By S. C. Turnbo

One of my accounts relating to eagles was furnished me by Mr. G. W. Thurman which is the following.

"I was in an ox wagon on my way to Alex Hogan’s who lived on White River below Forsyth in Taney County, Mo. A number of settlers had collected at Mr. Hogan’s to catch fish in the river with a seine and I was going down there to assist them and bring some of the fish back home with me in the wagon. While I was driving the slow moving cattle through the river bottom just below the old Ben Major’s mill place and near six miles above the mouth of Bee Creek I noticed an enormous bird rise up from a sloo of water and fly up into a large sycamore tree and alight in the top of it. I seen now that it was a grey eagle. I had a small rifle gun with me and halting the oxen I took aim at it with the little gun and shot it. To my surprise I killed it. I found it to be the largest eagle I ever saw and measured nine feet across the spread of its wings. I taken the bird with me to where the fishermen were and they all said that it was an unusually large eagle."

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