By S. C. Turnbo

One among the atrocious murders committed during the war between the states if it be entirely true was the killing of John Bevins on Fox Creek in Douglas County, Missouri, one day in the latter part of October, 1864. Mr. Peter Keesee, son of Paton Keesee, is my informant and he said that it was true. When the confederates were retreating out of Missouri from the Price raid a small command of confederates with several wagons encountered Bevins who was or had been a federal soldier and they shot him down in the road in front of the wagons and made no effort to remove the body off of the road. Part of the dead body lay on the wagon track on one side of the road and the two wheels of each wagon on that side passed over his body and mashed it almost into a pulp. Such is war and its horrors.

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