 black black 11-04-1912

992/28 Farris, L. H. Springfield 42 black black 11-01-1912

992/28 Hall, Chas. Springfield 21 black black 11-07-1912

992/29 Coover, Morris Springfield 16 gray black 11-08-1912

992/32 Fisher, Geo. Republic 18 black black 11-15-1912

992/34 Jarrett, Ben Springfield 56 black black 11-23-1912

992/34 Vickers, Homer Springfield 13 black black 11-23-1912

993/34 Brewer, Wm. Springfield 27 black black 11-23-1912

992/34 Ward, O. W. Springfield 35 black black 11-26-1912

992/67 Jones, Will Springfield 44 black brown 11-22-1913

993/12 Green, J. C. Springfield 32 black black 9-30-1914

993/34 Brewer, Will Springfield 29 black black 11-24-1914

993/37 McCracken, Ed Springfield 42 black black 11-27-1914

993/37 Wallace, John Springfield 24 black black 11-27-1914

993/38 Myers, Joe Springfield 26 black black 11-30-1914

993/40 Emerson, Alfred Springfield 40 brown black 11-30-1914

993/43 Young, Riley Rt 1Strafford 32 d/brown black 12-05-1914

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