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Black Families: Honor Roll Picture Sets 10-12

Smith, Herbert V.

Smith, Delila

Smith, William

Smith, William L.

Smith, Delila

Smith, William

Steele, Homer

Steele, Dolly

Steele, John

Thomas, Havern

Thomas, Margaret

Thomas, John

Thomas, Otis

Thomas, Margaret

Thomas, John

Thomas, William

Thomas, Julia

Thomas, Charles

Thompkins, Clarence G.

Thompkins, Mary

Thompkins, Wyman

Thompson, Clarence L.

Thompson, Maude

Thompson, Joseph

Thompson, John L. Tindall, Joseph A.

Tindall, Pheba

Tindall, Alexandria

Tyndall, Ralph A.

Tyndall, Columbia

Tyndall, Sylvester

Weaver, Eural

Weaver, Mattie

Weaver, Joseph

White, Charles

White, Sarah

White, James

White, Bertha

Wilburn, Arthur

Wilburn, Lazarus

Wilburn, Harry

Wilburn, Lazarus

Williams, Frank

Williams, Emma

Williams, Mose

Wollard, Haywood

Wollard, Mary

Wollard, Grant

Young, Elmer A.

Young, Alice

Young, James

Ernest C. Curtis

Company C, 805th Pioneer Infantry Regiment

promoted to supply sergeant September 1, 1918

Resident of 212 McDaniel St., Springfield, Missouri

E. C. Curtis*

*This photograph is not in the Greene County Honor Roll book but furnished from a post

card photograph courtesy of Jeff Patrick, historian at Wilson's Creek National Battlefield.

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Local History