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Black Families: Pages 335-365

Biographical Information on Men Listed In World War I

Greene County, Missouri, Honor Roll

Listed in Alphabetical Order

The information on these men was provided by

Mrs. James M. Graham of Springfield, Missouri

and Mrs. Elaine Graham Estes of Des Moines, Iowa.

Lieut. W. T. H. Burns

Lieutenant Burns was related to the late Alice Cook (Mrs. Robert Cook) and lived at 815 N. Broadway, Springfield, Missouri. Lieutenant Burns lived in Des Moines, Iowa, until his death.

Lieut. Albon L. Foster

Lieutenant Foster was the principal of Lincoln School, Springfield, Missouri, until he entered the military. (At Lincoln he was replaced by Rev. John Lewis, Phd, Yale University. Rev. Lewis was the pastor at Benton Ave. AME [African Methodist Episcopal] Church, Springfield, Missouri). Foster was responsible for the four-year accreditation of Lincoln School in 1918. After World War I Albon married and lived in suburban Chicago.

Corp. Eugene Abernathy

Corporal Abernathy was a Springfield musician who played for dances in the area.

Sergt. Darwin M. Cooper

Sergeant Cooper was the first cousin of Herbert V. Smith who was an undertaker in Springfield. Cooper married Golden Ward. (She had sisters Jessie Mae, Marie, and Corrine, and a brother Robert who had the nickname 'Sack Eye.' Their mother, Georgia, was killed by a train at Sherman and Pythian railroad track, Springfield, Missouri, in October, 1940.

Sergt. Essie Cooper

Sergeant Cooper was married to Edith Young, the daughter of Creed and Mattie Young. (Creed Young a graduate of Lincoln High School located at Central and Washington, Springfield, Missouri. He was later the custodian at Lincoln School there and retired from the Lincoln School on Sherman and Central.) Essie and Edith had three children, Xanthia, Geraldine, and Rolland. Xanthia married James C. Warren, USAF, Lieutenant Colonel. Warren was an original member of the Tuskegee Airmen. He also flew 50 missions in Korean and 123 missions in Vietnam during a 35-year military career. [He was 72 years old in 1995 newspaper article of Fairfield, California.] Xanthia taught at Vacaville, California. Edith taught at Lincoln School at Central and Washington. Her second husband was Harry Rollins.

Sergt. Leon C. McAdams

Brother of Orville and Glenn V. McAdams. SEE Glenn McAdams below.

Sergt. Orville D. McAdams

Leon and Orville were the sons of William H. McAdams, principal of Lincoln School at Washington and Central, Springfield, Missouri. Glenn, another brother, is on page 99.

Another Brother was Everett Bryce McAdams. SEE Glenn McAdams below.

Sergt. Ray Eldon Pike

Sergeant Pike was a piano player for his dance band in the Springfield, Missouri, area.

Sergt. Eifram A. Ross

Sergeant Ross's father, Jackson Ross, was a flag bearer in the Civil War.

Sergt. Charles L. Williams

Sergeant Williams was married to Rosanna Duncan. He was later a minister in the AME Conference.

Pvt. James W. Andrews

Private Andrews's sister, Marie Fulbright, was the pianist for Pitts Chapel Methodist Church at Benton and Pine, Springfield, Missouri. James also had a brother, Emett, described below.

Pvt. Emett M. Andrews

Privates Emett and James Andrews were brothers. Their sister was Marie Andrews Fulbright. She was married to the brother of Adah Fulbright, longtime teacher at both Lincoln Schools in Springfield.

Pvt. Floyd Bailey

Private Bailey was married to Jessie Arnold, the sister of Fern Arnold, who was elementary teacher at Lincoln School, Central and Washington, in Springfield. Another sister, Hazel McCrimmons, was the mother of Dexter McCrimmons of Springfield.

Pvt. Essie Bedell

Private Bedell later was a laborer at Karchmer Iron and Metal, Washington and Phelps, in Springfield.

Pvt. Herman Christopher

Private Christopher was the brother of Mabel Christopher Montgomery, Lucille "Tess" Christopher and Jake Christopher.

Pvt. Liman G. Cross

Private Cross was married to Brella Robinson. They had a daughter, Lorrine who married Thomas H. Tindall. They had a son, Thomas R. Tindall.

Ernest C. Curtis

Although not in the Honor Roll Book, a photo of Curtis, provided by Jeff Patrick, Historian at Wilson's Creek National Battlefield, was found showing him in uniform.

Pvt. James L. Darton

Private Darton married Odessa Motley. They had a son, Libby Darton. James Darton's brother was the Rev Andrew Darton. ( Ceola Darton, daughter of Rev. Andrew Darton, taught school at Walnut Grove. Andrew's other children include Thomas Darton, a retired US postal employee, and Ethel Darton Jackson. Ethel managed the cafeteria at Lincoln School at Central and Sherman Streets in Springfield. Under the leadership of Earnest C. Curtis, Thomas Darton, and Leslie Gipson, the American Legion Norval Stafford Post 125 in Springfield was the sponsoring organization to build a community facility. This building at Chestnut and Benton served as the American Legion Post headquarters, a youth center, and a community meeting center. The Springfield Community Center, Inc. and the Bussey-Lipscomb-Cox Day Care Center, at 618 N. Benton, replaced the old building in _________> SEE Earnest C. Curtis described below.

Pvt. Carl N. Lear

Private Lear's wife, Edwina, was a teacher at the Lincoln School at Washington and Central in Springfield. She had been born Edwina Smith. She was the sister of Undertaker Herbert Smith and William Landon Smith, both of whom are in this military record; p. 100.

Pvt. Glenn V. McAdams

Private McAdams's father was a principal of the Lincoln School at Washington and Central Streets in Springfield. His brothers, Orville and Leon, are pictured on page 93. These three military brothers also had a sister, Vail, and other brothers Elwin and Everett Bryce. Glen managed the household for the John Landers family (at the St. Louis Street home in Springfield) until Mrs. Landers remarried. He retired from the Kansas City, Missouri, Post Office. SEE Leon McAdams. SEE also Orville D. McAdams.

Pvt. Harry G. Perry

Private Perry was married to Wilhelmina nee Shelton. By a previous husband, Wilhelmina had a daughter, Lacerne Avery. Wilhelmina was also married to Frank Majors, Claude Patterson, and Pete Calloway.

Pvt. Claude H. Patterson

Private Patterson was married to Doris Cooper who was a teacher at the Lincoln School on Washington and Central Streets in Springfield. Claude and Doris had two children, June and a son, Claude Cooper Patterson. Claude Patterson married Wilhelmina Shelton after the death of his wife, Doris. SEE Harry G. Perry previously listed.

