By S. C. Turnbo

"One day during the great dry year of 1901," said Mr. Henry C. Jones, "while myself and my brother Johnie Jones and Willie Ackinson were hunting together on the old Allin Trimble farm in Franklin Township in Marion County, Ark., Willie’s dog he called Bugler and my dog I called Jess treed a squirrel in a water oak tree that stood across a small hollow just west of the Trimble residence, and while I was trying to see the squirrel in order to shoot it, my gun discharged itself accidently. The muzzle of the gun was elevated toward the top of the tree when it fired, but I did not see the squirrel. But at the moment the gun went off Willie says, "There goes the squirrel," and Johnie not knowing but what I had shot at the squirrel says, "You have killed it," and the little animal fell from the tree and was dead when it struck the ground. I give you this story to show that unreasonable things occur sometimes when we least expect it."

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