By S. C. Turnbo

The following account of the first settlement made at Peel Marion County was told me by Jake Yocum son of Asa Yocum. I and my brother Mike Yocum and Bob Hollis built a small log house for my brother Mike near the present site of Peel and was near the road that leads from Peel to Coon Creek. A few months after this Jim Jones son of Hugh Jones built a log cabin between the Lead Hill Road and where the Peel Cemetery is now. Some time after this Mr. Jones built his dwelling on the Yellville Road. John Fee taught a public school in the first house that Jones built. Mr. Feels wife was Mary Brown daughter of Mr. A. Brown. She died near Peel and is buried in the grave yard there. John Fee died at Yellville. A man of the name of Hodge was the first preacher who did the first preaching at Peel. He preached in the same cabin that John Fee taught school in. Gus Crawford who was shot and killed one night in the new school house at Peel was the first preacher that preached in the new school Bond church house there.

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