Pvt. Herbert V. Smith

Private Smith was the brother of Private William L. Smith previously mentioned. These two brothers had a cousin, Sergeant Darwin M. Cooper, previously mentioned.

Pvt. William L. Smith

Private Smith was the brother of Private Herbert V. Smith previously mentioned. The Smith brothers' sister, Edwina, married Carl Lear.

Pvt. William Thomas

Private Thomas was the brother of Ella Thomas. He also was the uncle of Roberta Thomas Bartley and Olive Thomas Decatur, and grand uncle of William J. Decatur.

Pvt. John L. Thompson

Private Thompson was the son of Maude and Joseph Thompson. He was a graduate of Lincoln High School, Springfield. Geneva Jones and Olive Decatur were the other two classmates to graduate in a class of three.

Pvt. Ralph A. Tyndall

Private Tyndall married Cleatus Tolliver, who was later married to Charley Simms.

Pvt. Eural Weaver

Private Weaver came from a musical family.

Pvt. Haywood Wollard

Private Wollard was from a musical family. His father, Grant Wollard, had a small orchestra that played for events in the surrounding Springfield area. His uncle, Toby, played bass; James Rogers, piano. Haywood was vocalist for this band. Haywood's sister, Lou Wollard Adams, played the piano. Haywood's other sisters were Minnie Wollard Eldridge Trout, wife of Robert Trout; Josie Wollard Bedell, wife of Earnest Bedell; Nita Wollard, and Edith Waddell. Edith was a half sister. Edith's daughter, Bernice, was married to Anthony Herndon. Haywood was chimney cleaner.

Earnest C. Curtis

Photograph provided by Jeff Patrick. It is not known where this picture was taken. Earnest was married to Voda Beatrice Hardy. They had one daughter, Earnestine. Voda Beatrice and Earnestine were graduates of Howard University. Beatrice taught at the old Lincoln School at Central and Washington and worked in Washington, D. C. for the government. Earnest was known to his friends and family as "Nick." He was the business car chef on the private car [also called the 'top car' which ran out of Springfield] for Frisco executives [St. Louis and San Francisco Railroad Company.] E. C. Curtis lead the establishment of the American Legion, youth center, and community meeting building. SEE James L. Darton above for more information on the establishment of the building on Benton Avenue in Springfield.



There may be more information about these men and their military records in Federal Records Depositories. County Records also have military information. Discharges were recorded in the County the officer, soldier, or sailor returned to or settled in. In the Greene County Recorder of Deed's holdings there are several Discharge Record Books starting about World War I and continuing to the present time. Discharges provide a physical description of the soldier, the military unit or designation, a combat history, and other valuable genealogical data.

For service earlier than World War I, the Recorder of Deeds Records Books did record military service. Discharges begin appearing in the 1860's. References to previous military service appear in the records when veterans use their military service to receive land grants. Usually the military unit and war served in are listed. Cherokee Removal is included in this category.

There are other military records kept by some states. In Missouri, at the Missouri State Archives, are records of the Missouri Adjutant General's Office which include various military service either for the state or under its sponsorship. Helen C. Davenport has compiled a listing for Christian County for the militia formed after the Civil War. MILITIA - 1866 CHRISTIAN COUNTY, MISSOURI, contains several black militia men. This publication is available through the Christian County Museum & Historical Society, in Ozark, Missouri. There are many other state and County military records waiting for transcription.






Military discharges have been recorded in county records since before the Civil War. The man discharged could deposit a copy of his discharge papers with any county although it was often the county he left from to enter the military. Greene County has several "Discharge Record" books among the Recorder of Deeds holdings.

Military discharges provide a wealth of information not found in other records. Physical descriptions, dates of birth, places of birth, and other statistics, including combat records, can be found in discharges.

The Discharge Records books are often difficult to scan. Omissions may occur in this listing. It is best to check with the Recorder of Deeds' if a particular discharge is not found in this listing.


Squires, Earnest Hartville, MO 605 25

Roberts, William F. Carthage, MO 605 90

Long, Richard H. Keytesville, MO 605 92

Gipson, Leslie Springfield, MO 605 188

Bailey, Mack H. Cameron, TX 605 298

Bedell, David E. Springfield, MO 605 299

Darton, Thomas L. West Point, MS 605 307

Whitley, Johnnie Hartville, MO 605 340

Bostic, Sherman Springfield, MO 605 462

Wilburn, Hubert L. Springfield, MO 605 513

Culp, George A. Springfield, MO 605 540

Hanks, Milton B. Springfield, MO 605 541

Bedell, Earnie G. Springfield, MO 605 543

Douglas, Ernest Cheek, OK 772 63

Franklin, Harold Kansas City, MO 772 85

Pike, Wayman W. Cave Springs, MO 772 89

Russell, Lucious Montgomery, AL 772 182

Armstrong, Clarence Leroy Springfield, MO 772 485

Burston, Johnnie L. Talberton, GA 772 520

Warren, Charles R. Springfield, MO 772 556







In 1865 erected brick chapel on corner of Jefferson and Phelps Streets. Previous to this time they had services in a church given them by Major R. J. McElhany. "L. M. Hagood, the present minister, [1878] was appointed by the M. E. General Conference in March, 1878..." Membership in 1878 was about 200.


[Escott's 1878 history]

Organized by Rev. John A. Fouche, the membership in 1878 was 87. "They have a...frame building, erected in 1875, on the corner of Benton and Center" streets. Pastor in 1878 was Rev. John W. Shropshire.


[Escott's 1878 history]

Peter Lair was the first preacher of this church organized in 1866. Other preachers were Robert Johnson, Louis L. Fulbright, and Jacob L. Hatton. Membership in 1878 was about 160. The church was built on Water Street in 1868. SEE also biography of Rev. Peter Lair in this publication.


[Escott's 1878 history]

The church, in 1878, was located on Washington Street.


[Condensed from Past and Present of Greene County Missouri by Jonathan Fairbanks and Clyde Edwin Tuck. 1915. A. W. Bowen & Co: Indianapolis.

Organized in 1867 the congregation met in a building in the southeast corner of the Square. In 1872 they erected a building at the corner of Benton and Water streets. In 1884 they built a brick church on the west side of Washington Avenue, south of Sycamore Street. Severely damaged by fire in 1913, the building was reconstructed. Pastors have been J. S. Dorsey, D. A. Holmes, and W. H. Young.


