By S. C. Turnbo

In speaking of early day schools in Southeast Mo., Mr. Austin Brown who has lived many years at Peel Ark. gives this account. "I was 12 years old I received my first schooling. This was in 1847 and we lived near Bloomfield in Stoddard County. The school was taught in a little log hut by a man of the name of Macum. Some of my school mates were Anthony and Daniel Clubb who were brothers and there were 3 or 4 of the teachers sons and a nephew of his who was also named Macum. When I was 16 years old or in 1851 a man of the name of Neville taught school on Delaware Creek 4 miles west of Bloomfield and I went to it. The only names other than myself that I call to mind who attended this school was Susan Chappelle and her brother Leiper. I studied my lessons in Noah Webster’s old Blue Back speller and during the first school I got to Baker and the next one I reached the pictures which pleased me well."

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