By S. C. Turnbo

It may not be proper to repeat words in writing that an ill mannered child remarks about its dead father, but I give it as it was told me to show how disrespectful some children can talk and act occasionally. John Brown a son of Wilse Brown was a boy old enough to plow when his father was killed war times on top of the bluff near the Panther Bottom in Marion County, Ark. and while the dead body of his father was being hauled on a sled to the top of the bluff over looking the old Joe Magness Bottom, John walked behind the sled while it was slowly pulled over the rough ground by a gentle yoke of oxen. As they went on the boy was heard to remark repeatedly that "Pop smelt like a dead horse; I wish I knew what made him stink so." This same boy was subject to bleed at the nose and when the blood would begin to drip from his nose he would exclaim, "Oh my heart string has broke loose again."

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