[Fairbanks & Tuck's 1915 history]

Organized in 1886, a church was erected on Minor Street in 1891. In 1906 a concrete building was built. Pastors have been Dr. Border A. Franklin, founder, and A. McBride.


[Fairbanks & Tuck's 1915 history]

Organized in 1905 the congregation first met on Vernon avenue. A new church was built in 1910 on Vernon and High streets. Pastors have been A. McBride followed by Elders Anderson, Pendegrast, Howard and Pastor P. C. Campbell.


[Fairbanks & Tuck's 1915 history]

Organized in 1912 by elder J. M. Givehand. The pastor was W. S. Price, Jr. The small congregation met at a private home on Broad and Center streets.


[Fairbanks & Tuck's 1915 history]

In 1847 permission was granted to Tom Armstrong, a slave, to hold church meetings for those of the Methodist Episcopal faith. In 1863, with Rev. Edgar Pitts as pastor, a frame building was erected on Water street. In 1873 a brick building was built on Jefferson and Water Streets. In 1912 a larger brick church was build on Benton and Pine Streets. Pastors have been J. M. Harris, B. F. Abbott, W. J. Deboe, and W. H. Wheeler.

BENTON AVENUE AFRICAN [African Methodist Episcopal]

[Fairbanks & Tuck's 1915 history]

Organized in 1874, a building was build in 1876 on Benton and Center streets. In 1915 the membership was 152 with Rev. T. Allen Harvey, pastor.


[Fairbanks & Tuck's 1915 history]

Organized about 1865, this church seems to have had some connection with Mount Comfort-Cumberland Presbyterian Church. In 1872 it became a separate black church. Simon Headley was the organizer. Pastors have been A. L. Wilbern, Minty Lair, Lewis Johnson, Henry Gibson, W. I. Turner, and I. C. Nicholson.


[Fairbanks & Tuck's 1915 history]

"At Ash Grove is a church of Cumberland Presbyterians with about eighteen members and one at Cave Spring ...both supplied by Rev. H. A. Harvey, of Marshfield."


SEE Ash Grove/Cumberland Presbyterian Church


[Fairbanks & Tuck's 1915 history]

"There is ...a church of a very few members at Nogo, ...a very small Baptist church."








Built around 1878 in Marshfield on North Crittenden Street. Members are listed in History of Webster County, page 177, by Floy Watters George.


Built in the early 1900s in Marshfield on Marshall Street. Members are listed in History of Webster County, page 177, by Floy Watters George.




Record of County Supt. Of Schools, Jasper County, Missouri






Randolph, S. H. Joplin, MO 26 Ohio 8-26-1887

Gatewood, Cora A. Springfield, MO 18 MO 8-31-1889

Wooton, G. T. Nashville, TN 30 TN 8-31-1889

Green, Mrs. N. T. Carthage, MO 20 MO 8-31-1889

Dorsey, Miss A. A. Parsons, KS 24 TX 9-14-1900

Hemby, Anne Sarcoxie, MO 30 MO 8-30-1900

Brooks, Emma Joplin, MO no age no nativity 1902

Cooper, Mary Joplin, MO no age no nativity 1902

Hickerson, W. H. Joplin, MO no age no nativity 1902



Byrd, William Chicago, IL 20 OH 8-24-1888

Dale, Lizzie Joplin, MO no age no nativity 1902

Hancock, Lizzie Joplin, MO no age no nativity 1902

Lee, Oberta Joplin, MO no age no nativity 1902

Lishly, Cora Joplin, MO no age no nativity 1902



Dorsey, Aritha Joplin, MO no age no nativity 1902




Male Female

Sarcoxie School District 8 16

Carthage School District 94 105

Webb City School District 1

Oronogo School 2 1

Joplin School District 55 61

Rural Schools

Central City 1 3

Parr Hill 1

Blinde City 1

Twin Groves 1

Burton 1

Total 161 190





IN 1906

This book, which is among the holdings of the Greene County, Missouri, County Clerk's Office, may have been placed there by the Springfield School System to record the statistics with an official County body. The notation at the end of the book is "Total School population in the City of Springfield Mo in May 15, 1906, which had been found by the enumerator is as follows[:] White Males 3954[,] White Females 3646[,] Colored Males 288[,] Colored Females 274[.]"

Double asterisks ** by a name indicate a listing in the 1906 Biographical section immediately after this school listing.


