By S. C. Turnbo

Among the exciting scenes among the wild animals in the years gone by is the following account furnished by Dave Bancum who with his parents settled on Crooked Creek in Marion County, Ark., in 1845. Mr. Bancum said that Nimrod Teaf, who lived 9 miles west of Yellville had a large family of children. One day while they were all little fellows, these children were romping and playing around a big rock near the cabin. Mr. Teaf owned three savage dogs that were trained to guard the children. While the merry children, unconscious of danger, were chasing each other around the boulder, the dogs sprang at a large animal which had approached in a few yards of the rock. As the dogs rushed at it the great long beast fled and ran up a tree close by, and Mr. Teaf shot and killed it. The animal was a monster panther. Probably the presence of the dogs prevented it from springing on one of the children and tearing it to pieces before help could have arrived.

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