By S. C. Turnbo

John B. Hudson who was reared in Marion County, Ark., tells how his father killed a panther one day in the hills of Crooked Creek. He said that his father had rode out on horseback with his gun and a small fice dog was following him. "Noticing an animal just beyond a small opening or glade coming toward him which he at first thought was a deer, but when it reached the edge of the glade he saw that it was a panther. The fice dog darted toward it, barking as fast as it could and the panther turned and bounded away. The little dog chased it a few hundred yards when the beast hustled up a tree. When my father rode up close to the tree in which the animal was it did not seem to notice him but kept its eyes on the dog. My father said he shot it in the head and it came near falling on the dog."

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