Arnold, Frank Arnold, Sadie F 15

Arnold, Frank Arnold, Ralph M 17

Arnold, Frank Arnold, Mabel F 13

Arnold, Frank Arnold, Jennie F 11

Arnold, Frank Arnold, Hazel** F 7

Abernathy, Julius Abernathy, Wanesta F 14

Adams, B. F. Adams, Mary** F 10

Alsup, Logan Alsup, Essie F 8

Anderson, Leon Anderson, Mary F 11

Andrews, James Andrews, Jas. W. M 17

Andrews, James Andrews, Emmet M 16

Andrews, James Andrews, Marie F 15

Andrews, James Andrews, Ida F 12

Anderson, Fred Anderson, Frank M 17

Abernathy, Jas. Abernathy, Jamie M 17

Anderson, J. Anderson, Lena F 10

Anderson, W. J. Anderson, Chris M 19

Andrews, C. H. Andrews, Thos. M 19

Andrews, C. H. Andrews, Bessie** F 16

Allen, Andrew Allen, Homer M 7

Allen, Andrew Allen, Louiza F 12

Allen, Andrew Abbot, Hilton M 19

Abernathy, Geo. Abernathy, Beulah F 16

Abernathy, Geo. Abernathy, Herman M 14

Abernathy, Geo. Abernathy, Udell** M 12

Abernathy, Geo. Abernathy, Eugene** M 8

Anderson, Noah Anderson, Danl. M 14

Anderson, Noah Anderson, Cicie F 11

Anderson, Noah Anderson, Russell M 9

Hoover, Tempy Andrews, Naomi F 8

Abernathy, Sarah Abernathy, Beatrice F 7

Adams, Peter Adams, Louis M 13

Adams, Peter Adams, Mary F 18

Andrews, Sam Andrews, Maynard M 15

Wallace, Renson (G)[?] Adams, Minnie F 13

Wallace, Renson G. Anderson, Neater F 19

Anderson, James Anderson, Truey** F 18

Blakey, Jane Guar[dian] Blakey, Stephen M 16

Bennett, E. M. Bennett, Stella F 19

Bennett, E. M. Bennett, Floy F 16

Bennett, E. M. Bennett, Emma F 11

McDowell, Hannah, Mother Blakey, Otis M 19

Beach, Martha A. Blakey, Nettie F 18

Beach, Martha A. Blakey, Stephen M 16

Johnson, Addie Bolden, Panzy F 12

Bryant, Jane Bryant, Wm. M 18

Bryant, Jane Bryant, Leroy M 16

Bryant, Jane Bryant, Geo. M 14

Bryant, Jane Bryant, Joseph M 12

Bryant, Jane Bryant, Nellis F 11

Barnett, Wm. Barnett, Rosella F 17

Barnett, Wm. Barnett, Georgia F 15

Barnett, Wm. Barnett, Annis[?] F 13

Rector, Rhoda Billings, Merl F 10

Rector, Rhoda Billings, Eugene M 6

Bond, Wm. Bond, Harley M 14

Bond, Wm. Bond, Vernon M 12

Bell, Lotta Bell, Clara F 10

Chitwood, Lorena Brown, Della F 19

Parker, Stewart Banks, Imogene F 6

Fine, Mary Burris, Clifford**[Burns?] M 12

Young, Susie M[?] Baldwin, R. M 15

Young, Susie M. Baldwin, Earthern M 13

Young, Susie M. Baldwin, Henry M 11

Young, Susie M. Baldwin, Genevieve F 8

Brown, J. W. Brown, Vince M 8

Brown, E. A. Brown, Blanch F 18

Brown, E. A. Brown, Harry M 7

Barbee, Don Barbee, Mrs. Louise F 17

Barbee, Squire Barbee, Bert M 13

Bateman, Mrs. Louise Bateman, Georgia F 18

Bateman, Columbus Bateman, Eula F 13

Bateman, Columbus Bateman, Louis M 8

Benden, Cy Benden, Jewel F 13

Bedell, Henry Bedell, Earl M 15

Bedell, Edward Bedell, Trella F 12

Bedell, Edward Bedell, Catherine F 10

Bedell, Hiram Bedell, Lloyd M 13

Bedell, Hiram Bedell, Clotelia F 12

Bruce, Wm. Bruce, Edith F 15

Bruce, Wm. Bruce, Mabel F 14

Bruce, Wm. Bruce, Thelma F 12

Bruce, Wm. Bruce, Edgar M 9

Bruce, Wm. Bruce, Esther F 9

Cannefax, Bob Cannefax, Wesley M 17

Cannefax, Bob Cannefax, Peter M 15

Cannefax, Bob Cannefax, Ann F 13

Cannefax, Bob Cannefax, John M 11

Cavin, Geo. Cavin, Leslie M 17

Cavin, Geo. Cavin, Bertha F 15

Cavin, Geo. Cavin, Arthur M 12

Cavin, Geo. Cavin, Richard** M 10

Cavin, Geo. Cavin, Dewey M 6

Cooper, John T. Cooper, Cedric M 15

Cooper, John T. Cooper, Darwin** M 12

Cooper, John T. Cooper, Doris** F 10

Christopher, Will Christopher, Herman M 16

Christopher, Will Christopher, Mabel F 12

Christopher, Will Christopher, McKinley M 9

Carmac, Mrs. Nellie C. Carmac, Chas. M 18

Cupps, Mrs. Kizy Cupps, Claria F 19

Cupps, Mrs. Kizy Cupps, Charley M 16

Coleman, Felix C. Coleman, Viola F 11

Jarrett, Henry G. Cotner, Catma F 8

Chitwood, Ada Chitwood, Lawrence M 9

Calhoun, Ben Calhoun, Alex M 12

Calhoun, Ben Calhoun, Julia F 18

Calloway, J. A. Calloway, Ray M 18

Carter, Jas. Carter, Bessie F 15

Carter, Jas. Caldwell, Mrs. Anne F 19

Coker, Belle Coker, Homer M 16

Coker, Belle Coker, Leslie M 14

Case, Albert Case, Millard M 19

Case, Albert Case, Dillard M 18

Case, Albert Case, Roscoe M 15

Case, Albert Case, Lester M 14

Case, Albert Case, Marie F 10

Case, Albert Case, Emma F 7

Case, Albert Cravens, Mrs. Jessie F 15

Roper, Gertie Cockman, Mabel F 6

Dean, Mahala Cunningham, Iva[?] F 10

Raymond, Sarah Coker, Lincoln M 12

Campbell, Mrs. Ida Campbell, Homer M 13

Campbell, Mrs. Ida Campbell, Essie F 18

