By S. C. Turnbo

The following amusing incident did not occur in Missouri nor Arkansas but it is so funny that we give it a place here. The account was given me by Mr. Rufus Jones who said that it was true.

"One day many years ago", said Mr. Jones, "just after sorghum cane seed was introduced into the state of Tennessee and the farmers began to prepare sorghum mills out of wood an old man of the name of Treat who was a carpenter and Burrel Jones both of whom lived in Decatur County went out into the forest and felled a tree to make rollers for a sorghum mill. After the tree had fallen Mr. Treat laid his spectacler glass on the top of the stump. Directly Calvin Jones came up with his ax to help them work and as he reached the stump of the felled tree he struck his ax into the top where Treats eye glasses lay and cut them in two but he did not notice the glasses until after the damage was done and he says "Oh please excuse me gentlemen. I have cut the carpenters men made eyes into two parts.

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