By S. C. Turnbo

Mrs. Minerva Tyler, daughter of Alph Cook and wife of Nathan Tyler, said that when she was a small girl and while her father lived 6 ½ miles north of Forsyth, Mo., she after washing the dishes from the supper table which was sometime after night opened the door to shake out the tablecloth and saw a big gray wolf standing on the porch. The beast showed very plain from the light of the fire in the fireplace and from the lamp that was setting on the table. At that moment the dogs were on the other porch on the opposite side of the house. "At the sight of the wolf I screamed out for father who was sitting in the house with a man of the name of Skaggs who chanced to be there that night and father and the other man hastened out on the porch and the impudent wolf beat a hasty retreat over the yard fence. My father yelled for the dogs and they chased the wolf into the forest and come back to the house.."

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