Campbell, Mrs. Ida Campbell, Mrs Mary F 19

Campbell, Mrs. Ida Campbell, Archie M 9

Campbell, Mrs. Ida Campbell, Lucile F 7

Cannefax, Susan Chamberlain, Jessie F 18

Clay, Lucinday Clay, Earl M 17

Clay, Lucinday Clay, Lew M 15

Clay, Lucinday Clay, Silties F 6

Campbell, S. A. G. Campbell, Wandell M 15

Carter, Sam Carter, Harry M 15

Carter, Sam Carter, Clifford M 9

Clayton, Emanuel Clayton, Ernest M 13

Clayton, Emanuel Clayton, Beatrice F 12

Smith, Mrs. May Cotner, Howard M 12

Newton, Mrs. Luke Coleman, Clara F 15

Hancock, Mrs. Ada Cravens, Lena F 16

Hancock, Mrs. Ada Cravens, Treva F 13

Hancock, Mrs. Ada Cravens, Sterling M 12

Crittenden, Othro Crittenden, Floyd M 15

Crittenden, Othro Crittenden, Arthur M 12

Crittenden, Othro Crittenden, Hurlbut M 10

Crittenden, Othro Crittenden, Cornelius M 7

Dando, Chas. E. Dando, Chas. J. M 10

Danforth, Peter Danforth, Robt. M 12

Denton, J. S. Denton, T. O. M 10

Dempster, Oliver Dempster, Anne F 14

Dempster, Oliver Dempster, Mary F 13

Dempster, Oliver Dempster, Arra M 9

Dempster, Oliver Dempster, Ollie F 7

Duncan, Felix Duncan, Eddie M 16

Duncan, Felix Duncan, Della F 14

Duncan, Felix Duncan, Lela F 12

Waldo, Jennie Dean, Arizonia F 15

Young, Thos. Duke, Walter M 19

Young, Thos. Duke, Wm. M 17

Young, Thos. Duncan, Minnie F 17

Danforth, P. C. Danforth, Cephas** M 11

Diemer, T. J. Diemer, Horace M 16

Diemer, T. J. Diemer, Cornelius M 9

Diemer, T. J. Dooley, Hettie F 18

Dean, Judson Dean, Della F 19

Abernathy, James Davis, Willie M 8

Spencer, Mrs. Clarissa Dean, Cecil M 7

Abernathy, Mrs. M. G. Diemer, Callantha F 7

Ellison, Chas. Ellison, Jewel F 6

Ellison, Ed Ellison, Claude** M 16

Ellison, Ed Ellison, Vidy** M 14

Ellison, Ed Ellison, Erma** M 12

Ellison, Ed Ellison, David M 10

Ellison, Ed Ellison, Margaret F 8

Hall, Lucy Ellison, Claud M 15

Engard, Tony Engard, Harry M 14

Eldridge, Mrs. Fannie Eldridge, Chas. M 18

Essler, Jas. Essler, Leslie M 13

Johnson, Mrs. Anne Enbank, Jno. M 14

Franklin, Geo. Franklin, Bertha F 12

Franklin, Geo. Franklin, Harry M 10

Franklin, Geo. Franklin, Elnora** F 8

Fulbright, Lotta Fulbright, Lotta F 12

Fields, Ed Fields, Mary F 6

Fields, Ed Fields, Homer M 8

Fields, Ed Fields, Edward M 11

Fields, Ed Fields, Chas. M 13

Fulbright, Jake Fulbright, Ethel F 18

Gipson, Sue Gipson, Leslie M 14

Gaines, Laura Gaines, Edna F 12

Anderson, Lizzie Groves, Bertha F 14

Sharp, Betty Gray, Thelma** F 7

Gladson, M. F. Greer, Mrs. Edna F 19

Gray, John Gray, Otmus** M 16

Gray, John Gray, Talleat** F 15

Gray, John Gray, Bacow**[Dacon?] M 13

Gray, John Gray, Cash** M 12

Gray, John Gray, Spurgeon M 10

Gray, John Gray, Pool** M 6

Goodall, Knik Goodall, Mamie F 14

Goodall, Knik Goodall, Newt M 10

Goodall, Knik Goodall, Ruby F 8

Goodell, L. P. Goodell, Robt. C. M 14

Goodell, L. P. Goodell, Bessie F 12

Goodell, L. P. Goodell, Ola[?] M 8

Greer, Mrs. Jane Greer, Birney M 19

Higgs, Allen Higgs, Earnest M 15

Anderson, Lizzie Huddleston, Ralph M 16

Anderson, Lizzie Huddleston, Mack M 8

Hogan, Calvin Hogan, Lilia F 18

Hogan, Calvin Hogan, Lawrence M 12

Hogan, Calvin Hogan, Agnes F 8

Hancock, Emma Hancock, Edith F 17

Hightower, Anne Hagewood, Bessie F 17

Haskett, R. R. Haskett, Susie F 14

Haskett, R. R. Haskett, Warner M 13

Hawkins, Rebecca Hawkins, Harry** M 18

Hoover, Tempy Hoover, Cleona F 14

Hoover, Tempy Hoover, Clemmie F 12

Hoover, Tempy Hoover, Manville M 12

Herndon, Louis Herndon, Linna F 17

Herndon, Louis Herndon, Homer M 15

Hagwood, Mrs. Hagwood, Roy M 9

Hoke, E. L. Huddleson, Homer M 10

Hancock, Peter Hancock, Claude M 18

Hancock, Peter Hancock, Oscar** M 14

Hayden, Allen F. Hayden, Wm. M 17

Hayden, Allen F. Hayden, Hubert M 15

Higgs, Calvin. Higgs, Ferby M 7

Jarboe, John Jarboe, John M 8

Jarrett, Ben Jarrett, Chas. M 13

Jarrett, Ben Jarrett, McAlister M 12

Jarrett, Ben Jarrett, Maultie F 8

Johnson, Jane Johnson, Louis M 10

Johnson, Jane Johnson, Clarence M 6

Johnson, Felix Johnson, Lela F 10

Johnson, Felix Johnson, Edward M 16

Johnson, Felix Johnson, Della F 13

Johnson, Felix Johnson, Josie F 17

Johnson, Fannie Johnson, Mrs. Lula F 19

Johnson, Dan'l. Johnson, Hallie F 14

Johnson, Dan'l. Johnson, Beulah F 16

Williams, Irvin Johnson, Louis M 13

Williams, Irvin Johnson, Nellie F 11

Johnson, Grant Johnson, R. E. M 7

Leachman, Mrs. Eva* Jarrett, Cedric M 16

*SEE 1876 census of Greene County, Missouri, for mention of a George Leachman.

