By S. C. Turnbo

Many years ago while my parents lived on Big Beaver Creek in now what is Douglas County Mo." said Capt. J. H. Sallee, "I remember of hearing a number of the settlers who lived on that stream speak of an old man of the name of Sloane who lived in the hollow of an immense sicamore tree that stood in the creek bottom. It was said that the body of this tree was so large at the ground that the cavity in it was more than ten feet in diameter and that a fence rail ten feet in length could be swung around horrizontal in the room of this hollow tree with out touching the wall. The old man preferred to live in this tree rather than shelter in a log cabin and lived in this tree alone. This was in early times when only a few settlers resided on Beaver Creek. Finally the old man died in his abode and probably was dead several days before his dead body was discovered by a passerby."

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