By S. C. Turnbo

Mrs. Elizabeth Clark daughter of Wm. Holt give me the following account.

t of the war while I was living on Little North Fork in Ozark County, Mo. I seen a woman and 5 children afoot going north from Arkansas. The children were all large enough to travel with their mother and keep up with her. Tiley were all thinly dressed in nearly worn out clothes. The mother and each one of the children carried a small bundle of ragged wearing apparrel, bedding or some other stuff. They had a large brindle ring necked dog with them which had a bundle tied around his neck which hung down against his breast. The woman and children were begging their way. It was a sad scene to see this woman and children trudging along the road depending on the charitable people for food and shelter. They stopped one night at the Bob Gilliland place on Little North Fork above where Thornfield now is and remained until the following morning when they went on their ways.

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