Leachman, Mrs. Eva Jarrett, Odella F 14

Johnson, Sterling Johnson, Ella F 13

Johnson, Sterling Johnson, Oscar M 9

Johnson, Sterling Johnson, Gertie F 7

Jonas, Allen Jonas, Homer M 6

Jones, Wm. Jones, Helma** M 9

Jones, Wm. Jones, Herman M 7

Jones, Wm. Jones, Geneva F 6

King, C. W. King, Bennie M 12

King, C. W. King, Mitchel M 10

King, C. W. King, Wm. M 19

Kimbrough, Julia Kimbrough, Lena** F 9

Kelley, John Kelley, Florence F 18

Leachman, Susan Leachman Tanzy F 8

Levan, Cyrus Latty, Mrs. Lillie F 17

Lusk, John W. Lusk, Augusta F 19

Lusk, John W. Lusk, Cora F 16

Williams, Mary Lewis, Augusta F 17

Williams, Mary Lewis, Dallas M 12

Williams, Mary Lewis, Reese F 9

Layton, Maney Layton, Ethel** F 11

Lair, Mrs. M. Lair, Ralph M 9

Leachman, Hubert Leachman, Alma F 12

Leachman, Hubert Leachman, Willa F 6

Leachman, Mrs. Maggie Leachman, Harry M 12

Leachman, Mrs. Maggie Leachman, Irene F 9

Logan, Gaines Logan, Stella** F 14

Logan, Gaines Logan, Cecil** M 10

Logan, Gaines Logan, Lamie[?] F 8

Looney, Ben Looney, Abel M 9

Looney, Ben Looney, Marie F 8

Looney, Ben Looney, Raymond M 6

Looney, C. B. Looney, Lelia F 11

Looney, C. B. Looney, Roy** M 10

Looney, C. B. Looney, Lena** F 8

Looney, C. B. Looney, Matile** M 6

Roberts, Lafayette McClurg, Alecia F 9

McCracken, J. A. McCracken, Emma F 8

Davis, Ona McCullough, Sumner` M 12

McCracken, Ed McCracken, Eula F 15

McCammon, J. P. McAdams, Jno. M 19

Mayberry, W. Mayberry, Ange F 17

Mayberry, W. Mayberry, Chas. M 14

Mayberry, W. Mayberry, Lawrence M 14

Mayberry, W. Mayberry, Sophia F 10

Moseley, Felix Moseley, Guy M 14

Moseley, Felix Moseley, Guss M 8

Deeds, Nattue Mitchell, George M 16

Morton, Lucy Morton, Mary F 6

Morton, Lucy Morton, Roscoe M 14

Rector, Rhoda Moore, Ella F 15

Marsh, Fannie Marsh, Clyde M 12

Massey, Joseph Massey, Harrold M 9

Morton, Lockie Morton, Beulah** F 14

Majors, Henry Majors, Ernest M 13

Majors, Henry Majors, Viola F 11

Majors, Henry Majors, Beatrice F 9

McAdams, W. H. McAdams, Orville* M 18

*SEE World War I Honor Roll listing

McAdams, W. H. McAdams, Will M 15

McAdams, W. H. McAdams, Leon* M 13

*SEE World War I Honor Roll listing

McAdams, W. H. McAdams, Glen* M 6

*SEE World War I Honor Roll listing

Murphy, Peter Murphy, Clifford M 13

Nunley, Murell Nunley, Essie F 6

Nunley, Wm. Nunley, Wm. M 17

Nunley, Wm. Nunley, Chas.** M 14

Nunley, Wm. Nunley, Alice F 11

Nunley, Wm. Nunley, Evert M 6

Neargard, W. M*. Neargard, Frank M 19

*SEE the 1876 Greene County, Missouri, Census for information on William, Elizabeth, John and Nancy Neargard.

Neargard, W. M. Neargard, Alene F 17

Neargard, W. M. Neargard, Beulah F 13

Neargard, W. M. Neargard, Mattie F 11

Neargard, W. M. Neargard, Oran M 8

Northcut, Joseph Northcut, Clarence** M 18

Nease, Buck Nease, Russell M 9

Owens, Isaac Owens, Claude M 15

Owens, Isaac Owens, Ernest M 6

Patterson, Logan Patterson, Maggie M* 12

*Maggie is marked with a check under the "M" for male column. A mark for Maggie under the "F" column has been erased.

Patterson, Logan Patterson, Claudie** M* 9

*Claudie is marked with a check under the "M" for male column. A mark for Claudie under the "F" column has been erased. SEE also Claude H. Patterson in the World War I Honor Roll listing.

Patterson, Logan Patterson, Dannie** M 7

Patterson, Logan Patterson, Rob't. M 6

Perseley, Verge Persley*, Lena F 15

*Spelled this way in book although guardian 'Verge' is spelled Perseley.

Penn, Oscar Penn, Lucile F 12

Penn, Oscar Penn, Pauline F 8

Strand, Anne Pernot, Lee M 16

Strand, Anne Pernot, Drennon M 12

Perry, Belle Perry, Joseph M 18

Perry, Belle Perry, Norah F 16

Perry, Belle Perry, Oscar M 13

Perry, Edward Perry, Harry** M 8

Penn, Elsie Penn, Hattie F 17

Penn, Elsie Penn, Jimmie M 19

Penn, Elsie Penn, Beatrice F 10

Motley, Ellen Pursley, Maggie F 19

Pate, Henry Pate, Henrietta** F 6

Patterson, Will Patterson, Beulah** F 13

Patterson, Will Patterson, Milton M 11

Patterson, Will Patterson, Lucy F 9

Patterson, Will Patterson, Blanche** F 8

Roland, Jesse* Roland, Carl M 7

*For more information on the Roland family SEE the Greene County, Missouri, 1876 census.

Russell, Mary M[?] Russell, Richmond M 13

Home, Frank "G" [guardian?] Robbins, Katie F 12

Home, Frank "G" Robbins, Blanche F 16

Rogers, Jas. Rogers, Mary F 11

Ridley, J. J. Ridley, Elisabeth F 7

Brown, A. G. "G" [guardian?] Rice, Sandford M 7

Roberts, Lafayette Roberts, Marjorie F 6

Rector, Rhoda Rector, Roxie F 14

Reese, Ida Reese, Mabel F 10

Reese, Ida Reese, Oscar M 18

Robinson, Asa Robinson, Edward M 13

Robinson, Asa Robinson, Brella** F 11

Robinson, W. M. Robinson, Anne F 15

Robinson, W. M. Robinson, Parsenia F 12

Robinson, W. M. Robinson, Georgia F 7

Rose, Wesley Rose, Wesley jr** M 6

Gimlen, Laura Rector, Ada F 11

Rose, Jerry Rose, Hester F 18

721 Minor St.* Rose, John M 7

*"Imbecile" listed in remarks.

