By S. C. Turnbo

During the coming of the federal army in September, 1863, to capture Little Rock, Arkansas, under the command of General Steele, the old citizens of Little Rock had a company organized for defence of the town. These men, though a number of them were old and feeble, were drilled and instructed every day in the art of war for a two weeks or more before the town fell into the hands of the enemy. They were all gray-headed men; and among them was the renowned ex-Governor Elias N. Conway. The author saw the ex-Governor several times in the ranks of the company. Mr. Conway was considered by the people of Arkansas as one of their best governors while he was serving out the term of his office. He was greatly esteemed by the people of Little Rock and was just as ready to serve in the ranks in defense of his state against the invaders as he was to serve the people as Governor.


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