Greene County Archives' Bulletin
Number 1, 2nd Edition
September 1988

A Guide to the Records of
the Probate Court

Probate courts are a division of the circuit court system in Missouri. The primary functions of the probate court are to administer the wills and estates of deceased persons, and to administer and decide incompetency proceedings. The records are held at the Greene County Archives and Records Center, Springfield, Missouri.

This publication presents a preliminary inventory of groups of records on file at the Greene County Archives and Records Center from the Greene County Probate Court from various dates between 1836 and 1983. The holdings that are described include applications, appraisals, bond, dockets, indexes, estate inventories, inheritance records and other administrative recors. Of interest as well are descriptions of records which include apprenticeship records, blind person's pensions and embalmer's licenses.

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