Russell, Geo. Russell, Belle F 18

Russell, Geo. Russell, Jennie F 16

Russell, Geo. Russell, Addie F 15

Russell, Geo. Russell, Roxella F 10

Russell, Geo. Russell, Chas. M 8

Gaines, Logan Rives, Sam'l. M 16

Leachman, Mrs. Eliza Rice, Clarence** M 16

Leachman, Mrs. Eliza Rice, Sherman M 12

Leachman, Mrs. Eliza Rice, Mabel F 8

Fluellen, Mrs. Mary Roberts, Otto M 12

Denton, J. S. Stevenson, Andrew M 14

Howell, Lizzie "G."[guardian?] Sharp, Eulah F 12

Brown, Mary Stolinger, Maggie F 13

Skinner, James Skinner, Lona F 7

Squires, Geo. Squires, Ernest M 18

Squires, Geo. Squires, Harrison M 17

Squires, Geo. Squires, Ethel F 14

Squires, Geo. Squires, Wilmer F 13

Squires, Geo. Squires, Daisy F 6

Perry, Belle Shearn, Eleanor F 12

Sharp, Bettie Smith, Ray M 16

Sharp, Bettie Smith, Lloyd M 13

Sharp, Bettie Smith, Van B. M 10

Drew, W. E. Starks, Eddie** M 8

Steele, Ella Steele, Florence F 12

Steele, Ella Steele, Delia F 10

Steele, Ella Steele, Frank M 7

Steele, Jas. W. Steele, Bertha F 18

Steele, Jas. W. Steele, Edward M 16

Steele, Jas. W. Steele, Homer M 14

Sharp, Howard Sharp, Arthur M 14

Sharp, Howard Sharp, Bessie F 19

Savington, Frank Savington, Jas. M 7

Stewart, Mrs. Susio Stewart, Mahala F 15

Stewart, Mrs. Susio Stewart, Elnora F 13

Stewart, Mrs. Susio Stewart, Frank M 10

Smith, Wm. Smith, Landon** M 11

Smith, Wm. Smith, Edwina** F 9

Smith, Wm. Smith, Herbert** M 7

Stone, N. B. Stone, Louis M 6

Tillman, J. Stain, Sam'l. M 10

Tillman, J. Stain, Erwin M 9

Stephenson, James Stephenson, Royal** M 17

Stephenson, James Stephenson, Arthur M 15

Stephenson, James Stephenson, Mamie F 14

Stemmons, Henry Stemmons, Marie F 15

Stemmons, Henry Stemmons, Jamie M 13

Todd, John Todd, John M 12

Todd, John Todd, Lonnie M 7

Allen, Matilda Thompkins, Lorma F 15

Allen, Matilda Thompkins, Homer M 17

Rector, Rhoda Trott, Allie F 8

Todd, Marion Todd, Garney M 10

Thomas, Elijah Thomas, Pauline F 18

Thomas, Elijah Thomas, Essie F 16

Tindall, Phoebe Tindall, Joseph M 16

Tyndall, Sylvester Tyndall, Wm. M 15

Tyndall, Sylvester Tyndall, Ralf** M 13

Tyndall, Sylvester Tyndall, Lemuel** M 12

Thayer, F. D. Thayer, Roy M 7

Thomas, Floyd Thomas, Emma F 14

Thomas, M. C. Thomas, Walter M 7

Greer, Mrs. Jane Thompson, Helen F 13

Greer, Mrs. Jane Thompson, McKinley M 9

Bedell, Hiram Thompson, Roy M 17

Bedell, Hiram Thompson, Emily F 15

Thompson, Job Thompson, Clarence M 8

Thompson, Job Thompson, Jno. M 7

Tilmon, Jesse Tillman*, Floyd M 12

*Both Floyd and Gertrude's surname spelled with a double 'l.'

Tilmon, Jesse Tillman, Gertrude F 9

Vaughan, Mrs. Barbara Vickers, Jennie F 19

Vaughan, Huston Vaughan, Emmet M 14

Vaughan, Huston Vaughan, Acy F 13

Vaughan, Huston Vaughan, Corbett M 10

Woodrow, Eliza Woodrow, Gertrude F 14

Williams, Moses Williams, Frank** M 13

Williams, Moses Williams, Effie F 11

Williams, Moses Williams, Hazel** F 9

Williams, Moses Williams, Geo. M 6

Ward, Geo. Ward, Clara** F 17

Ward, Geo. Ward, Chas. M 13

Ward, Geo. Ward, Jessie** F 11

Ward, Geo. Ward, Ernest M 9

Ward, Geo. Ward, David** M 7

Wallace, Rol Wallace, Helen** F 9

Wilbur, Lazarus Wilbur, Barta M 19

Wilbur, Ed Wilbur, Clarence**[Wilburn] M 19

Wilbur, Ed Wilbur, Ethel F 15

Wilks, Robert Wilks, Rosco** M 16

Wilks, Robert Wilks, Cecil M 15

Wilks, Robert Wilks, Edna** F 13

Wilks, Robert Wilks, Lonna** F 11

Wilks, Robert Wilks, James M 9

White, Harrison White, Rose F 11

Williams, J. A. Williams, Jessi_ M 13

Williams, J. A. Williams, Eva F 11

Williams, J. A. Williams, Dollie F 17

Wollard, A. L. Wilborn, Palestine** F 17

Anderson, Lizzie Winfield, Alden F 6

Steele, Ella Winfield, Everett M 8

Warren, Margaret Woodruff, Fred M 12

Warren, Margaret Weiss, Mrs. Tracey F 19

Ward, Jno. Ward, Jno. jr M 18

Ward, Jno. Ward, Curt M 14

Wallard, Grant Wallard, Josie** F 18

Wallard, Grant Wallard, Lulu F 16

Wallard, Grant Wallard, Haywood M 11

Wallard, Grant Williams, Mrs. Eva F 18

Hightower, Anne Weaver, Lena F 13

Williams, James Williams, Alhire F 12

Wallace, W. E. Wallace, Golden F 10

Morton, Lockie Winfield, Stella F 13

Morton, Lockie Winfield, Clifford M 9

Weaver, Joseph Weaver, Uriah**[Eural] M 17

Weaver, Joseph Weaver, Harry M 16

Weaver, Joseph Weaver, Una F 13

Weaver, Joseph Weaver, Neal M 11

Weaver, Joseph Weaver, Chas. M 8

Cook, Mrs. J. E. Winfield, Lilly F 18

Williams, Mary Williams, Dolly F 14

Williams, Mary Williams, Mary F 11

Williams, Mary Williams, John M 17

Williams, Mary Williams, Jake M 15

Wright, Tad Wright, Bertha F 9

Weiss, Mrs. Nelia Weiss, Fannie F 11

Wyer, J. S. Wilburn, Harry M 18

White, Sarah White, Fred M 18

Warren, Chas. Warren, Chas. M 15

Warren, Chas. Warren, May F 13

Warren, Chas. Warren, Robt. M 10

Warren, Chas. Warren, Neal M 6

Weaver, Fortune* Weaver, Elnora F 7

*SEE possible connection with FORTUNE/Joseph Weaver.

West, Mrs. Margaret West, Blanche F 9

Whitson, Jas. Whitson, Sherman M 11

Wilbern, A. L. Wilbern, Gertrude**[Wilburn]F 14

Wilbern, A. L. Wilbern, Ulyses* M 6

*SEE notation in book

Wilbern, A. L. Wilbern, Ella F 13

Wilbern, A. L. Wilbern, Morris**[Norris] M 10

Wilbern, A. L. Wilbern, Eugene M 6

Williams, C. A. Williams, Eva F 8

Williams, C. A. Williams, Gladys F 6

Williams, Fred Williams, Jno.** M 14

Williams, Fred Williams, Chas.** M 12

Young, Jas. Young, Flossie F 9

Young, Creed Young, Cl__**[Cleo] M 11

Young, Creed Young, Edith* F 9

*SEE Sergt. Essie Cooper biography of World War I Greene County, Missouri, men for more on Edith Young. Mother was Mattie.

Young, Creed Young, Lenora*/** F 6

*Although placed with Creed Young neither Edith or Lenora are marked as being black in this book. There may be other errors made in the enumeration made in 1906.




School records generally provide a variety of accurate information for the researcher. Certified copies of school records may be used to apply for and receive birth certificates. Before the consolidation of many rural schools, Greene County had over one hundred numbered districts. At least five taught black students. These five were Number 30, Ebenezer School; Number 72, Shady Dell School; Number 88, Sunshine School; Number 90, Oak Grove School; and Number 91, Pisgah School or Mt. Pisgah School.

There were other black schools in Greene County; Ash Grove had one school. The teacher listed in the 1936 directory was Geraldine Daster. Cave Springs taught the first through eighth grades where twelve students went to Maple School taught by L. Johnson. Walnut Grove had one school taught by Miss Ceola Darton [SEE PVT. JAMES L. DARTON listing in Greene County Honor Roll Biographical Information for more on Ceola Darton], Strafford had 17 students in school. High school students had to travel to Lincoln School in Springfield. Joplin also had a Lincoln School with a professor and four teachers.

One of the earliest references to black schools in found in the R. I. Holcombe 1883 History of Greene County, Missouri, page 490. "In June [1865] a church building belonging to the negroes of Springfield was burned by an incendiary fire. It had been used as a school building for some time."

Except for Number 72 Shady Dell School and Number 88 Sunshine School, school enumerations are for 1936. Shady Dell is a 1937 enumeration. Sunshine includes 1923 and 1924 listings. There are listings for some districts for both earlier and later dates, but 1936 school lists were good for cross-checking with the 1936 directory. There are county school lists starting in 1911, but there are not lists for all districts for all years from that date.


According to David L. Burton's study of Greene County schools, the "Danforth Colored" school was located near Danforth Cemetery. He references the book Strafford, Missouri 1871 - 1996 for some information. Irlene Yarbrough wrote that this school was about a block west of the cemetery. Students thought to have attended this school were Ona and Edna Horn, John and Arthur Duncan and members of the Duke family. Teachers listed were Edith Beland and Lucy Holman although dates they taught were not given.

Horn, Ona

Horn, Edna

Duncan, Arthur

Duncan, John

Duke, ?


There were 65 students at this school in 1936. Four students were black. They are listed as they appear on the enumeration sheet.

No Name Boy/ White/ Date of Birth Age Parent/Guard'n P. O. Address

Of Pupil Girl Colored Mo. Day Yr.

54 Pike, Mildred G C 8/12/27 9 Emmett Pike Springfield

55 Pike, Weyman B C 12/17/18 17 Emmett Pike Springfield

56 Pike, Dempsey B C 8/15/20 15 Emmett Pike Springfield

57 Pike, Wilma G C 1/12/22 14 Emmett Pike Springfield


In 1937 there were 85 students. Six were black students. The placement of information has been changed to conform to the other three school listings.

23 Duncan, Arthur B C 1/4/? 18 James Duncan Route 2

53 Looney, Mary Sue

G C 12/19/? 7 Roy Looney Route 2

54 Looney, Clarence B C 5/17/? 10 Roy Looney Route 2

55 Looney, Louie B C 1/13/? 15 Roy Looney Route 2

56 Looney, Edwin B C 1/25/? 16 Roy Looney Route 2

57 Looney, Warren B C 8/25/? 18 Roy Looney Route 2


YEAR 1924

parent/guardian P O /Street name/child age gender

Pete Anderson Douglas Elizabeth 12 F

Shelvin Barker Grand Berry 11 M

Henry Barker Grand Melba 7 F

Jim Brewer Mobley Fence Louise 15 F

Jim Brewer Mobley Fence James 13 M

Jim Brewer Mobley Fence Novella 13 F

Mattie Cannefax Ridley Fence Margaret 12 F

Mattie Cannefax Ridley Fence Jack 7 M

Liza Christopher Douglas Roosevelt 19 M

Liza Christopher Douglas Lucile 17 F

R. L. Danforth Grand Hortense 12 F

Bill Dillard R.F.D.#7 Gene 16 M

Bill Dillard R.F.D.#7 Windell 14 M

Ed Ellison Billings Edward 12 M

Chas. Jarratt Holman Cecil 13 M

Chas. Jarratt Holman Clifford 10 M

Chas. Jarratt Holman Chas. 6 M

Henry Johnson Grand St. Nelson 16 M

Henry Johnson Grand St. Milton Skillen 13 M

M. Montgomery Grand Harold 13 M

Mary Penn Grand William 17 M

Mary Penn Grand Lorice 16 F

YEAR 1925

parent/guardian P O/street name/child age gender

Birdie Anderson Douglas St. Mamie 13 F

Birdie Anderson Douglas St. Herschel 6 M

Mrs. Brewer Douglas St. Louise 16 F

Mrs. Brewer Douglas St. James 15 M

Mrs. Brewer Douglas St. Nivelle 13 F

Henry Barker Grand Melba 8 F

Shelvin Barker Grand Berry 12 M

Shelvin Barker Grand Earl 6 M

Bill Dillard Brick Kiln Gene 17 M

Bill Dillard Brick Kiln Windell 15 M

Ed Ellison Douglas Edward 13 M

Chas. Jarratt Holman Add Cecil 14 M

Chas. Jarratt Holman Add Clifford 11 M

Chas. Jarratt Holman Add Chas 7 M

Harry Johnson Grand Nelson 17 M

Harry Johnson Grand Milton Skillen 14 M

Harry Johnson Grand Ethel McPhorson 13 F

M. Montgomery Grand Harold 14 M

Mary Penn Grand William 18 M

Mary Penn Grand Lorice 16 F

Harry Ross Douglas Harry Jr. 7 M

Elmira Rice Grand Hortense Abernathy 13 F


26 McDaniel, Lathan B C 8/16/17 19 Sherman McDaniel Route 2

27 McDaniel, Gertrude G C 7/20/18 18 Sherman McDaniel Route 2

28 McDaniel, Sherman B C 11/17/20 16 Sherman McDaniel Route 2

29 McDaniel, Frank B C 12/12/22 14 Sherman McDaniel Route 2


48 Duke, Nelson B C not given 15 C. R. Duke Rt 9 City

49 Duke, Sam B C not given 13 C. R. Duke Rt 9 City

50 Duke, Mary G C not given 12 C. R. Duke Rt 9 City

51 Duke, Lester B C not given 10 C. R. Duke Rt 9 City

52 Duke, James B C not given 8 C. R. Duke Rt 9 City

53 Duke, Joe B C not given 6 C. R. Duke Rt 9 City

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